Anxiety and chest pain: 200 shocking truths

Anxiety and chest pain: 200 shocking truths


Anxiety is a condition defined as too much, continuous worrying over an imminent event such as death or illness of oneself or the others, or maybe even small events such as being late for an appointment or other uncertain outcomes. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, alarm, or nervousness that can occur in response to stress or perceived danger which may or may not be present.

It is necessary to know when you are facing an anxiety attack by recognizing its symptoms. It generally occurs after a period of extensive worrying for hours, or even days.  There is no timeline defined to anxiety and the worries can last anywhere from minutes to hours, sometimes even for days and weeks.

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You may think that anxiety is just an emotional and mental issue. However, because of anxiety you may develop several symptoms which might affect or disrupt daily functioning of your life.

Chest pain

Chest pain has been frequently related to heart issues as a symptom of angina or heart attack. However, you would be surprised to know that chest pain is also caused due to a number of factors which have nothing to do with heart.

Chest pain is sometimes a symptom of anxiety also. When you are having a panic attack or an anxiety attack, it is probable that you may suffer from chest pain.

If you are experiencing frequent anxiety attacks, learning to understand your chest pain can help you find symptom relief and identify when you need additional medical help for other issues.

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