Aquarius and Capricorn: 200 shocking truths

Aquarius and Capricorn: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Capricorn
2 Personality traits- Aquarius
3 Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility
4 Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man
5 Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman
6 Aquarius and Capricorn friendship
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Personality traits- Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (the planet of discipline and maturity) and is an earth sign. Being an earth sign, they are full of humility, logical and grounded.

They are workaholics of extreme level and possess all the good qualities of a hard worker. They are considered to be the most determined of all zodiacs and are quite committed.

They are really focused on their work and the others might interpret them to be emotionally detached people or devoid of emotions. But being earthy sign, they are really soft and calm people and just hide their feelings behind their hard exteriors.

They would rather prefer being at home and doing work than going on adventures. They are not risk takers in life and like to play safe in both personal and professional life.

Responsibility and patience are the two qualities that define them. Capricorn are quite patient and believe that they will get what they deserve in life at the right time.

However, they tend to be materialistic sometimes; a feeling which comes since they feel that their hard work needs to be rewarded.

Personality traits- Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (planet of freedom and revolutionary vision) and Saturn (planet of restraint) and is an air sign, thus, they are deep thinkers.

Being positive they are, they always see the positive side of you and feels like giving second chance to everyone.

They believe in going all out for things which they believe in and are not afraid to fight for themselves. They like educating themselves and use their knowledge to teach the siblings and others around them. Being ruled by planet Uranus, they like their freedom and at times, it might seem that they are quite detached. But simply put, it is the way they are.

They like to make new friends and are good at keeping the conversations going; thus they are people friendly. They make those amazing friends who always lend their shoulders in times of need. Being good listeners they are, it is easy to open up in front of them.

They do not get angry fast, but if you keep provoking them, they would lose their anger and then, it is difficult to calm them down.

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Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

The pairing of Aquarius and Capricorn is the match of the most unconventional and the most conventional of the all zodiac signs. On the face of it, it might appear that compatibility between them can hardly be there; but this pair surprise us.

Being totally opposite and different from each other, there is inherent attraction between them and they are genuinely intrigued by each other's ways.

In this partnership, the Sage of the zodiac who always follow the tradition and tried and tested approach of the society is paired with the Visionary of the Zodiac who has his/her own set of rules and moral principles, is progressive and uses alternative methods to get through the problems of life.

Others would feel that they would be horrified by each other's methods rather this amuses them and hold their attention.

Capricorn being an earth sign is sometimes, over grounded, stable and stuck in the mud. Aquarius being an air sign, comes and give a slight shake and stir in the life of Capricorn, just a bit which can lift and slightly make Capricorn flexible.

Aquarius being an air sign, has lot of airy fairy ideas, has own world of visions and ideas but do not know how to practically put those ideas into action. The earthy Capricorn helps in giving stability to Aquarius, let them grow some roots and add directions and purpose to put those notions into reality.

Thus, the compatibility between Aquarius and Capricorn works because either partner provides the other the qualities lacking without taking away their freedom, strength and identity which defines them.

Both Aquarius and Capricorn are emotionally cool zodiac signs. Capricorn partner being ruled by the planet Saturn keep their emotions under control and do not believe in their large displays.  Aquarius partner are popular for being emotionally aloof and distant and sometimes, can even be emotionally detached.

Thus, in their compatibility both these partners are forced to express their emotions to one another which rather gives them satisfaction. This relationship provides them an emotional outlet which might have been difficult for them with partners from other zodiacs.

The couple mutually respect and admire each other's qualities. The wise Capricorn is intelligent enough to not curb the freedom and independence of the Aquarius partner so that he/she does not feel stifled in this relationship.

Aquarius partner is intelligent enough to understand the levels to which the Capricorn partner would be willing to change himself/herself and be out of their comfort zone.

This elusive love between this couple makes them do compromises which keeps the compatibility between Aquarius and Capricorn going and healthy as well. The Capricorn partner understands that the Aquarius partner needs to challenge the ideas of the world and is rebellious by nature. Meanwhile, the Aquarius partner understands that the Capricorn partner has love for stability and conventional methods in life.

The partnership between Aquarius and Capricorn is unbeatable in business or friendship. And when they come together in a romantic relationship, they form a splendid love match.

Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is full of wisdom, conform to the norms of the society and play by the rule book. On the other hand, the Aquarius woman is highly unconventional, does not stick to the rules of the society and can sometimes, be irresponsible as well.

Aquarius woman Capricorn man seems to be an unlikely match; however both these partners intrigue each other by their entirely different ways of working and ideas.

The compatibility between Capricorn man and Aquarius woman is based on friendship first and would continue in their relationship entirely which is a positive sign.

The Capricorn man appreciates the visions, ideas and intelligence of the Aquarius woman who is on a mission to do something good and greater for the entire mankind.

The Aquarius woman admires the rational thinking, practical nature and the stability of Capricorn man.

Their compatibility can achieve a lot with innovations, ideas and grand plans coming from the Aquarius woman and the Capricorn man putting those ideas into practicality by his detailed planning and analysis.

This couple mutually respects each other a lot. The compatibility between this couple works since they do not want to change each other and are not demanding also; they simply want to work alongside each other and deepen their relationship.

Both Capricorn man and Aquarius woman are emotionally aloof signs and do not believe in grand displays of emotions. Thus, there would not be intense emotional dramas and poetry, dates and candle light dinners between this couple but they both prefer it that way.

This is not one of the most passionate or romantic relationships. But the compatibility between both works since they are happy being in relationship in this way only.

There is always an underlying struggle between the Capricorn man's love for conventionality and Aquarius woman's love for unconventionality. However, the catch in this compatibility is that both these partners make allowances for each other.

The Capricorn man is secretly happy when he sees his lady love defying the traditions and the Aquarius woman is amused with her love being sticking to the traditions. Both of them understand each other in this aspect and are respected for maintaining their individuality in this relationship.

This partnership is highly intellectual and kind hearted from both the sides. This kind of compatibility might not be easy between other couples; but somehow Aquarius woman and Capricorn mad just seem to nail it.

This compatibility is based on friendship, mutual respect and admiration for each other with both sides giving each other the freedom and stability one requires; this pair has potential of being with each other for lifetime.

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Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman

The compatibility between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman would seem unlikely to others since there is pairing of conventionality and unconventionality. But in fact, this what which intrigues them and keeps them interested. The relationship would be surprising to others and they may often wonder that how their compatibility works out.

The Aquarius man is progressive, rebellious and freedom loving person. The Capricorn woman is a traditionalist by heart, thoroughly stable and busy with managing things here and now.

The Aquarius man is intrigued by her ways and her determination to achieve her goals, meanwhile she admires the grandiose plans and ideas of the Aquarius man towards changing the world for the better.

The relationship between this couple would not be very passionate or romantic. The Capricorn woman being an earth sign would bring sensuality to this companionship; however the Aquarius man is emotionally distant and aloof sign and takes quite some time to warm up.

The Capricorn woman is ok with it and they would be fine with their relationship in the bedroom. Surely, the compatibility between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman is not based on sex.

Their compatibility is based upon meeting of minds and with the goal of creating a future. The Aquarius man is progressive and has many ideas in his mind; the Capricorn woman has the ability to plan things in details. Thus, this partnership can be excellent in a business-like relationship and in romantic relationships, they would create a unique and splendid life together.

The Aquarius man would encourage her to think more spiritually and the Capricorn woman would persuade him to complete the duties and responsibilities first before going out and doing something for the greater good of the society and mankind.

Both these signs keep their emotions at bay. The Aquarius man analyses things a lot and cannot thus, put deep emotions into anything. The Capricorn woman has her emotions under control and does not believe in their grand displays.

This couple indeed love each other but they are more private in displays of their emotional behaviours. Thus, this couple keeps their relationship dignified at all times.

In this compatibility, both these partners get an emotional outlet since they have to discuss many issues. This couple warms up each other emotionally making them rounded and healthy individuals.

The relationship between Capricorn woman and Aquarius man is calm and cool and difficult to be understood by outsiders.

There is a strong possibility of this compatibility to work well into the future if the Aquarius man is willing to give up some amount of his freedom and the Capricorn woman is wiiling to part with some amount of traditionalism.

Aquarius and Capricorn friendship

The friendship between Aquarius and Capricorn is meeting of two polar opposite people. Capricorn is practical and has a cautious approach to everything in life. Aquarius are rebellious and unconventional and has an approach of visionary towards life. When both these friends comprehend each other well, they form a deep, prolific and splendid friendship.

Both these zodiacs are stubborn and obstinate. Capricorn plan their life in great details and are determined towards achieving their goals and objectives. Aquarius are not cut out for mundane everyday works of life.

Capricorn being an earth sign, believe in hardwork and calculated efforts to achieve success in life. Aquarius being an air sign uses their innovation and alternative methods to get through the problems in life. Sometimes, both these friends might not understand each other's actions.

Arguments can happen between them, if the Capricorn friend is too focused in attainment of their ambitions and the Aquarius friend gives importance only to their grand ideas and visions.

Both these friends need to accept each other's differences and realise that this friendship can be beneficial to both of them.

Capricorn friend will take the initiative and bring new ideas and schemes to work upon. Aquarius friend would have happily joining those endeavors provided that there is a significant role in those projects. The friendship between them would be smooth when they would realise that their actions are meant for achieving joint success.

The most unique characteristic of friendship between Capricorn and Aquarius is the splendid success they could achieve as a team, once they have accepted their differences. Both partners could be happy with each other, and be a formidable team, not just to themselves but to the people around them as well.

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