Aquarius and Leo: 200 shocking truths

Aquarius and Leo: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Leo
2 Personality traits- Aquarius
3 Leoand Aquarius Compatibility
4 Aquarius Woman and LeoMan
5 Aquarius Man and Leo Woman
6 Aquarius and Leo friendship

Personality traits- Leo

Leo is ruled by Sun which is the most important planet of all; sun is the ruler and so is Leo. Sun represents self and symbolizes one's will and inner strength. Leo is a fire sign.

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They have a feeling of being superior over others and doesn’t mind if others do not think so. Because of this feeling, they are not great team players and forget the essence of the team that every member is valuable and contributing towards the team’s success. Thus, they might try to grab the chance to be the centre stage and take all the limelight. They need revalidation from others by way of being admired and well liked by everybody.

Leo energy is magnetic and one is bound to feel stimulated in their presence. It is difficult to ignore them since there have a strong personality and their presence is always felt in the room.

They can be spotted in the crowd by their arrogance and daring personality.

They are truly helpful and caring people. They are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same from others.

Personality traits- Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus(planet of freedom and revolutionary vision)and Saturn (planet of restraint) and is an air sign, thus, they are deep thinkers.

Being positive they are, they always see the positive side of you and feels like giving second chance to everyone.

They believe in going all out for things which they believe in and are not afraid to fight for themselves. They like educating themselves and use their knowledge to teach the siblings and others around them. Being ruled by planet Uranus, they like their freedom and at times, it might seem that they are quite detached. But simply put, it is the way they are.

They like to make new friends and are good at keeping the conversations going; thus theyare people friendly. They make those amazing friends who always lend their shoulders in times of need. Being good listeners they are, it is easy to open up in front of them.

They do not get angry fast, but if you keep provoking them, they would lose their anger and then, it is difficult to calm them down.

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Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

The compatibility between Leo and Aquarius is pretty strong backed by mutual respect and admiration for each other’s qualities. Their personality traits are complementary to each other.

Their compatibility is based on sturdy friendship between them which will keep them holding even in the tough times.

Leo would be captivated with the visions, creativity and ideas of Aquarius and greatly impressed with the disinterest of Aquarius about being different. Aquarius would be attracted towards the magnetic energy of Leo. Thus, both are attracted towards each other with the qualities they don’t possess themselves.

Their conversations would be mentally stimulating since both the partners are quite intelligent. Aquarius being a visionary will have great ideas which would be supported by the Leo partner.

The warmth and passion of Leo partner would lighten up the innate sexuality of Aquarius and they would have excellent sexual chemistry (Aquarius are generally indifferent and aloof towards the matter of sex).

They are equally compatible in day to day matters of life as well like parenting, financial matters, and health and would generally agree with each other.

However, their compatibility can be marred when the Leo partner in the relationship demands to be pampered and flattered extravagantly. The Aquarius partner in this companionship needs his or her freedom and is highly independent and would refuse to just play around with this child like demand of Leo.

Over time, the Leo partner would understand that it is simply not Aquarius cup of tea to flatter their partner, also they are so love struck with the intelligence of Aquarius partner that they would lower down their expectation in this area.

However, if the Leo partner refuses to budge from their demand of being flattered, the Aquarius partner may simply decide that it is high time that he/she should call off the partnership.

Leo is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign. Fire needs air to survive, thus the Leo partner would make many allowances for their relationship to work. However, air doesn’t need fire to survive and thus, the Aquarius partner in this partnership will be calling the shots.

When things are going well in their relationship, their partnership would be warm, loving, artistic and imaginative.

This partnership can also be powerful if they have shared interests and common goals since the Aquarius partner would give innovative ideas and the Leo partner has the potential to turn those ideas into reality. This pairing has the power to do great things in life.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man

The Leo man is attracted towards the gregarious, vivacious, joyful, interesting to talk and with somewhat enigmatic personality of the Aquarius woman. She is attentive towards him and listens to him carefully and this is perhaps the biggest thing the Leo man would need in a woman.

The Aquarius woman on the other hand is drawn towards the warmth, genuine kindness and the magnetic personality of the Leo man. She gets curious about him and is interested in knowing him more and more.

There would be many a conversations between them ranging from the trivial matters to the greatest problem at present which threaten human race. Both are humanitarian and this ground is one common interest area which will keep them glued towards each other. Both Leo man and Aquarius woman love to talk and discuss and debate which keeps them attracted towards each other.

The Leo man is intensely passionate and high sexual energy whereas for the Aquarius woman, sex is not the topmost priority since there are many other worldly issues which occupy her mind. An outsider might feel their sexual chemistry to be odd. Nevertheless, this couple is warm, loving and good humored in the bedroom which keeps them contented. Leo man and Aquarius woman compatibility is not dependent upon their physical cravings for each other, rather it is an added bonus to them.

The compatibility between Leo man and Aquarius woman may start to flounder when their basic nature starts coming to the surface. The Leo man is narcissist and definitely wants to be adored and admired by the Aquarius woman.  She, on the other hand doesn’t has a hint of ego in her personality and would demand her freedom in every way-intellectual, physical and sexual from the Leo man.

If the Leo man tries to restrain the freedom of his Aquarius woman by any way, she would not take time in calling off this relationship. The Leo man has a jealous and possessive streak and may simply refuse to understand his lady demand for freedom.

The Leo man is dignified, maintains a high ranking social circle and believes in following the traditions and conventions. The Aquarius woman is basically bohemian by nature which can extremely horrify the Leo man. There would be lot of adaptation and readjustment of expectations to be done by the Leo man if this relationship has to survive long.

Ultimately, this couple has too opposite personality traits and may simply not cope up with each other on long term basis. There is indeed true friendship between them however it may not be so strong enough to overcome their emotional differences.

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Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

Both Leo woman and Aquarius woman get quite interested about each other since they are so different and this is what brings them together in the first place. The Aquarius man admires the warmth, dignity, kindness and social grace of Leo woman.

The Leo woman finds Aquarius man to be little mystic and enigmatic and would feel proud in showing him off to the others. Initially, for her, he might be his prized possession and trophy; she would be amused and intrigued with him.

Soon, their liking would develop into a strong friendship and their compatibility would thus become good in the matters of sex as well.

Although Aquarius man may not be greatly interested in sex and somewhat distant and aloof also, the Leo woman is warm and passionate enough to ignite him in the bedroom with her love and care. Thus, this couple would enjoy a passionate and experimental romantic life with fun and laughter all the way.

The compatibility between Leo woman and Aquarius man can flounder outside bedroom because of their different emotional angles. The Leo woman is very romantic, emotional, optimistic and bright and keeps displaying her love and affection to her Aquarius man.

The Aquarius man, on the other hand is emotionally somewhat distant, and behaves in a rather controlled way which is often baffling for the Leo woman. She wants the love to be expressed every now and then, which obviously Aquarius man wont.

The Aquarius man is a visionary and thinks about the entire world and humanity. The Leo woman wants to be constantly admired and after some time, the Aquarius man would be severely irritated with the constant demand of the Leo woman to be attentive towards her. He would feel that she is selfish and he will feel strangled in this relationship.

The Leo woman Aquarius man pairing is a fire and air sign match. Fire indeed requires air to survive; however fire is absolutely not required for the survival of air.

The Aquarius man indeed love his Leo woman in his own ways and displays it also; however not the way the Leo woman would have desired it. If the demands of the Leo woman get too much, he may simply decide to call off the partnership and move on. But, the Leo woman would be utterly devastated without her Aquarius man.

Aquariusand Leo friendship

Aquarius and Leo friendship would be envied by others since they form a remarkable partnership. Leo’s magnetic energy and strong personality when combined with the creative and imaginative ideas of Aquarius can do great things in life. Their friendship would be filled with action and adventure and fun filled activities.

Both these friends are complementary to one another and also admire each other’s qualities. The Aquarius has great ideas and innovative schemes but lacks the talent to bring them into reality. The Leo friend with their practical approach, leadership qualities and full on energy will enthusiastically work on those ideas.

Their partnership can run into trouble if the Leo friend tries to dominate this friendship. Aquarius friend values freedom more than anything else and would not tolerate the bossy nature of Leo friend.

Leo friend is ruled by Sun and the Aquarius friend is ruled by Uranus. Thus, the Leo friend provides energy and vitality to their friendship while the Aquarius friend brings innovation and creation to their partnership.

Both Leo friend and Aquarius friend are highly compatible with each other. The Aquarius friend would provide energy, creativity, support and encouragement from behind the scenes which would help the Leo friend to come in limelight. This friendship has one of the highest potential amongst all the zodiac friendships to go to great lengths.

Both these friends would be generally loyal towards each other. The Leo friend would provide thrust and support to the Aquarius friend to become more active towards putting their ideas on paper and working towards converting them into reality.

The most noteworthy aspect about the friendship between Leo and Aquarius is that their partnership is filled with action and excitement. Both these signs are always working on something or the other, and the friendship has both the skill and resources to come up with new ideas and put them on paper.

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