Aquarius and Libra: 200 shocking truths

Aquarius and Libra: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Libra
2 Personality traits- Aquarius
3 Libra and Aquarius Compatibility
4 Aquarius Woman and Libra Man
5 Aquarius Man and Libra Woman
6 Aquarius and Libra friendship

Personality traits- Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values) which explains their calm and peaceful nature. They like to keep peace and harmony in every aspect of their life and thus, are people pleasers. They choose their words carefully so as to not hurt the sentiments of others and at the same time are able to put forth their point.

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Libra are romantic at hearts and believe in stability in life.

Librans are quite thoughtful and believes in making informed decisions rather than spontaneous ones.

Librans are great leaders and they use their charm and sometimes, manipulation to succeed in life.

Personality traits- Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (planet of freedom and revolutionary vision) and Saturn (planet of restraint) and is an air sign, thus, they are deep thinkers.

Being positive they are, they always see the positive side of you and feels like giving second chance to everyone.

They believe in going all out for things which they believe in and are not afraid to fight for themselves. They like educating themselves and use their knowledge to teach the siblings and others around them. Being ruled by planet Uranus, they like their freedom and at times, it might seem that they are quite detached. But simply put, it is the way they are.

They like to make new friends and are good at keeping the conversations going; thus they are people friendly. They make those amazing friends who always lend their shoulders in times of need. Being good listeners they are, it is easy to open up in front of them.

They do not get angry fast, but if you keep provoking them, they would lose their anger and then, it is difficult to calm them down.

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Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

The compatibility between Libra and Aquarius is coming together of two air signs and thus, theirs would be an airy and intelligent partnership.

Both these partners want to improve and better the world though the approach might be different. They have many shared interests including the love to talk and discuss things. Thus, there is meeting of minds and this couple would spend hours and hours discussing from world politics to the neighbour next door. The couple mutually respects and admires each other.

Libra is the Idealist in zodiac and is thus, seeking an ideal partner for himself/herself. However, they are quite open minded also and would somehow, rather like the eccentricity of Aquarius partner.

The visionary Aquarius has many ideas going on in the mind as to how to progress the world and other charity and philanthropic work and is not much inclined towards romance and sex. However, the tuning between Aquarius and Libra is in minds and thus, the Aquarius partner get turned on by Libra and would be willing to part away with some of their freedom to be with the Libra partner.

Thus, the compatibility between Aquarius and Libra works well since both the partners give each other the very much space required by either. Their compatibility works best in friendship or business relationship.

The Libra partner is okay with slightly detached and emotionally aloof nature of Aquarius partner but like any human being, he/she feels the desire to be reassured that he/she is loved.

If the Aquarius partner can demonstrate their love to the Libra partner once in a while, their relationship would move smoothly. Libra, in general are not possessive about their partner which works well for Aquarius since freedom and independence are their topmost priority and thus, they may voluntarily decide to settle down rather than being pushed by their partner.

The couple can mutually learn a lot from one another. They both are air signs and hence, would be extremely creative and will be involved in mentally stimulating schemes.

The romantic Libra partner ruled by planet Venus can inject some emotions and feelings into Aquarius partner. The rebellious Aquarius partner being ruled by the planet Uranus can influence the Libra partner to take some risks in life.

The couple is good humoured and would make their way out of troubles in daily life by laughing off at them together. Both Libra and Aquarius are sociable signs and people friendly and hence, would be involved in many social outings and gatherings.

Minor niggles in their relationship might come when the Aquarius partner shows their stubborn side. However, the Libra partner is intelligent and diplomat and hence, would gently and subtly influence the Aquarius partner who would give in.

The strong point in compatibility between Libra and Aquarius is due to their shared sense of humour. The couple knows that the either partner means well for each other and thus, their relationship will deepen with the passage of time.

Aquarius Woman and Libra Man

Both Aquarius man and Libra man love to talk and they would discuss threadbare anything and everything ranging from Socrates to world politics, movies, cooking, drugs; the list is endless. Thus, they develop a mental rapport with each other which makes them best of the friends.

The couple mutually respects each other. However, relationship romantic in nature is complex and can be quirky between them.

This couple genuinely like each other but what is lacking is a deep emotional connection between them which is strong enough to keep the compatibility going. The Aquarius woman is slightly poor in understanding matters of heart and may not be able to appreciate and admire the efforts made by her Libra man to keep things romantic between them.

She may also get irritated with his efforts to settle down and this may lead them to drift apart from each other. There is this constant conflict between them- the desire for freedom by Aquarius woman and the need for stability and settling down by Libra man.

The Libra man is conventional whereas the Aquarius woman is rule breaker and unconventional and questions everything. It becomes difficult for the Libra man to understand that why his lady cannot simply conform to the rules of the society and keep on inviting trouble.

If their compatibility has to go a long way, both Libra man and Aquarius woman should put in efforts to develop better mutual understanding between them.

The Libra man being a flexible sign would do more compromises and adjustments than the Aquarius woman who tend to be stubborn and obstinate.

The compatibility between them works best when they are in long distance relationship like studying at two different places or frequent long trips due to office work. The Libra man would thus not mind making adjustments and the Aquarius woman would miss his absence and will grow more fond of him and may actually feel like settling down.

This couple is good humored and their shared sense of humor and remarkable mental rapport with each other can make the base for a long lasting partnership. However, the Libra man needs a partner who is more emotionally responsive towards him and the Aquarius woman would feel that it is not the right time to settle down. They can make very good friends but the chances of a romantic relationship between them sustaining for a long time is low.

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Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

This pair is meeting of partners with air signs and their compatibility is underpinned with intellectual rapport between the two partners. They are mutually drawn towards each other due to their mentally stimulating talks, ideas and visions of a better world.

Both are kind hearted and good natured souls and thus, would not hurt each other.

The Libra woman is perhaps one of the most romantic one in the entire zodiac signs. She might kinder some romantic notion in her Aquarius man who may occasionally present her with surprise gifts and flowers.

However, this couple might not be so passionate in the bedroom and may enjoy sex only on a physical level rather than spiritual level and as a means of emotional bonding between them. They both are not so keen on sex; thus this works well for both of them.

The Libra woman is not possessive about her Aquarius man but she needs to be reassured and told that he lover her once in a while which is not going to happen. Nevertheless, she would most likely provide the Aquarius man with the freedom which he values so much.

Thus, both these partners do not breach into each other's private space which works well for their compatibility.

As their bonding deepens, the couple would realise that they can learn a lot from one another. The Libra woman would become more independent influenced by the speeches of freedom and value of independence by Aquarius man who, in turn will become close to his emotions under the influence of his Libra woman.

Both Aquarius man and Libra woman are sociable, charming, gregarious and people loving. Thus, they would have a wide set of friends and will attend lot of social gatherings and outings. Rows between them would be scarce and will be resolved with peace.

The couple sense of humour is such that they can laugh about their fights and reasons for arguments later on. Either partner doesnt take himself/herself very seriously which is an added bonus point working in favor of their compatibility.

This couple might not be that passionate in the bedroom (sex might not be everything for them) but the lack of it is made everywhere else. This partnership between Libra woman and Aquarius man is good natured, affable and compassionate which can definitely stand the test of the time.

Aquarius and Libra friendship

Aquarius and Libra have the potential to make great friends since they meet each other on mental level. Both these signs are keen to learn- Libra friend is good at observing and analysing things and the Aquarius friend learns by way of experience. They make an exciting partnership with loads of enthusiasm and spirit.

Both these friends comprehend each other well. Libra is open minded and thus, would consider all sides of a situation. Aquarius friend considers freedom and independence of topmost priority which is very well understood by the Libra friend.

A friendship between Libra and Aquarius is match of pleasure, romance, logic (due to planet Venus) and freedom, revolution and restraint (due to planet Saturn and Uranus); thus going well with each other.

The disagreements between them would be settled quickly since the Libra friend wants peace at all costs. Their friendship can go to great lengths and would be beneficial for not only them but also society in general.

The Libra friend is good at initiating new things and the Aquarius friend would accept them as long as they are not pushed for the same. Both these zodiacs do not want to be the centre of attraction and would not care as to who gets the fame and glory for their success jointly.

The most outstanding aspect of friendship between Libra and Aquarius is the strength of their teamwork. Both signs can benefit by learning a lot from each other. Their intelligent and harmonious nature creates a strong, deep and honest partnership between them.

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