Aries and Aquarius Compatibility - 200 Shocking Truths

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility - 200 Shocking Truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Aries
2 Personality traits- Aquarius
3 Aries and Aquarius Compatibility
4 Aquarius Woman and Aries Man
5 Aquarius Man and Aries Woman
6 Aquarius and Aries friendship

Personality traits- Aries

Aries being a “fire” sign is full of passion. It is ruled by Mars (planet of sexuality and sexual energy) which naturally explains their high sexual drive. They may keep changing their partners to satisfy their sexual needs. However, once committed they are deeply and passionately romantic.

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An Aries is considered to be traditional romantic and you may encounter all those fairy love tales while dating an Aries. Aries are flirtatious (harmless) by nature and enjoy casual flirting. It is difficult to not see his/her efforts in wooing you.

Aries does not want to follow people rather they like to lead them. Since, Aries likes to lead, they also love to encourage and motivate others.

Aries are generally hardworkers and they have very high energy levels. They like spontaneity in life and like plans which are instantly made.

Aries are argumentative and like to discuss and argue on matters close to them. However, Aries does not take criticism well. At the same time, Aries believes in living in present and do not hold grudges against people. They have quite a short temper which is explosive. But it fades away very quickly.

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Personality traits- Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (planet of freedom and revolutionary vision) and Saturn (planet of restraint) and is an air sign, thus, they are deep thinkers.

Being positive they are, they always see the positive side of you and feels like giving second chance to everyone.

They believe in going all out for things which they believe in and are not afraid to fight for themselves. They like educating themselves and use their knowledge to teach the siblings and others around them. Being ruled by planet Uranus, they like their freedom and at times, it might seem that they are quite detached. But simply put, it is the way they are.

They like to make new friends and are good at keeping the conversations going; thus they are people friendly. They make those amazing friends who always lend their shoulders in times of need. Being good listeners they are, it is easy to open up in front of them.

They do not get angry fast, but if you keep provoking them, they would lose their anger and then, it is difficult to calm them down.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

An Aries considers ‘self’ of utmost importance and an Aquarian is a visionary. There is not much common in them which can spark either friendship or relationship between them. They both have the potential to achieve great things in life together, but their approach towards handling things differ a lot which creates differences between them (if they are in a relationship) and thus, their relationship is generally not long lasting.

This match of an Aries man and an Aquarius woman has a lot to learn from each other only if they are willing to do so and feel that the other partner has lot to offer. The straight forward and blunt and brash nature of Aries will hurt the intellectual arrogance of Aquarius and; the indifferent attitude of Aquarius will hit the big ego of Aries. Their pairing is well suited in a friendship or a professional relationship but it would not be easy for them in a romantic relationship.

The relationship between Aquarius and Aries is a quirky one. Aquarius being ruled by planet Uranus is quite a visionary and doesn’t believe in fighting/arguing over petty things and Aries being ruled by planet Mars of passion and war can get into arguments over small things. Thus, Aries gets infuriated by this indifferent attitude of Aquarius and sometimes, frustrated also by the intelligence of Aquarius.

However, there is some hope for compatibility between these two zodiacs. Aries does get charmed by the enigma and mystery and the positive attitude of Aquarius. And, Aquarius admires the way Aries quickly fix things and their approach towards getting things done.

This compatibility between them can come if they learn how to compromise and understand the personality traits of each other. But it is probably, too much for either of the partners to do it to maintain the relationship. The initial charm of the relationship will be soon worn off with the waning of mutual respect as well and thus, their faith in each other will also start crumbling.

Aries is full of passion and the sexual life of Aries and Aquarius will be interesting initially. However, as their relationship will mature, Aquarius may become aloof in the bedroom and thus, thus can inflate the ego of Aries. There is major clash of one inherent trait between them. Aquarius loves freedom and needs their own space while an Aries needs a fiercely loyal partner (Aquarius rarely stray towards infidelity; however their demand for personal freedom will be misinterpreted by Aries).

There are basic compatibility issues between both this zodiacs and probably, they need to arise upon the differences to maintain a long lasting relationship.

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Aquarius Woman and Aries Man

One needs to have an understanding of the sign’s elements to decipher the relationship between Aquarius woman and Aries man. Aries being a fire sign needs air to survive; Aquarius being an air sign does not need fire for survival. And here comes the catch- it is the demand for personal space, independence and freedom of an Aquarius woman which decides the compatibility between Aries man Aquarius woman relationship.

An Aquarius woman and an Aries man are emotionally opposite to each other. Aries man is driven by passion and goes to extreme levels of emotions- both good and bad. However, an Aquarius lady is in quite control of her emotions and behaves in quite a disciplined manner when it comes to display of emotions. She being a visionary gets sometimes aloof from these emotions as well. So, you see there are two sides in this relationship- one extremely emotional and the other one maintaining a distance from emotions. It is this gap which needs to be fulfilled.

Aries is kind of a lover which a woman would like to have- somebody who woos her, showers her with praises and gifts, great in bed and traditionally romantic. But, an Aquarius woman imagines her partner to be somebody with whom she can share her intellectual interests, the discussions with whom can me mentally stimulating and an elusive lover- all of which are not forte of an Aries man.

An Aquarius lady will have the upper hand in this relationship. Her actions and decisions will decide the course of this relationship. The Aries men are argumentative and like to discuss and argue on matters close to them. But they do not like to lose the arguments. Now, an Aquarius lady being an intelligent and a visionary one will outwit him in almost every debate which will hurt the ego of an Aries man.

So basically it is difficult for one to appreciate the quality of other partner. There is scope of compatibility between them provided both are willing to adapt a lot. An Aquarius lady needs to feel things emotionally and express them as well; along with loosening her demand for personal space and freedom.  An Aries man needs to accept the fact that he cannot win with her in the arguments at all the times and she decides her priority.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

Both Aquarius man and Aries woman will be mutually attracted towards each other. The adventurous, sporting, spontaneous and fun loving Aries woman becomes a source of attraction for an Aquarius man. And, an Aries woman becomes attracted to the enigmatic, independent and intellectual Aquarius man. They have many qualities in common:

  • They both are tough in their relationships and there is either yes or no; there is no midway.
  • Both are genuine people and want to be loved the way they are and hated when it is required.
  • Both are positive thinkers, and hence, discuss future rather than regretting about the past deeds and somewhat, rebellious also.
  • Both like to be independent and love their freedom and space.

An Aquarius man and an Aries woman have many similar interests and thus, their relationship is never boring. Both have a little different approach towards life, believe in experimenting new things and have a wacky sense of humor. So, their conversations can be sometimes quite absurd and sometimes, quite hilarious as well. They are full of life and visit new places and keep exploring life. It is this mutual attitude which keeps their relationship interesting both inside and outside bedroom.

Aries woman is full of passion and Aquarius man is not so sexually exciting. When they come together, due to exploring nature of Aries woman and her sensual efforts, the hidden desires of Aquarius man come to the surface and thus, thus, their lovemaking is quite hot.

An Aries woman and an Aquarius man relationship can be a stimulating and evolving combination or they can be mutually destructive since both are opposite combination of fire and air. If both this man and woman can make their relationship work for a good amount of time; there are good chances that it will be a life long relationship. If the relationship is not supposed to work in the future, they will break up in the early stages only of the relationship.

Aquarius and Aries can do amazingly good things together once they start accepting the other partner the way he or she is. Their relationship will become stronger as it evolves through the years.

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Aquarius and Aries friendship

There are good chances of a strong friendship between Aries and Aquarius since they both are experimental, like doing novel things and with inquisitive nature. An Aries would love to go for an adventurous activity like trekking etc. and will find a partner in an Aquarius. An Aquarius will find that his novel ideas and intellect are appreciated by an Aries and not criticized or laughed at.  

An Aries loves to lead in everything and an Aquarius will have no problem with that since he or she would be busy with other things in life. An Aquarius and an Aries both love discussions, being surrounded by people and living an active life rather than solitary. Thus, they are people loving and enjoy jokes, pranks and healthy banters. They live a busy life, going to new places and enjoying with other people.

The Aquarius will always shore up the Aries to be keen and excited and to put his or her ideas into practice. Since Aries is full of life and wants to see it from various angles, Aries will take Aquarius along with him in visiting new places.

An Aries likes to encourage and motivate people and will thus, help Aquarius put his ideas on paper and practice.

Thus, it can be said that both Aquarius and Aries remains benefitted in this friendship and everything is possible for them when they stay together.

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