Aries and Cancer - 200 Shocking Truths in 2020

Aries and Cancer - 200 Shocking Truths in 2020

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1 Personality traits- Aries
2 Personality traits- Cancer
3 Aries and Cancer Compatibility
4 Cancer Woman and Aries Man
5 Cancer Man and Aries Woman
6 Cancer and Aries friendship

Personality traits- Aries

Aries being a “fire” sign is full of passion. It is ruled by Mars (planet of sexuality and sexual energy) which naturally explains their high sexual drive. They may keep changing their partners to satisfy their sexual needs. However, once committed they are deeply and passionately romantic.

An Aries is considered to be traditional romantic and you may encounter all those fairy love tales while dating an Aries. Aries are flirtatious (harmless) by nature and enjoy casual flirting. It is difficult to not see his/her efforts in wooing you.

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Aries does not want to follow people rather they like to lead them. They wish to give commands rather than obey them. Since, Aries likes to lead, they also love to encourage and motivate others.

Aries are generally hardworkers and they believe in putting all the efforts to get to the top or to the position of authority.

All the above mentioned qualities of an Aries are coupled with high levels of energy. They like spontaneity in life and like plans which are instantly made.

Aries are argumentative and like to discuss and argue on matters close to them. However, Aries does not take criticism well. At the same time, Aries believes in living in present and do not hold grudges against people. They have quite a short temper which is explosive. But it fades away very quickly. And, they easily forget the reason for causing them so much anger.

Personality traits- Cancer

Cancer is ruled by ‘moon’. Just like the way with the change in tides, moon wanes and waxes; similarly the mood of Cancer changes often and they are quite known for that (both for better and for worse).

Cancer people are quite sensitive and compassionate. They are sometimes, misunderstood by others since it is quite difficult for them to communicate their feelings especially when they are hurt. They are quite empathetic in nature and are emotionally evolved human beings. Since they are very soft, once they are hurt or if they have created a bad image of you, things between you and them will never change since they are quite unforgiving.

Cancer are ‘family people’ and ‘children loving’. Being quite faithful and dedicated in relationship also defines them. They are homely people and like to spend time with their loved ones.

Being creative, they excel in jobs of artistic nature. They should be given the freedom to carve the day to day work on their own rather than being supervised.

Some say that their sixth sense is quite strong and they make many choices based on them. They are reliable and dependable people and amongst the first to lend a helping hand.

They are ‘hardworking and persistent in their efforts’ and thus, will go to any extent to complete a task assigned to them.

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Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries is the Hero and Cancer is the Homemaker, thus this compatibility should work well.  The Hero goes out and fights with the world and the Cancer stays at home and takes care of the emotional needs of everybody. This combination must have worked well in older times but not with same ease now since the enlightened Cancer might not always like Aries to play lead.

Being a water and fire star combination, the sexual relationship between them will be both tender (brought by Cancer) and passionate (brought by Aries).  However, leaving the physical relationship aside, it is quite possible that the always ‘me’ Aries will try to dominate the sweet, simple and tender Cancer and the Cancer might hurt him back with piercing words when provoked too much. This will hurt the ego of Aries. Thus, the relationship between them would be much dependent upon Aries not crossing the mark of dominance and peace being maintained by both sides.

Since both these zodiac are tenacious, they will try to work on the relationship rather than breaking up easily. Cancer and Aries both share the quality of being sternly protective of their loved ones and thus, will defend each other strong when faced with an outsider or a perceived enemy (however, they might fight openly with each other in public).

Cancer being emotionally evolved can see the softer side of Aries behind the brash and rude façade. Aries, when considerate, can understand that the Cancer partner is empathetic and compassionate which is a strong rather than weak quality. Cancer brings out the protective nature of Aries and ‘here comes the savior’ attitude.

Aries need space and freedom which should be known to Cancer well. The constant possessiveness of Cancer and their overly sensitive nature can be too much to bear for Aries and thus, an Aries might feel stifled in this relationship.

The relationship between them will be compatible in the short term. But for long term compatibility, the power needs to be shared between them rather than inclined towards Aries. Also, an Aries should understand that Cancer is little emotional and soft person and hence, should avoid using harsh words and taunts.

Cancer Woman and Aries Man

At first, the arrangement between a Cancer woman and an Aries man will appear to be amazing. A Cancer woman is a good example of how a classical woman should be- homemaker, decorating and beautifying the house, taking care of the kids and doing her best to keep the marriage successful. The Aries man is a leader, protective about his wife and children, full of energy and virile and thus, making a perfect match for Cancer woman.

But this relationship has different sides and is guided by their cardinal signs as well. The Cancer woman has huge inner strength and thus, she may not be that vulnerable and weak as she appears to be and probably sometimes, pretend also. The Aries man requires constant approval from somebody and thus, may not be all that strong and confident as he appears to be. Thus, both provide each other what they are looking for in their respective partners. There is mutual respect and admiration for each other in this relationship.

However, their compatibility can go for a toss when the fussy nature of Cancer woman about day to day activities can become too much for her Aries man to handle. This has become a part of her nature because of chores related to household activities; an Aries man would find that his lady is old fashioned and needs to adapt as per the changing world.

The Aries man can be further distressed if the finds that his partner is emotionally manipulative and the emotions displayed many times are staged rather than real. A Cancer woman would go to a shell if she starts feeling that her emotions are not acknowledged by her partner and there is emotional insecurity. An Aries man may start losing interest in the relationship when he would feel that he cannot win this lady and break the shell. This would further be emotionally traumatic for a Cancer woman and thus, their relationship may go through a low phase and may end also at that stage.

Despite all these hurdles, the compatibility between Aries man and Cancer woman is strong and has the base for a loving and long relationship if both of them can stick to their traditional roles. Diversion from their traditional roles can give a little hitch in their relationship and need to be worked upon by both the partners.

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Cancer and Aries

Cancer Man and Aries Woman

The relationship between a Cancer man and an Aries woman is genuine liking and love for each other. The Cancer man provides stability and security with his family orientation to an Aries woman and she being direct, feminine, adventurous and high on energy attracts him. He accepts her with both positive and negative traits.

The Cancer man being supportive understands that she might have to work late and may go for frequent trips outside etc and thus, assures her of the kids and home being taken care of. She also realizes his contribution towards making her career a successful one.

The Cancer man also showers his Aries woman with love, affection and gifts. You might say that a Cancer man is a kind of partner a lady might desire as a husband.

Both Cancer and Aries being opposite signs of fire and water will have a steaming sexual relationship. The Aries lady being full of passion might dominate in the bedroom but she would also take care of the emotional desires of her Cancer man.

An Aries lady might flirt a little with other guys (harmless flirting) but the Cancer man wouldn’t be jealous since he knows that it is a part of her nature and there is nothing to be worried about.

The one area where the relationship might become difficult for both of them is their priority for family. A Cancer man always keeps family the first priority and other things come second. An Aries lady also loves her family fiercely but her priorities keep changing as per the demands. For example, she might consider work to be important and stays behind in office for late hours when she is due for promotion instead of coming home and taking care of the sick child. As per the Cancer man, it is gross negligence of family and not tolerated at all.

If both these people are willing to compromise on family matters, they can make an excellent couple and the relationship can be life long.

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Cancer and Aries friendship

Aries being a fire sign and Cancer being a water sign are quite opposites and thus, they provide each other the qualities the other one is lacking.

Aries likes the Cancer opposite nature of being tranquil, modest, patient and empathetic. Cancer likes the high energy levels of Aries and thus, when an Aries extends his/her hand for friendship, it becomes difficult for Cancer to refuse it.

Cancer are moody and thus, it may become difficult for Aries to handle their mood swings. Aries being dominating, the Cancer might feel stifled in their friendship. In Cancer- Aries friendship, they need to understand that their disposition and outlook is completely different and hence, instead of getting irritated, accepting each other’s qualities and traits would be the way out. They have grounds for maintaining a life long friendship because both require each other’s strengths to overcome their individual weaknesses.

Cancer being modest, help in controlling the brash and outwardly spoken nature of Aries. And, Aries being spontaneous and high in energy levels bring excitement to the life of Cancer and help them in becoming more social and extrovert.

Aries have leadership qualities and they seek glory, limelight and position of authority. Cancer is happy to remain behind the scenes and help his/her friend achieve the professional goals successfully. Cancer are intuitive and they use their evolved emotions to understand a situation from a different perspective and thus, can warn Aries friend in dangers lurking ahead which he/she might not be aware of.

Cancer brings out the protective nature of Aries and thus, Aries friend shields and defends the cancer friend with difficulties in life.

All said, there are chances of strong friendship between Aries and Cancer provided that they openly discuss with each other the balance required in their friendship. Once, both commit to the friendship, they can do miraculous things.

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