Aries and Libra Compatibility-200 Shocking Revelations in 2020

Aries and Libra Compatibility-200 Shocking Revelations in 2020

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 Personality traits- Aries

Personality traits- Libra

Aries and Libra Compatibility

Libra Woman and Aries Man

Libra Man and Aries Woman

Libra and Aries Friendship

 Personality traits- Aries

Aries being a “fire” sign is full of passion. It is ruled by Mars (planet of sexuality and sexual energy) which naturally explains their high sexual drive. They may keep changing their partners to satisfy their sexual needs. However, once committed they are deeply and passionately romantic.

An Aries is considered to be traditional romantic and you may encounter all those fairy love tales while dating an Aries. Aries are flirtatious (harmless) by nature and enjoy casual flirting. It is difficult to not see his/her efforts in wooing you.


Aries does not want to follow people rather they like to lead them. They wish to give commands rather than obey them. Since, Aries likes to lead, they also love to encourage and motivate others.

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Aries are generally hardworkers and they believe in putting all the efforts to get to the top or to the position of authority.


All the above mentioned qualities of an Aries are coupled with high levels of energy. They like spontaneity in life and like plans which are instantly made.

Aries are argumentative and like to discuss and argue on matters close to them. However, Aries does not take criticism well. At the same time, Aries believes in living in present and do not hold grudges against people.

They have quite a short temper which is explosive. But it fades away very quickly. And, they easily forget the reason for causing them so much anger.

Personality traits- Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values) which explains their calm and peaceful nature. They like to keep peace and harmony in every aspect of their life and thus, are people pleasers.

They choose their words carefully so as to not hurt the sentiments of others and at the same time are able to put forth their point.

Libra are romantic at hearts and believe in stability in life. Hence, they take time in choosing their partners and their relationship means a lot to them. They keep their relationship close to their hearts, make great partners and are quite willing to fulfill their partner's sexual fantasies.

Librans are quite thoughtful and believes in making informed decisions rather than spontaneous ones.

Librans are great leaders and they use their charm and sometimes, manipulation to succeed in life.

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Aries and Libra Compatibility

The constellations of Aries and Libra lie 180 degrees opposite to each other in the Zodiac and thus, their personality traits are completely opposite to each other. Being opposites, they are quite attracted towards each other.

One lacks the characteristics present in another and thus you may say that instead of compatible, they are more complementary to each other.

The relationship between an Aries and Libra can be quite a balancing one since one brings into the relationship what the other one is missing.

The Aries dominance in ‘me’ and the Libra dominance in ‘others’ presents a balanced picture required in practical life and thus, can give roots to quite a successful relationship.

However, being at the opposite end of the spectrum has its challenges as well. When the things are going good between Aries and Libra, the relationship is in a great shape then. However, when the things are not good between Aries and Libra, it can be quite challenging between them because of the diametrically opposite nature and thus, the relationship may go through traumatic phase.

Libra Woman and Aries Man

The theory of opposites attracts is very true when it comes to a relationship between a Libra woman and an Aries man.

The Libra woman is gregarious, simple going, elegant and loving and thus, catches the attention of an Aries man. He would get charmed with her peaceful, easy going and sociable nature.

She is also a born romantic like an Aries man (though not traditional ways of romance always), and will get wooed easily by him with his consistent efforts. She would be swayed by his impulsive nature and gifts and will thus, make him feel important and thus, an Aries man would stay with her because that is what an Aries man desires- to be felt important.

The combination of a Libran woman and an Aries man is a combination between ‘me’ and ‘others’. Thus, the compatibility is strong between the two of them. Aries man is full of passion and A Libran woman will keep fulfilling the sexual desires of an Aries man.

He can be sometimes immature in demanding sexual needs and will centre on his own desires; a Libran woman will go out of her way to keep her man happy.

Her priority will be always to keep her man first which is liked by an Aries man.

Aries man are flirtatious (harmless) by nature and enjoy flirting with ladies and a Libran woman would be saddened by his ways. Libran woman are utterly faithful in her relationships and expect the same from her partner.

An Aries man may keep changing his partners but he is never unfaithful once he has zeroed down that she is the one with whom he would actually like to settle down. An Aries man though desires independence; will be happy to relinquish this idea once he gets attached to a Libran woman.

Aries man likes to show his woman to others and feel proud of her; especially her mental capabilities. And, a Libran woman truly fits into it. Being intelligent and sassy, she would capture his mind for a perfect mate.

However, when it comes to their sexual relationship, it might not be the idealistic one. An Aries man can be sexually aggressive sometimes and may not understand his partner’s desires. Thus, a Libran woman might feel like dominated or not express herself properly when establishing physical relationships.

One way to not get into this situation is that a Libran woman should discuss subtly about her sexual needs right from the start of their relationship. It is required to maintain a long term relationship.

The other problem which may arise in Aries man Libra woman relationship is the emotional dependency issues. A Libran woman will become dependent upon her Aries man in solving issues, his approach towards things and may thus, would stop trying to do things on her own.

An Aries man is an independent guy and seeks his personal zone which may over a period of time might not be tolerated by a Libran woman.

This may lead to conflicts between them on a daily basis and thus, there might come a point when he hurts her badly during a fight. (Remember, Aries man has quite a short temper which is explosive).

A Libran woman is a simple, sweet and gentle lady and thus, when she is wounded by her Aries man; she might look for a shoulder to cry which can inflate an Aries man further. An Aries man is resentful if somebody is trying to catch attention of his partner or, if he feels that his partner is unfaithful in the relationship.

Thus, the relationship can end on a bitter note leaving both the parties hurt.

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Libra Man and Aries Woman

A Libra man is a balanced person in all spheres of his life, an Aries woman is impulsive and straight forward, so once again they both have this nature of filling the quality the other one is lacking. These two in a relationship can create magic

E.g. whenever she is irritable and reacts in an angry way, he calmly listens to her and soothes her when her temper slides away. Thus, the relationship is quite practical- one partner understanding the needs and behavior of the other partner and reacting accordingly.

Both these Zodiacs have one personality trait in common- ‘their charismatic nature’. The Libran man gets attracted towards an Aries woman because of her intelligence, persuasive nature and independent approach towards life.

An Aries woman desire for changing the companion frequently is fueled by the charismatic personality of a Libran man. Both thus, are attracted towards each other like opposite ends of a magnetic pole.

Since the intellect of both the partners is on a relatively higher side, they argument and enjoy the discussions on the matters close to them. It also, acts as a spark for them. They like to engage in amusing banter and enjoy the underlying sexual tension behind it.

The discussions are mentally stimulating and tiring. However, after some time, the Libran man may give up the battle knowing very well the desire of his partner to win. He may end the debate by agreeing to her ideas or at least saying that she has given him an altogether different perspective and added a new dimension to the topic.

See, again a balancing approach of a Libran man!

When it comes to lovemaking, a Libran man is gentle, soft and loving. On the other hand, an Aries woman is feisty, spontaneous and impulsive. He may consider the entire act as a part of expressing his emotions towards her, how special he considers her in his life and thus, may take time for reaching the climax.

However, an Aries lady being ruled by planet Mars is full of passion and considers lovemaking to be a physical act desired for sexual pleasure. She may thus, not remain interested in his expressions and may desire for the ultimate satisfaction immediately.

An Aries lady has quite a short temper which is explosive. But it fades away very quickly. And, then she easily forgets the reason for causing her so much anger.

Thus, a Libran man will be very careful in dealing with his lady and will take time (which is a part of his nature) in explaining that the arguments between them is not about winning and losing but rather about discussing the opinions of the two sides.

The key to maintaining this Aries woman Libra man relationship is not only communication through words but also deeds and commitment.

The Libran man will have to show her how much he cares about loving gestures and an Aries woman must be able to curb her temper and hear what her partner is trying to say.

Libra and Aries friendship

Though both Libra and Aries stand opposite to each other from Zodiac point of view, it is this same opposite nature which forms the basis of their friendship. Librans admire the high energy levels, the enthusiasm towards life, adventurous and sporting nature; and leadership qualities of the Aries.

Aries admire the charm, grace, intelligence and affable nature of the Libra.

Sometimes, yes both of them might get hurt (again, because of their extreme opposite nature). Aries may not like the always diplomatic and balanced nature of Libra especially when there is a moment where you have to take a stand.

Libra may not like the aggressive nature of Aries at times, and the fact that an Aries can be pushy for things he/she believes in. But, the two always tend to patch up easily in friendship since both of them do not like to hold grudges against people.

It is possible that their friendship might be always like the one convincing the others for the values he/she believes in and the general approach towards the life.

An Aries doesn’t take criticism well and thus, a Libra may try to make an Aries understand the importance of criticism and how to take it in a positive way to do things better.

A Libra is peaceful and calm, and thus, an Aries may make him/her take part in adventure and sports like going for a trek, bike ride etc.

The Aries acts impulsively and do not believe in doing a lot of planning. However, a Libra takes time in deciding and will not go for instant decisions.

Thus, it can be said the friendship between the Aries and the Libra is balanced because the Libra has charm, is cultured and mannered and thus, will help in curbing the ‘selfish’ nature of Aries.

Aries, on the other hand, has high energy levels, is more exploratory and quick decision maker and thus, will make the life of a Libra more exciting and adventurous.


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 Personality traits- Aries

Personality traits- Libra

Aries and Libra Compatibility

Libra Woman and Aries Man

Libra Man and Aries Woman

Libra and Aries Friendship

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