Can dogs get black magic?

Can dogs get black magic?

Can dogs get black magic?

Looking for a loyal pet? Look no further – Dogs have been a loyal companion to man for centuries and should be given enough credit. A dog’s loyalty towards its master is for life. However there is a connection of magic in dogs. 

Witches have always had close connections with animals, especially dogs. Just as we humans have energy surrounding us Dogs are no exception. Dogs  emit specific energy which is different from human type and this type of energy can be channeled into witchcraft. 

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What is magic?

Magic is a specific way of thinking that supports supernatural claims as a belief of having the power to manipulate natural events or occurrences. There are two types of magic white and black magic. Just as there is a cause to every effect magic is of no exception. Magic can be used negatively or positively depending on the individual using it. 

Black magic also known as witchcraft is the usage of supernatural powers for evil deeds or to create a negative impact. This can be done by using the personal items of the person you desire to harm like hair, cloth and so on.

 According to a traditional Navajo, when a witch travels at night, he wears the skin of a dead animal in order to effectively transform into the exact dead animal. This raised quite a few speculation among animal lovers, one of which was –  were animals used for black magic? 

Yes! dogs were used when carrying out a magical cause. When using white magic, dogs are used as partners to promote a good outcome of an event like assisting in spell making without risking their own safety.

 However with black magic it is different. Some black magic can require dangerous ritual and animal sacrifice. Dogs are used as sacrifices because witches believe they hold pure and divine energy that can aid their black magic. Furthermore, a recent fact shed in more light regarding the harm dogs encounter during the usage of black magic.

 According to Sindhu Radhakrishna, an associate professor in the national institute of advanced studies, slender lorises mainly found in the south of India are losing their habitat to urban development.

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What are dogs known for?

Dogs are well known for their heightened sensitivity in hearing, smelling and taste. Witches believe in the power of canine energy and believe it serves a connection for energy and protection.

Can any type of dog be used for black magic?

However black magic can not be established with any kind of dog. Before a dog can be picked or used for black magic, the animal has to have a specific kind of spiritual energy. Some could use dometic dogs, others could go for dogs that have established personal contact with the human world. 


Dogs can not get black magic but can be used to perform black magic rituals. The use of dogs for black magic is not widely known as black magic is commonly associated with cats due to their life duration and features. Meaning cats are usually witches' first choice for performing dark rituals.

If you have a dog as a pet and you're worried about the chance of it having black magic, you can relax and stop worrying about that fuzzy pet because there is a 0% chance of it having black magic.


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