Can you use healing crystals on a cut?

Can you use healing crystals on a cut?

Can you use healing crystals on a cut?

A cut is a forceful injury that occurs on any part of the skin and it is caused by a sharp object. The after effect of the cut leads to bleeding, pain or tissue damage depending on how severe the cut is. If treated on time with proper treatment the damage is minimized but if the cut is not treated then it could lead to infection, loss of blood, or extensive tissue damage.

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Since the advancement of medical treatment, questions have sprung towards the benefit of alternative means to the body. However can an alternative therapy like healing crystals be used to treat a cut? 

There is no definite answer as Crystal healing has no scientific evidence that support the claim to  heal wounds but due to the combination of the energy of the crystal and the body, it can aid the healing process. Crystal healing which was first recognized in the 1970s suddenly made a resurgence 5 years ago with the likes of Adele, and Lena testifying to the positive healing properties of the crystal. 

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What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that involves placing the crysta;s on a certain chakra position on the body to help draw out negative energy and unblock strained energy in the body. The crystals work with your body’s energy field to absorb, focus and redirect energies in the body

Where to place your crystals

People have been known to place their crystals in different places. It depends on the purpose of the crystal during that period. Some have been known to keep their crystals tucked around the house, others have been known to keep their crystals close by like on their nightstand or around their work area. To feel the crystal's energy around them. For instance, a celebrity called brown is known to keep her crystals close by like in her bag or pocket.

Even though up till now there is no scientific support to the claim of crystals having healing properties to the body still a number of people testify to the crystal healing power. There is no scientific proof that crystals can heal wounds or cuts but it can help absorb pain and make the healing process a whole lot faster. So if you have been hoping to get a crystal or curious about them , then you should try getting one.

To help you get started, here is a comprehensive list of some crystals to use when experiencing pain or cuts on the body.

Type of healing crystals

Clear Quartz 

This crystal is also known as a master healer. It is an amplifying energy crystal that absorbs, stores and regulates the flow of energy in the body. It also aids the circulation of blood in the body and stimulates the immune system.


Looking for a booster for courage and confidence? This is the perfect crystal for you. This type of crystal is known to provide support in times of stress, and protection from negative energy. Especially when going through a painful experience like a cut on the body or an illness, this crystal can provide relief and a feeling of empowerment.


Obsidian is known to protect the owner from emotional and physical negativity. By getting rid of the feeling of negativity and emotional trauma, it can promote inner clarity, and strength to aid finding one's true sense of self. For your physical body, the crystals help reduce pain caused by even cuts on the body.


A purple gemstone that provides protection, healing and purification in your body. Most people claim it helps get rid of negativity and promotes self healing and spirituality. But physically it is known to aid the circulation of blood in the body, relieve pain and stress.

How to know the right crystal to choose

Research might help but you can’t know the perfect crystal by just reading about it, you have to feel it. By allowing your intuition to guide you towards a specific crystal, an instant connection is made. It could either be a subconscious pull or a physical pull to aid you in picking the right crystal.

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There is no perfect crystal and it is not something magical. Even though there is no scientific evidence to support healing crystal, it has been known to promote psychological effects which have been beneficial to the body. Furthermore apart from the main benefit of crystal, they are also beautiful accessories that you could use as your home decor or body accessories. 

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