Cancer and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Cancer and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

Sl. No. Topic
1 Personality traits- Taurus
2 Personality traits- Cancer
3 Taurus and Cancer Compatibility
4 Cancer woman and Taurus man
5 Cancer Man and Taurus Woman
6 Taurus and Cancer friendship

Personality traits- Taurus

Taurus is ruled Venus (planet of beauty, attraction, love, satisfaction, creativity, and gratitude) and is an earth sign.

Taurus are known to be extremely loyal people and thus, they are quite passionate also. Quite devoted to their work, they are stubborn and ambitious as well. They are often known as ‘bull headed” since they are quite determined and resolute.

Since Taurus is an earth sign, they are comfortable being stable, grounded and logical. This also translates into being hesitant towards change and they rather, prefer in control of things than something unplanned or unexpected coming up.

They can oscillate from being happy and laughing to extreme anger. They are passionate about life, and their emotions show it, and that's why they can flip so easily.

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Being earth sign, they are quite logical, full of commonsense and they are honest to the core.

They are quick to help and reliable. If you have gone for advice from him and later on not followed it, they will grow impatient with you for wasting their time since they believe in productivity and being taken seriously.

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Personality traits- Cancer

Cancer is ruled by ‘moon’. Just like the way with the change in tides, moon wanes and waxes; similarly the mood of Cancer changes often and they are quite known for that (both for better and for worse).

Cancer people are quite sensitive and compassionate. They are sometimes, misunderstood by others since it is quite difficult for them to communicate their feelings especially when they are hurt. They are quite empathetic in nature and are emotionally evolved human beings. Since they are very soft, once they are hurt or if they have created a bad image of you, things between you and them will never change since they are quite unforgiving.

Cancer are ‘family people’ and ‘children loving’. Being quite faithful and dedicated in relationship also defines them. They are homely people and like to spend time with their loved ones.

Being creative, they excel in jobs of artistic nature. They should be given the freedom to carve the day to day work on their own rather than being supervised.

Some say that their sixth sense is quite strong and they make many choices based on them. They are reliable and dependable people and amongst the first to lend a helping hand.

They are ‘hardworking and persistent in their efforts’ and thus, will go to any extent to complete a task assigned to them.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility

Taurus is the lover and Cancer is considered to be the homemaker. So, when they come in a relationship, you have a beautiful couple who are truly in love with each other and simply adore being with each other. For them, the world is where the partner is.

They both have similar approach towards life, are family oriented and faithful in their relationships. The Taurus and Cancer are great friends, trusted companions and perfect examples of lovers.

Taurus Cancer partnership is so well rooted and strong because both seek emotional security in the relationship. Both would like to grow old and go through all the phases of life- both ‘good and bad’ having each other’s support.

They would follow the conventional and traditional way of living and both would be very happy performing the duties and the responsibilities assigned to them in either male or female role.

For both these zodiacs, their heart lies in their family which means the world to them. The partnership between Taurus and Cancer is considered to be the best when it comes to home life and their children would be really blessed to have them as parents. As parents, they would love, care and will provide both emotional and financial support to their kids. Both Taurus and Cancer are fiercely protective about their family.

The sexual chemistry between Taurus and Cancer is great since both are extremely sensual and will have a passionate life. Its just that their intimacy would remain indoors and public display of it would be avoided to a larger extent.

There is mutual respect and admiration for each other in this relationship. Both Taurus and Cancer would love to take care of each other and being faithful in their relationships, would not cheat each other. So, there would not be jealousy and possessiveness about each other since trust would define their relationship.

The chemistry between Taurus and Cancer will get stronger with passage of time as both would know each other deeply by then.

Taurus and Cancer couple is homely by nature and would indulge less in exterior activities. They will give priority to spending time with family and kids.

This couple would value spending time with each other more than social outings and their relatives and friends might complain that they see less of them with days passing by.

There might not be much excitement, rows and adventures in their relationship. They both seek domestic bliss and would find it in each other.

In times of trouble, there might be hiccups in this relationship as well. Taurus being obstinate and single minded will go ahead however Cancer being emotionally weak may stop talking altogether.

At this juncture, it is required that communication flows easily between Taurus and Cancer. They might be a great couple but in times of need, they might fail to support each other and their compatibility may suffer by then.

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man

The match between Cancer woman and Taurus man is one of the most compatible among all the zodiacs. Both are sweet, loving and caring people who wish to love and be loved. Both are nurturers and caregivers and thus, their children would be blessed to have them as parents.

Taurus man is solid, determined, has inner strength and give emotional reassurance- the qualities which a Cancer woman would aspire in her partner. The Cancer woman is soft, calm, faithful, sensitive and compassionate- the qualities which a Taurus man would aspire in his life partner. Both fits into each other’s criteria of life partner and thus, gels easily with each other.

Both the partners are quite romantic and will keep gifting each others. Going for romantic dates and surprise gifts would be frequent in this partnership.

The sexual chemistry between Cancer woman and Taurus man is generally great barring sometimes when the Cancer woman would appreciate a more idealistic approach towards sex.

Both Taurus and Cancer are family oriented and give utmost priority to their family. They both value the traditional roles of man and woman and will try to adhere to it. For them, the security of their children and their family comes first and thus, both would not stray away from their relationship.

These two partners balance each other quite well. The Taurus man is emotionally stable person, grounded and logical. He can sense when his lady love is having her mood swings. He would wait patiently for her to come back to her normal self and would provide her comfort and soothe her.

This would be really appreciated by Cancer woman that her partner is so wise and has handled her kindly when she has been emotionally unstable.

In turn, the Cancer woman bring life and beauty to otherwise fairly barren emotional landscape of Taurus man. Thus, the compatibility between Taurus man and Cancer woman is generally very good and they both would create a sweet loving nest together.

The only drawback in partnership between Taurus man and Cancer woman is that they become so engrossed in each other that the outside world including extended family and friends almost cease to exist for them. This partnership is simply not sociable.

If this couple could somehow include social outings and gatherings also in their way of life; this would be one of the most beautiful, magical and respectful partnership.

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Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

Cancer man and Taurus woman share similar qualities and same outlook towards life and hence, they have a great compatibility right from the start of their relationship.

Both are kind, compassionate and loving people and hence, truly understand each other which is the reason for such a solid relationship between them.

Both Taurus woman and Cancer man are humble and down to earth and hence, would not believe in flaunting off their relationship in public. They would prefer going for dates with each other and would rather avoid social crowds with friends and relatives.

Taurus woman and Cancer man partnership would be a gentle companionship from the beginning itself.

The Cancer man sixth sense is quite strong and hence, sometimes anxieties and worries surround him. He is an emotional guy who would want his partner to understand and support him during these turbulent times and not criticize him.

The Taurus woman being solid and full of inner strength would fulfill his desire to be sensible, caring and will respect his troubled emotions.

Cancer man is very faithful and committed to their partner which is what a Taurus woman looks for. Hence, both these partners are emotionally very compatible and fit into the gaps lacking in the other partner.

Sexually, it would be a good match because Taurus woman would be attracted to the emotional side of the Cancer man and he would be attracted towards the sensual nature of his Taurus woman.

Both will have similar views on almost everything- financial matters, giving priority to family, stability in life etc. and hence, will arrive at decisions jointly.

There is possibility that these two partners will get engrossed in each other so much that they may become isolated from their friends and extended family. This would become challenging in troubled times when they would need support from others as well to sail through the rough waters.

It is thus advised that while enjoying each other’s company and being in relationship, both these partners should also maintain their own social circle so that they are not left vulnerable when there are tough times.

Trouble in their relationship will start brewing after couple of years when they have been together and know each other quite well. The Taurus woman is quite likely to loose her unlimited tolerance over her Cancer man persistent worries about something or the other.

She may discard them saying that the future is bright and there is no reason for any anxiety or worry as such. The Cancer man would consider that he is not being taken seriously and thus, there arise some discord between both of them.

Another area where the compatibility between Cancer man and Taurus woman is tested is their feeling of possessiveness. Both these partners are quite possessive and jealous about their partners. So, even a small amount of harmless flirting by either side is going to spark rows between them.

Though both of them don’t get easily provoked, however this is one area where their patience is tested and can loose their temper easily. Both might hurt each other deeply in such scenario.

But all said, Cancer man and Taurus woman are an excellent match for each other balancing each other’s emotional needs. Their compatibility is also quite strong and one may say that this couple is truly made for each other.

Cancer and Taurus friendship

Cancer and Taurus have potential to be very good friends with each other. Both are quite similar in nature and have same pleasant, joyful, affectionate and compassionate personality. Hence, both would understand also each other very well.

Both Taurus and Cancer want similar things in life: faithful partners, comfy home, kids, good food and thus, both wish to be stable and secured. Thus, their opinions and discussions might revolve around these matters. Others may find them to be boring as friends since they are not the loudest at the party and often, doesn’t flaunt their possessions.

However, to both Cancer and Taurus; their friendship might provide them the emotional support which they are seeking and hence, doesn’t indulge in rather large group of friends.

The problem in their friendship might arise when Taurus being bull headed becomes quite assertive which the Cancer friend might feel as dominating. Cancer being very emotional find it difficult to communicate and thus, there might be an impasse in their friendship when both friends are not talking to each other.

It is the Taurus persistence to keep the friendship going with Cancer which will let them discuss and solve issues between them. Taurus being a solid person would become a rock support to Cancer when the emotions take over.

Cancer in turn, will help Taurus in initiating and completing tasks by way of encouraging and motivating him.

The friendship between Cancer and Taurus is beneficial to both of them. Their friendship is marked with emotional strength, stability and dependability at times of need. Both look for material comforts in life and encourage each other to work hard to achieve the same.

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