Cancer compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Cancer compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

Sl. No. Topic
1 Personality traits- Cancer
2 Cancer and Aries Compatibility
3 Cancer and Taurus Compatibility
4 Cancer and Gemini Compatibility
5 Cancer and Leo Compatibility
6 Cancer and Virgo Compatibility
7 Cancer and Libra Compatibility
8 Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility
9 Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility
10 Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility
11 Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility
12 Cancer and Pisces Compatibility


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Personality traits- Cancer

Cancer is ruled by ‘moon’. Just like the way with the change in tides, moon wanes and waxes; similarly the mood of Cancer changes often and they are quite known for that (both for better and for worse).

Cancer people are quite sensitive and compassionate. They are sometimes, misunderstood by others since it is quite difficult for them to communicate their feelings especially when they are hurt. They are quite empathetic in nature and are emotionally evolved human beings.

Cancer are ‘family people’ and ‘children loving’. Being quite faithful and dedicated in relationship also defines them. They are homely people and like to spend time with their loved ones.

Some say that their sixth sense is quite strong and they make many choices based on them. They are reliable and dependable people and amongst the first to lend a helping hand.

They are ‘hardworking and persistent in their efforts and thus, will go to any extent to complete a task assigned to them.

Cancer and Aries Compatibility

Aries is the Hero and Cancer is the Homemaker of the zodiac, thus this compatibility should work well.  The Hero goes out and fights with the world and the Cancer stays at home and takes care of the emotional needs of everybody.

This combination must have worked well in older times but not with same ease now since the enlightened Cancer might not always like Aries to play lead.

Being a water and fire star combination, the sexual relationship between them will be both tender (brought by Cancer) and passionate (brought by Aries). 

However, leaving the physical relationship aside, it is quite possible that the always ‘me’ Aries will try to dominate the sweet, simple and tender Cancer and the Cancer might hurt him back with piercing words when provoked too much. This will hurt the ego of Aries. Thus, the relationship between them would be much dependent upon Aries not crossing the mark of dominance and peace being maintained by both sides.

Since both these zodiac are tenacious, they will try to work on the relationship rather than breaking up easily. Cancer and Aries both share the quality of being sternly protective of their loved ones and thus, will defend each other strong when faced with an outsider or a perceived enemy (however, they might fight openly with each other in public).

Cancer being emotionally evolved can see the softer side of Aries behind the brash and rude façade. Aries, when considerate, can understand that the Cancer partner is empathetic and compassionate which is a strong rather than weak quality. Cancer brings out the protective nature of Aries and ‘here comes the savior’ attitude.

Aries need space and freedom which should be known to Cancer well. The constant possessiveness of Cancer and their overly sensitive nature can be too much to bear for Aries and thus, an Aries might feel stifled in this relationship.

The relationship between them will be compatible in the short term. But for long term compatibility, the power needs to be shared between them rather than inclined towards Aries. Also, an Aries should understand that Cancer is little emotional and soft person and hence, should avoid using harsh words and taunts.

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Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is the lover and Cancer is the homemaker in the zodiac. So, when they come in a relationship, you have a beautiful couple who are truly in love with each other and simply adore being with each other. For them, the world is where the partner is.

They both have similar approach towards life, are family oriented and faithful in their relationships. The Taurus and Cancer are great friends, trusted companions and perfect examples of lovers.

Taurus Cancer partnership is so well rooted and strong because both seek emotional security in the relationship. Both would like to grow old and go through all the phases of life- both ‘good and bad’ having each other’s support.

For both these zodiacs, their heart lies in their family which means the world to them. The partnership between Taurus and Cancer is considered to be the best when it comes to home life and their children would be really blessed to have them as parents. As parents, they would love, care and will provide both emotional and financial support to their kids. Both Taurus and Cancer are fiercely protective about their family.

The sexual chemistry between Taurus and Cancer is great since both are extremely sensual and will have a passionate life. They are private people and would avoid public display of intimacy.

There is mutual respect and admiration for each other in this relationship. Both Taurus and Cancer would not be jealous and possessive about each other since trust would define their relationship. 

Taurus and Cancer couple is homely by nature and would indulge less in exterior activities. They will give priority to spending time with family and kids.

There might not be much excitement, rows and adventures in their relationship. They both seek domestic bliss and would find it in each other.

In times of trouble, there might be hiccups in this relationship as well. Taurus being obstinate and single minded will go ahead however Cancer being emotionally weak may stop talking altogether.

At this juncture, it is required that communication flows easily between Taurus and Cancer. They might be a great couple but in times of need, they might fail to support each other and their compatibility may suffer by then.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini compatibility can be quite interesting and inquisitive thing since there is not much of instinctive innate attraction towards each other.

This is due to the basic difference in their personality traits- Cancer is a home loving person who wants to spend time at home; Gemini likes talking, socializing and venturing out.

The Cancer partner is infamous for the sentimental mood fluctuations; the Gemini partner is fickle minded and hops from one taste, interest, place and liking to another. This would greatly annoy both of them.

The Cancer partner is intuitive, follows gut instinct and feelings; the Gemini partner is logical and reasonable. If they really learn to cooperate with each other, theirs compatibility would be marked with the coming together of head and heart- intellectually solid and intuitively correct.

Another stumbling block in this partnership is the individual priorities for the partners. Cancer being homemaker loves to spend time with the family and closed ones; Gemini being a communicator needs to constantly meet people, go out and have fun.

Thus, even when things are healthy in this partnership; the Cancer partner would feel that the Gemini partner is going out way much more than accepted; the Gemini partner would feel that the Cancer partner is quite serious and too anxious than required.

What works best for their relationship is that both these partners have an excellent sense of humor; which negates their fights and thus, they really take pleasure in their companionship.

This relationship has a lot of potential given that both the parties agree to travel the half way. Cancer need to understand that socializing and meeting friends for mental stimulation is lifeline for Gemini without which they would feel stifled; and thus should give time and space to follow their interests.

Gemini should understand that Cancer are not that good at expressing emotions and should use their intellect to know them better.

This partnership is not instinctive but if the elusive love is present between them and both the partners are willing to put some efforts, their compatibility can stand the test of time.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer being ruled by Moon represents emotions and exudes feminine energy; Leo being ruled by Sun represents self and exudes masculine energy. Thus, there is bound to be mutual attraction between these two zodiacs and there is an instinctive friendship between the two which give way to a relationship romantic in nature.

There is balance of masculine and feminine energy in their partnership regardless of the gender. Their sexual chemistry is also steamy with lot of passion brought by Leo partner and romance and softness brought by Cancer partner.

This is a match of water and fire sign. Thus, Cancer should be cautious in not dampening the Leo’s energy with their anxieties and worries all the time; Leo should be careful in not becoming too demanding of the sensitive Cancer.

The couple provides each other exactly what they require from their partner. Cancer would admire, shower with love and affection Leo partner which essentially helps the validation of Leo energy. Leo would be fiercely protective and sheltering Cancer from the unforeseen troubles and dangers which calms the Cancer.

Leo is extrovert and Cancer is introvert by nature; and fundamentally it works well for this couple. This couple enjoys each other’s company thoroughly and they would give an impression of sharing warm and affectionate partnership to the public.

The relationship between this couple can falter over financial matters. Both would create a warm, cozy and fine looking welcoming home. However, when Cancer would feel that Leo is being extravagant, they would feel financially threatened. Cancer partner starts to worry and thus, the couple starts facing trouble with each other.

The magic in their compatibility lies with Leo partner to keep Cancer away from worries and being threatened by any means.

Incase of rows or issues between this couple, Cancer has a tendency to become sullen, petulant and reserved which is quite frustrating and perplexing for the straight and outspoken Leo. The Cancer partner is also emotionally manipulative sometimes, in this partnership which would irk Leo partner.

Both these zodiacs are quite determined and if love is truly present between this couple, they can very well overcome these small challenges and will create further balance between them.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

When Cancer and Virgo come together, there are high chances of this being a lifelong relationship; their compatibility being strong since both share the same outlook on life- the methods and approaches may be different but those are rather complementary to each other.

Both these zodiacs tend to worry a lot, stemming from the common desire for security and stability in life.

Cancer takes decisions based on their hunch and mood; Virgo takes their decisions based on rationality and intellect. These differences are rather healthy for them since they would influence each other; Virgo will start paying attention to their sixth sense and Cancer will give way to more practical approach towards life.

The relationship between the Healer and the Homemaker of the zodiac is based on commonsense, determination for hard work and love for each other.

Both being family oriented would want to have a loving and caring family and will work wholeheartedly. Their world revolved around their loved ones and would like to spend as much time with them as possible rather than going for social outings.

The strong compatibility between Cancer and Virgo is also due to their common nature of planning and well defined goals. They will have a clear cut idea of how to work on their goals, and will focus on achieving them sincerely.

The partnership between Virgo and Cancer is rather equal with both sides contributing equally to the relationship. There might be minor niggles; however they both would be able to overcome it smoothly.

There is lot which both these mates can learn from each other. The Cancer partner appreciates the intellect and practicality of Virgo partner and would happily add them in his or her ideas for their marital life. The Virgo can use the Cancer emotional instinct and hunch to better him/ her. 

They are quite comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company and would live a carefully planned life without much of spontaneity in it.

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Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Libra being ruled by Venus is romantic by nature and Cancer being ruled by moon is full of emotions. They are similar in the way that both want love and would like to love and thus, want to have a long term relationship with their partners. However, these two zodiacs are quite different and compatibility between them is quite difficult to achieve.

There is fundamental difference in their emotional understanding of each other. Librans being intellectual would be perplexed and startled by the ever mood fluctuations and deep feelings of Cancer. The Cancer partner would be deeply hurt by the coldness and emotionally remote Libra partner.

This couple has different approaches to almost everything in life- financial matters, professional goals, companionship, affairs of state etc and thus, is always in conflict with each other.

The compatibility between them is thus, rather complicated because both these partners are passively aggressive.

However, their common desire for having a loving and caring family, stable and secured future might be the link to hold them together. If the couple is truly and madly in love with each other, this shared wish for domestic bliss might do the trick; however rarely their partnership is long lived.

Both these zodiacs want to dominate in the relationship; however they both are not emotionally so expressive and thus, their feelings would be most of the times repressed and not put forth in front of their partner.  Thus, this couple slowly starts to develop negative emotions towards each other.

If this couple wants the relationship to be long term, they both need to confront the problem in the present rather than ignoring them and not dealing with them.

These two zodiacs would find comfort and happiness somewhere else; being with each other would be rather distressing and emotionally torturing since they simply cannot understand each other.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

One may think that there would be hardly any compatibility between the mystical, powerful and manipulative Scorpio and the calm, gentle, peace loving and affectionate Cancer.

However, there is a mystical and psychic link between these two zodiacs which make for their strong compatibility. They will become more attached to each other with the passage of time with loyalty, fidelity and trust becoming deeper.

Theirs is a very sensual relationship with sizzling bedroom chemistry. It is the pairing of the most sexual zodiac sign- Scorpio with romantic and passionate Cancer.

When things are going well in their relationship, there is a tacit, assumed closeness which holds them together.

The Cancer partner gives some realism and clever ideas to the mystical Scorpio to fasten their magic. They also help in bringing more optimism in the life of Scorpio thus, making them calmer. 

Scorpio partner is quite jealous and possessive of Cancer partner which is actually liked by them. It makes them feel wanted, desired and protected.

A very strong aspect of relationship between Cancer and Scorpio is that they both are fiercely loyal and faithful towards their partner. This creates a very strong atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for each other.

Scorpio are enigmatic and they like this atmosphere of curiosity around themselves. Cancer also likes to keep things private and thus, they would not talk much about their love life in front of others.

As with other relationships, this partnership can also run into deep waters. Scorpio partner can sometimes; hurt Cancer partner with their pinching words whose frequent mood swings may become intolerable to Scorpio partner.

Both these partners would employ psychological manipulation to get things done their way. If their relationship is actually not working well and they decide to call it off, losing each other would be very painful and unbearable to both of them.

However, there is very less chance of this partnership not lasting lifelong. Scorpio is persistent and would not want to lose Cancer partner at any cost (given that he/she has found such strongly compatible partner). Cancer partner in turn, would take steps to resolve their problems incase of any issues arising between them.  

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

The fundamental difference in the nature of Cancer and Sagittarius makes it difficult to have true compatibility between them in a relationship. Cancer is the homemaker and Sagittarius is the adventurer in zodiac and thus, there are not much of common grounds between them.

Their relationship may start with lot of hot, steamy sex and passion for each other which would be sadly short lived. Soon enough, they will try to change each other as per their need and the trouble starts then.

Cancer partner’s topmost priority in life is stability and security of the family. They simply love to stay at home with their loved ones- caring and nurturing for them.

Sagittarius partner is not much interested in family life and settling down. They love to explore, go for adventure and see new things in the world.

Sagittarius partner would like Cancer partner to join which will not happen and thus, Sagittarius leaves in quest of adventure. Cancer keeps waiting for Sagittarius and this wait turns into mental agony and anxiety.

There would be lot of minor squabbling between these two partners. Cancer adopts passively aggressive approach to get things done their ways contrary to Sagittarius who are rather honest, direct and tactless in their approach. Cancer ambiguous ways will not work with Sagittarius partner, rather would leave Sagittarius with anguish.

The positive note in their relationship is that there is not much of mischievousness and malevolence in their arguments. Sagittarius are gregarious and kind hearted people and really do not intend to hurt their Cancer partner. Similarly, Cancer partner is also gentle, compassionate and sensitive and really do not intend any harm to their Sagittarius partner.

If both these partners start to put up with each other’s different qualities; there are chances that may have a strong compatibility. However, Sagittarius partner is impatient and thus, their relationship may never reach a point where they can truly understand each other.

When their relationship is not working well, both partners can wipe out the optimism and exuberance from each other’s life; thus it is better to separate the ways rather than stay in a relationship which has already ended.

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are directly opposite signs in zodiac; hence their relationship is marked with the inherent compatibility of the opposites. They balance each other in the partnership bringing what the other partner lacks.

The Capricorn partner would provide the solid base; discipline, perception and practicality whereas the Cancer partner would foster and nurture the family and take care of the needs of everybody. Together they form a traditional couple and their compatibility is good in a conservative way.

The couple will have a blissful domestic life and their children would be blessed to have parents giving them both emotional support and independence to fly.

Both these partners are loyal and faithful in their relationship and their compatibility would be based on mutual trust and respect for each other.

Cancer loves to pamper Capricorn partner (which is indeed liked by Capricorn though he/she might feel difficult to admit); the dependability and solid inner nature of Capricorn provides the much required stability and security to the Cancer partner. This couple would be old fashioned, traditional and conservative in their approach.

The sensual Cancer partner would help opening the reserved Capricorn partner who would become much more expressive sexually. Together, they would have an innate desire to explore the joys of physical relationship and would look forward to spend bedroom time.

There would be minor hinges in their compatibility due to somewhat, emotional aloofness of Capricorn. They indeed are loving people by nature however, not effusive with displays of emotions much contrary to the Cancer partner.

In Cancer and Capricorn partnership, there is lot which both the partners can learn from one another for their growth. Both would like to take charge of the relationship which might give way to authority issues. In case of this partnership, this can be a refreshing change if both the partners take turn according to the situation in leading their relationship.

This couple would definitely make a beautiful, stable and loving home; however there would not be much of adventure and excitement which is rather preferred by them.

There would be obstacles in their compatibility since this is a water and earth sign match, but together they can definitely win over anything; if this couple truly desire to be with each other.

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Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

The companionship between Cancer and Aquarius can be a tricky one. There is not instant attraction between these two zodiacs, however their caring nature would bring them together in the first place. Both these zodiacs admire each other for being caring and together they would work for the underprivileged in the long run.

Their pairing is quite selfless with both the partners having a caring streak, and neither would demand unnecessary attention from the partner.

Both these zodiacs are highly determined. Aquarius partner is resolute and it is difficult for them to change their mind or purpose. Cancer partner will always work towards fulfilling the desired goals.

If both the partners are able to utilize each other’s strength, they would make a brilliant partnership. Cancer would help overly logical Aquarius partner to see the emotional side of the things; Aquarius partner can help Cancer to get out from any problem by their eccentric ideas.

For Aquarius partner, love compatibility is with whom you can connect on intellectual level and the understanding between the partners is implied rather than expressed in words.

Cancer is deeply romantic by nature and believes in profuse display of emotions. During initial period, there would be some gifts, flowers and sweet talks by Aquarius partner who would later not want to articulate them.

An emotional Cancer thus, might feel hurt and consider Aquarius to be emotionally aloof and disinterested which he/she is actually not!

Their relationship may run into trouble because of the overly possessive nature of the Cancer partner versus the desire for absolute freedom, space and independence by Aquarius.

Compromise is the key thing for them to work out their compatibility on this matter. Cancer partner should understand that Aquarius, being air sign would need space and freedom to grow and think. Aquarius partner should also learn that Cancer partner being an earth sign would like display of emotions sometimes, and they should pay attention towards the relationship as well.

Both Aquarius and Cancer partners should over time understand that their basic emotional nature is different; however with understanding and appreciation for each other’s qualities, both can pass through any tide together successfully hand in hand.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

There is an instant attraction between the homemaker and the dreamer of the zodiac because both could sense in each other that they are quite similar in nature. They both are very sensitive and their compatibility would be beautiful marked with utmost care not to hurt each other.

Both these partners are deeply in love with each other and would do anything to be together.

The compatibility between this pair is sincere, candid and they would not hide anything from each other. Since both these partners are very emotional, they know the pain caused by pinching words and thoughtless deeds; thus would not practice the same.

Both Cancer and Pisces are deeply romantic; hence there would be lot of gifts, dates, flowers, verses and poems for each other. Their relationship has a magical touch to it; they are connected to each other with some divine spirit.

The best aspect of this relationship is that both the partners are empathetic, compassionate and have very deep emotions for each other, thus together they fight against all the odds of the world with each other’s support for life time.

However, if they this couple want best out of their relationship; both Cancer and Pisces need to be more direct in their communication. They have a tendency to evade the issue rather than dealing it at the first place; this technique might work in short term; however, need to be stopped for long term.

The Cancer partner in this relationship would thus take the initiative and control and would lightly ask Pisces partner to deal with the problems first hand. Otherwise, this couple stands a risk of going into dejection and depression in trouble times and may also start taking alcohol or drugs.

The Pisces partner is a dreamer and may sometimes get carried away with illusions. The Cancer partner is shrewd and would just in time help Pisces partner to get back to reality.

This couple doesn’t face competition issue and either can take the charge as per the situation demand. This couple is made in heaven match with their relationship underpinned with loving, caring, cute, soft and empathetic feelings for each other.

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