Capricorn compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Capricorn compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

Sl. No. Topic
1 Personality traits- Capricorn
2 Capricorn and Aries Compatibility
3 Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility
4 Capricorn  and Gemini Compatibility
5 Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility
6 Capricorn and Leo Compatibility
7 Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility
8 Capricorn and Libra Compatibility
9 Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility
10 Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility
11 Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility
12 Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

Personality traits- Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (the planet of discipline and maturity) and is an earth sign. Being an earth sign, they are full of humility, logical and grounded.

They are workaholics of extreme level and possess all the good qualities of a hard worker. They are considered to be the most determined of all zodiacs and are quite committed.

They are really focused on their work and the others might interpret them to be emotionally detached people or devoid of emotions. But being earthy sign, they are really soft and calm people and just hide their feelings behind their hard exteriors.

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They would rather prefer being at home and doing work than going on adventures. They are not risk takers in life and like to play safe in both personal and professional life.

Responsibility and patience are the two qualities that define them. Capricorn are quite patient and believe that they will get what they deserve in life at the right time.

However, they tend to be materialistic sometimes; a feeling which comes since they feel that their hard work needs to be rewarded.

Capricorn and Aries Compatibility

The Aries is known to be a hero and Capricorn is known to be a sage. So, it is difficult to decide which way their compatibility would go. But surprisingly, there are many qualities common between both of them which are hidden and not known.

In Aries Capricorn compatibility, the relationship is dominated by Capricorn partner which is quite unusual in case of Aries who either take control or have power struggles with all other zodiacs.

Their day to day relationship will also be compatible since both are determined, focused and hard workers. They have similar objectives in life and hence, will work together for achieving the same.

The sexual chemistry between Aries and Capricorn will also be good. Capricorn though might not have great reputation for sex, but they enjoy them as much as the other person does. And, Aries-the hero, will make the Capricorn partner go wild with sexual pleasure and the matured Capricorn might show the Aries partner a new trick or too.

Aries and Capricorn compatibility will remain till the time there is mutual respect and admiration for each other’s qualities. Capricorn likes the Aries high energy levels and adventurous ways while Aries appreciates Capricorn stability, hard work and their maturity.

However, their relationship will always not be that smooth. The Aries partner in feisty anger can shout, scream and show tantrums which can cause a heart attack to the stubborn Capricorn. The Capricorn’s overly calculated, simple, and careful, risk free ways and thoughts will bore Aries to death. Thus, both the partners need to bring equilibrium to their relationship by way of compromise to keep it lifetime.

It can be an invincible match between Aries and Capricorn in business, friendship or professional relationship. However, their romantic relationship will work best when there is quite an age gap between the two partners irrespective of which zodiac partner and gender is elder since the Hero role would always be played by the Aries partner and sage role will always be played by the Capricorn partner.

It is the Capricorn partner who would keep the relationship going because of their indifferent attitude and calm demeanor when Aries is going through one of their emotional tantrums and outbursts.

Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility

When the lover of the zodiac and the sage of the zodiac come together, it is not some short fling; both see qualities in one another which can make them sustain life long relationships.

Both Capricorn and Taurus being earth sign are humble, caring, down to earth and compassionate people. Both thus, understand and admire each other deeply which forms the basis of their relationship.

Capricorn and Taurus are both responsible and believe in performing their duties which is the core of their bonding. Both do understand that love is not an instant attraction or infatuation stuff; rather it requires constant commitment, determination and sometimes, compromise to keep the relationship going.

In their sexual relationships, it is the Taurus partner who will take the initiative being the lover and more sensual of the two. The Capricorn partner would feel reassured in the warmth of the Taurus partner and thus, both would engage in active sexual life in the bedroom.

This couple doesn’t believe in flaunting off and their mutual display of affection and love would be confined to their private time.

The Capricorn and Taurus partnership work best when communication between them would flow easily and they honestly tell each other about their opinions.

Since, both are relatively quiet and modest people, their relationship would be characterized with less rows and fights with each other.

Both Capricorn and Taurus are career oriented and are willing to put in hard work to reach great heights in their respective career.

However, it is quite possible that they take their joint duty and responsibility so strongly and seriously in life that they might forget in the first place that why them have come together.

It is the love for each other which has made them the couple which should be remembered by both of them; otherwise life would become quite mundane, burdensome and irritating with only duties and responsibilities to look forward to.

They are a quiet pair, traditional, might not indulge into much of social activities, adventure and sports. But, there is high probability of them growing old with each other with love and admiration and that is what their expectation from their partner is. So, this compatibility works for both of them.

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Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility

There is no natural compatibility between Capricorn and Gemini; so if they want their relationship to work, both the partners would have to put some serious efforts in understanding each other behaviour and qualities.

Essentially, both approaches life in different ways, their priorities in life are different and hence, compatibility will be difficult to attain when they come together in love.

Capricorn being the sage of the zodiac is full of wisdom and provides it as and when needed to those who require it. However, Gemini the communicator has word of advice to each and everybody about each and every topic.

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility can be very strong in a professional atmosphere or some joint business together because both can then put in their individual strong areas. However, a relationship romantic in nature can work only if they are willing to see the world through the eyes of their partner.

Sexually, this couple might not be a great match since both these zodiacs are emotionally aloof signs and not so passionate as well.

Their social lives are also quite different. The Gemini partner wants an active social life, partying, going for adventure and hanging out with friends. The Capricorn partner is introvert and would like to spend time at home with family and close loved ones.

However, things can be sometimes easy between them since both these partners have a great sense of humour and there would be lot of mutual respect between both the partners.

If somehow, this couple manages to stay with each other for a long term, they would be surprised by each other's behaviour sometimes.

When things are going well in their relationship, the Capricorn partner can teach the Gemini partner to slow down a little in life and focus the energy in one direction rather than flitting from one scheme to another and wasting the energy. The Gemini partner would help Capricorn to have some fun and adventure in life.

However, these two are very much different personalities and it is quite difficult to blend with one another in most of the cases.

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are directly opposite signs in zodiac; hence their relationship is marked with the inherent compatibility of the opposites. They balance each other in the partnership bringing what the other partner lacks.

The Capricorn partner would provide the solid base; discipline, perception and practicality whereas the Cancer partner would foster and nurture the family and take care of the needs of everybody. Together they form a traditional couple and their compatibility is good in a conservative way.

The couple will have a blissful domestic life and their children would be blessed to have parents giving them both emotional support and independence to fly.

Both these partners are loyal and faithful in their relationship and their compatibility would be based on mutual trust and respect for each other.

Cancer loves to pamper Capricorn partner (which is indeed liked by Capricorn though he/she might feel difficult to admit); the dependability and solid inner nature of Capricorn provides the much required stability and security to the Cancer partner. This couple would be old fashioned, traditional and conservative in their approach.

The sensual Cancer partner would help opening the reserved Capricorn partner who would become much more expressive sexually. Together, they would have an innate desire to explore the joys of physical relationship and would look forward to spend bedroom time.

There would be minor hinges in their compatibility due to somewhat, emotional aloofness of Capricorn. They indeed are loving people by nature however, not effusive with displays of emotions much contrary to the Cancer partner.

In Cancer and Capricorn partnership, there is lot which both the partners can learn from one another for their growth. Both would like to take charge of the relationship which might give way to authority issues. In case of this partnership, this can be a refreshing change if both the partners take turn according to the situation in leading their relationship.

This couple would definitely make a beautiful, stable and loving home; however there would not be much of adventure and excitement which is rather preferred by them.

There would be obstacles in their compatibility since this is a water and earth sign match, but together they can definitely win over anything; if this couple truly desire to be with each other.

Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

At the first glance, both these zodiac signs are totally opposite of each other and their pairing would be highly unlikely. However, if that elusive element called love exists between this couple, their relationship can actually work out.

One can easily say that their personality traits are really different. But they are similar in one way. Both Capricorn and Leo enjoy power and status and are thus, leaders.

This partnership can be high achieving since both are hard workers and have shared work ethics. This partnership can be extremely practical, dynamic and fruitful and both would together enjoy good standards of living.

The Leo partner can warm the passion of earthy Capricorn partner and will bring out the sensuality. The couple would have a mutually satisfying relationship in the bedroom.

Their similar nature of enjoying the power and control would also be the reason for troubles in Leo and Capricorn relationship. The wise Capricorn partner has always been giving orders and they have been followed by people in general. The Leo partner is indeed the king or the queen and has always taken control and dominance in any situation. Thus, both would not allow each other to control themselves which would be the ultimate pitfall in their relationship.

Their compatibility would also be marred over in areas of financial health. The Leo partner is extravagant contrary to the Capricorn partner who believes financial stability is the way to future security.

If this relationship would work, it would be due to constant efforts and willingness to adapt by the Capricorn partner. Capricorn being wise understands that when two people come together in a relationship, compromises and adjustments have to be made in order to make the compatibility work. The Leo partner being the fixed sign is not great at adapting; however the continuous efforts by the Capricorn partner would soften the attitude of Leo who will also come forward to make their partnership work.

Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility

Both Virgo and Capricorn need stability and security in a relationship; hence when they come together; they form a solid and firm compatibility. Their approach towards life is same and hence, this couple can form a successful partnership. They would try to stick to each other through thick and thin and thus, would be quite supportive of each other.

However, their compatibility may suffer since both Virgo and Capricorn are very practical and goal oriented and may lack the deep emotional bond which one shares with his/her partner. They are hard working people and quite devoted and dedicated in achieving their goals.

Thus, both partners may sometimes forget that why they have come together in the first place and get consumed in the everyday affairs of life.

To combat this, both these partners should put an effort to spend some quality time with each other and keep excitement and fun a part of their relationship.

There is inner hidden sensuality between Virgo and Capricorn since both are earth signs.  Both Capricorn and Virgo can be extremely passionate though belied by their cool exterior. Both are capable of putting each other at ease and thus, would share strong sexual chemistry.

Whenever this couple would stuck up in any issue, the Capricorn partner would take the lead and suggest ways in which they can move ahead. The Virgo partner being flexible and has no such strong desire to be the leader; would happily fit in the ideas and suggestions of the Capricorn partner. They can together form an enduring relationship given some efforts by both the partners.

Though this couple knows deep inside that they are loved and cared by their individual partner, they are not that great in expressing what they feel about each other. It would be sometimes good for them to demonstrate their affection and care physically and also through words.

If this couple is able to communicate their love effectively to each other; Capricorn and Virgo would form one of the best zodiac couples.

Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

When Libra and Capricorn come together, there would be lot of conflicts and differences between them over a wide variety of things; but this can make their relationship challenging and is something to watch for.

One may feel that there cannot be much of compatibility between them since nothing much similar and nothing much different is there to keep them attracted or generate that spark for each other. However, when these two zodiac signs actually fall in love and are genuinely interested in knowing each other, a surprisingly harmonious bond develops between them.

The Capricorn is an earth sign and thus, have deep inner sensuality and Libra is romantic by nature. Thus, the couple would have a satisfying sexual life though not be very passionate and sensual.

Their compatibility becomes quite challenging when it comes to matters of day to day life. There would be differences between them on financial matters since Libra is extravagant and wise Capricorn want to save for the rainy day.

Their social life would also be a source of conflict between them since the Libra partner is people friendly and naturally charming and hence, would like to go for social gatherings and have a wide variety of friends. The Capricorn partner on the other hand would simply like to spend time with their Libra partner at home alone.

Libra and Capricorn differ in their parenting styles as well. Libra would give independence and would be a fun loving parent compared to Capricorn who would be stricter, responsible and dutiful parent.

Compromises can be reached between these two partners; however when there are so many issues where the attitude doesn't match, the compatibility between the partners can be tricky.

But, when this couple is hell bent on letting their relationship work, the partners can be mutually beneficial to one another. The Libra partner would bring some light heartedness, fun and adventure of otherwise staid life of Capricorn partner, who in turn can bring some stability and practicality to airy ideas of the Libra partner.

Compatibility between Libra and Capricorn would require lot of efforts by both the partners but if they truly feel for each other and want to spend lives together; they would surmount all the difficulties and challenges coming in their relationship.

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Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility

Capricorn is the wise sage in the zodiac and Scorpio also loves to accumulate wisdom; hence their companionship is very interesting when they fall in love. Their compatibility works best in a business-like relationship or friendship but they also have potential to make a good love match as well.

This couple is determined to achieve success in life and hence, would work wholeheartedly to achieve them. They make a dynamic team since the Capricorn partner bring logic and rationality and the Scorpio partner brings insight and intuition in their decisions.

Capricorn is an earth sign and has strong inner sensuality and the Scorpio is the most sexual of all the zodiac signs. The Scorpio partner is able to turn the sensual Capricorn partner passionate and thus, they enjoy sizzling hot sexual chemistry with each other.

This couple is serious in life and doesn't indulge much in fun, frolic and superficial things. Since, they devote their time and attention to work and their relationship; there is nothing much for left between them in terms of hobbies and interests which may give them relief at the time of stress.

The compatibility between Scorpio and Capricorn is essentially defined as shouldering the responsibilities in the relationship and towards the family which is ok; however this couple lacks fun in life making their routing quite mundane.

Troubles in their relationship might arise when both would like to take the charge of the situation. Both Capricorn and Scorpio are powerful individuals taking lead when required and doesn't like taking orders from anybody.

It would look that the Capricorn has taken the lead and the manipulative Scorpio partner on the surface would be smiling sweetly however being vengeful, they would be plotting ideas as to how to get things their way.

Differences in the way they argue is quite evident. The manipulative Scorpio partner would give emotional tantrums, shout, sulk, and brood and try all other possible ways to get the attention and reaction from Capricorn partner. However, the Capricorn partner would just have a look and get back to the book he/she was reading or simply walk out of the room.

However, there are hardly any areas where this couple would differ and thus, arguments would be very few in their relationship. They have similar outlook and approach towards handling financial matters, sex, career, trust, and social life and hence, dramatic tensions and tantrums would be rare between this couple.

When things are going good between this couple, they can learn a lot from one another. The Scorpio partner would help the Capricorn partner in getting touch with his/her emotions and experiencing the joys and despair in handling them. The Capricorn partner would help the Scorpio partner in controlling the extremes of emotions and use them for self improvement.

This couple has every chance of keeping the magic between them alive and letting their relationship stand the test of the time. To an outsider, it might appear that there is nothing much common between the partners; however the compatibility between Scorpio and Capricorn flourish because of shared outlook and interests, deep mutual respect and comprehending each other's feelings quite well.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility

On the surface, there does not seem much in common which can attract Sagittarius and Capricorn towards each other. However, there lies much beyond these sun signs and this pair can actually have an offbeat, slightly quirky and successful relationship if both the partners are willing to put some effort in it.

Both these partners are very much different from each other; but they complement each other well.

They are so different from each other that it is quite difficult to bring them together at the same place since they would have different set of friends, lifestyle, sometimes profession and social upbringing. Also, if they somehow get together, it is quite possible that both of them would dismiss each other as not to their taste.

Sagittarius would feel that the Capricorn is too boring and serious while the Capricorn would feel that Sagittarius is too childish and immature in life.

However, if the elusive love happens to play between them; there would be plenty of things to keep them interested in their partners. The Capricorn partner would be amused with the charm and vivacity of the Sagittarius partner whether or not they confide it and the Sagittarius partner really admires the stability and wisdom of the Capricorn partner.

This couple would be sexually compatible with each other in the bedroom. The Capricorn partner brings earthy sensuality and the Sagittarius partner brings passion and fire to their physical intimacy.

The compatibility between Sagittarius and Capricorn can fumble when it comes to managing the couple's financial matters and their constant friction between the conventional Capricorn and the unconventional Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius partners always does things differently in order to defy tradition which can be disturbing to the Capricorn partner who follows the norms and views of the society. Also, the Sagittarius partner is reckless with spending money and the part of Capricorn stability comes from having financial security in life.

If this couple can address these issues delicately and are willing and able to compromise and adjust slightly according to their partner's need; the compatibility between Sagittarius and Capricorn can definitely stand the test of the time.

Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility

The pairing of Aquarius and Capricorn is the match of the most unconventional and the most conventional of the all zodiac signs. On the face of it, it might appear that compatibility between them can hardly be there; but this pair surprise us.

Being totally opposite and different from each other, there is inherent attraction between them and they are genuinely intrigued by each other's ways.

Others would feel that they would be horrified by each other's methods rather this amuses them and hold their attention.

Capricorn being an earth sign is sometimes, over grounded, stable and stuck in the mud. Aquarius being an air sign, comes and give a slight shake and stir in the life of Capricorn, just a bit which can lift and slightly make Capricorn flexible.

Aquarius being an air sign, has lot of airy fairy ideas, has own world of visions and ideas but do not know how to practically put those ideas into action. The earthy Capricorn helps in giving stability to Aquarius, let them grow some roots and add directions and purpose to put those notions into reality.

Thus, the compatibility between Aquarius and Capricorn works because either partner provides the other the qualities lacking without taking away their freedom, strength and identity which defines them.

In this compatibility both these partners are forced to express their emotions to one another which rather gives them satisfaction. This relationship provides them an emotional outlet which might have been difficult for them with partners from other zodiacs.

The couple mutually respect and admire each other's qualities. The wise Capricorn is intelligent enough to not curb the freedom and independence of the Aquarius partner so that he/she does not feel stifled in this relationship.

Aquarius partner is intelligent enough to understand the levels to which the Capricorn partner would be willing to change himself/herself and be out of their comfort zone.

This elusive love between this couple makes them do compromises which keeps the compatibility between Aquarius and Capricorn going and healthy as well.

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Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility

The pair of Capricorn and Pisces is not an instinctive match. This is an earth and water relationship which generally goes well together; however incase of this couple; their compatibility is more guided by their ruling planets, and thus they do not gel well together.

The Capricorn partner gets annoyed and frustrated with this elusive nature of the Pisces partner. On the other hand, the Pisces partner feels that the Capricorn partner is too materialistic and practical in life and lacks imaginations and the willingness to dream in life.

The fundamental problem in the compatibility between Capricorn and Pisces is due to the fact that both the partners do not connect with each other.

Capricorn being ruled by the planet Saturn is responsible and always gives importance to fulfiling their duties. Pisces on the other hand, is ruled by the planet Neptune and is prone to escapism at the times of need and difficulties. These differences in their basic qualities make compatibility between them difficult to achieve.

However, when this couple is truly in love; their compatibility can work. The emotionally cool Capricorn would warm to the love and affection of Pisces partner.

Pisces are sacrificing by nature and Capricorn are dutiful, thus this couple would give their best efforts to serve the world in whatever way they can.

When the compatibility between this couple is working, the Capricorn partner would become protective of the gentle and meek Pisces partner and would help them in becoming determined and rooted; thus overcoming the fears of emotional Pisces.

The compatibility between Capricorn and Pisces can definitely work if both the partners are willing to work towards it.

When the compatibility between this couple is working, their relationship would be peaceful and calm as the mature Capricorn partner knows how to handle the emotional intensity of Pisces partner.

This couple would try to bring best qualities in each other and would create a beautifully furnished home.

When things are not going well in this relationship, there are chances that the Capricorn partner would become depressive and the Pisces partner will escape into drugs, alcohol or some negative influence.

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