How close do healing stones have to be to a patient to be effective?

How close do healing stones have to be to a patient to be effective?

How close do healing stones have to be to a patient to be effective?

Crystals have a powerful effect not only on our body but around our personal space. Crystals are like energy and it's neither good nor bad. We are surrounded by energy and depending on the type of energy around us it affects our day-to-day activities. 

However placing crystals in the home raises the vibration and fills the space with positive energy especially for patients. Specific places require specific crystals ahd every crystal has its own unique healing properties.

To use a crystal , you don’t have to go through complicated means to experience its beneficial properties. Connection with the crystals is easier, especially when placed in close proximate level. In addition the crystals also serve as beautiful home decor that brightens up the room.

But if you’re a patient and you're looking for how to maximize your healing crystals then it is best to keep them close by most especially in the home.

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Where to place your crystals in your home

As a patient, knowing exactly where to put your crystals in your home with the right intention can help speedy recovery and promote rapid healing.

  • Living room 
  • The living room is where we spend our free time relaxing with families and entertaining visitors hence it should be filled with adequate positive energy and a way to achieve that is by using the right crystal to promote positive, and clear stagnant energy to make you feel energized.

  • Selenite
  • If you want to be surrounded by a positive feeling in your living room? Then the selenite crystal is perfect for you. This crystal helps purify and cleanse the atmosphere. By placing it close to the window or on your coffee table it would ensure the flow of positive energy around

  • Amethyst
  • Not a communication person? Amethyst crystal can help with the flow of communication and provides a feeling of relaxation in the living room

  • Bedroom
  • Having trouble sleeping? There are crystals that can help you out with that.

  • Amethyst
  • Amethyst is a dreamy soothing stone that is not only beautiful but also aids positive energy in your resting space and helps you sleep better. You can place it on your night stand or under your pillow to promote quick relaxation and rest.

  • kitchen
  • Cooking requires creativity and passion. Whether you are cooking a fancy dinner for a loved one or a quick meal after work, the kitchen is a place where you should feel inspired to cook and try out new techniques or dishes. 

    As a sick patient, you might lack appetite and inability to cook up a meal. That is why when choosing a crystal it is best to go for one that will widen your creative level and digestive level no matter the situation.

  • Apatite
  • Sounds like the word appetite right? This is a type of crystal that is good in promoting balance between one’s passion and responsibilities. It can aid quick inspiration and motivation to whip up an healthy dish even when your sick without it feeling like a chore

  • Carnelian
  • Here is another type of crystal that is perfect for uplifting the mood. It helps increase the level of creativity in making a healthy meal.

  • Work space crystals
  • Working can be a form of distraction especially for some patients. However, having a designated home office set up is not all that matters. Some certain type of crystals can help you focus, be on track and get things done faster.

  • Azurite
  • Life is full of ups and downs and we all need a distraction to keep on moving. Azurite crystal links your energy with it to provide a greater concentration level and better workspace. By keeping one of your desk, can align you with its properties to work better

  • Pyrite
  • This is a type of crystal for manifestation of wealth and prosperity. By placing a piece of this particular crystal on your business card or around your work area, its energy will infuse into your work energy and amplify it.


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    Crystals are not magic that will miraculously ensure recovery but they are like energy that when channeled promote positive outcomes. Hence, the crystals need to be in close proximity to ensure quick results and positive outcomes.

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