How do I sanitize my healing crystals to protect from covid-19?

How do I sanitize my healing crystals to protect from covid-19?

How do I sanitize my healing crystals to protect from covid-19?

The covid 19 pandemic came with a lot of unexpected changes which led to unforeseen damages, uncountable loss of life, worldwide challenges in the food, transport and health sector. 

Due to sudden outbreak of the virus and the widespread of it, there was an absence of cure and pressure among medical scientist all over the world trying to create vaccine – a cure

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However to minimize the spread of the virus WHO came up with guidelines as a preventive measure for people. which include:

  • Avoid touching your face
  • Avoid contact with sick people
  • Wash your hand frequently and use hand sanitizer 
  • Use your nose mask and discard after use 
  • Adapt to the social distance rule to help limit the spread of the virus 

Apart from our hands and basic items can crystals be sanitized because of covid 19? Yes! Even though the crystal provides beneficial healing properties to the body that helps unblock strain energy and remove negative energy from the surrounding and body. 

There is no scientific evidence that supports the claim of healing crystals. 

Healing crystals has been adapted as an alternative technique that is used even for yoga, meditation and medical illness. 

Also, Celebrities like Adele and so on with their testimony have encouraged the use of healing crystals. In this article we will address the type of crystals that can help an individual during covid 19 and how to sanitize it

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  • Type of healing crystals to get


    This is a protective and powerful stone that helps block negative energies and to promote positive flow of energy. Also, helps to strengthen internal organs and relieve psychological trauma.

    The best place to place it is by your bed stand.

    Pink smithsonite

    By placing the stone on the throat or chest, it’s healing powers can quicken the immunity in the body. The COVID-19 virus weakens the immune system making it vulnerable to the disease. 

    Smithsonite is the perfect crystal to use and strengthen the body’s system. Also it is also used in curing infertility.


    By placing the crystal on the affected part of the body, it can help  remove negative energy surrounding the body and environment.

    How to clean crystals during COVID-19 

    Crystals do not require extensive cleaning due to their shape and form. But it is best to clean them in order to get rid of negative energy and strengthen the power of the crystal.

    Step 1:

    You need to sanitize your hands and all cleaning equipment first 

    Step 2:

    If you have just a crystal or more than one crystal, it should be individually cleaned with hot salt water.

    Step 3:

    After, The stones should be cleaned with soap and water (You should use detergent and antibacterial hand soap)

    Step 4:

    After it has been washed thoroughly, you can use 

    a small scrub brush to ensure a deeper cleaning that would remove hidden surface in the crystal

    Step 5:

    Clean with a dry towel, apply disinfectant over the crystal and place in the sunlight or moonlight to restore the stone energy.

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    The virus can not only be contacted through humans. It can stay on the surface of an object for a longer period of time and crystal is of no exception.

    COVID occurred as an unpleasant and unplanned event which made people try to adapt in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

    There is no perfect way to clean your crystal but all you have to do is ensure you clean it well, apply disinfectant and ensure you avoid carrying it out often to minimize the chances of it coming in contact with the virus.
    Lastly, This process can be carried out more than once a month. Depending on how free you are.

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