How do I stop my brother for using black magic?

How do I stop my brother for using black magic?

Black Magic

What is black magic? Black magic is a practice that has been in existence for generations. It is also called occult or witchcraft which is the usage of supernatural power for evil purposes with the intention of destroying another person’s life either physically, mentally or financially. This practice is done by using a personal item like a photo, cloth, hair and so on to create a direct impact on the person.

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Black magic is like energy and energy exists in various forms but it is just a pure ray of light which is neither good nor bad. What determines the outcome is human usage of the energy. For instance electricity is like an energy when it lightens up the house it is a positive energy but when it strikes someone it is a negative energy. In simpler terms, whether it becomes good or bad depends on the person in charge and their intention at that moment.

So does black magic exist? Yes and people definitely use it. A coin has two sides and magic is no exception. Just as there is black magic there is also good magic which entails performing good actions and goodwill  in other people’s interest.

However, magic is mostly part of a psychological effect. Statistics have shown magic has 20% while the remaining percentage is a response to your mental psychology. Imagine stepping out of your home and seeing a skull with blood all over it with various mysterious symbols. 

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To some people, it symbolizes black magic which is Sufficient enough to instill fear and create negative energy even though no black magic has taken place.

Hence most of the time assumption of black magic is psychological. A symbolism of a certain object can automatically lead to self destruction without experiencing the power of black magic.

How to remove black magic?

When the energy of the body is used negatively it tends to cause harm. There are methods of removing black magic especially from a close family member like a brother.

Listed below are ways to stop your brother from using black magic.

Firstly, adapting to the use of a spiritual sadhana. This is an application of a daily spiritual practice of various techniques like yoga, reading sacred literature and so on. This helps to strengthen the spiritual life of an individual and provides protection from attack.

This is a Spiritual Practice that we tend to apply whenever we encounter deranged vata, high anxiety, extreme stress, grief, and stress.

According to an Ayurvedic text which claims that the root of a physical disease is in the mind and to attain control of it mind, it has to be cleansed and filled with good mental energy.

Secondly, wearing certain protective jewelry. Jewelry is more than beautiful ornaments used for fashion and beautification of the body. Some of these jewelries serve as protective crystals against black magic and attack.

For instance an onyx is a protective stone that protects one from harmful spirit and psychic attack making it a specific potent protection stone against black magic.

Also, a rudraksha is like protection jewelry worn against black magic attack to prevent any kind of negativity. 

It is best to mean an expert for recommendations on the type of protective jewelry to get depending on your situation.

Lastly, A Therapy session. The effect of usage of magic is usually like 20% and the outcome depends on the psychological effect it has on that particular individual. Therapy over the years has proven to help most individuals recover from traumatic experience, addiction to drugs and alcohol and suicidal thoughts. 

It is a fast means towards changing a negative situation towards a positive outcome and creating an immediate solution for any of your family members that is into the usage of black magic.

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The practice of black magic can not be eradicated but can only be curbed. For every cause to an action there is always an effect likewise in the usage of magic.

The best way to help a loved one overcome application of black magic is by looking for the best and safest means that can be applied.

Planning to help a loved one overcome negative energy towards black magic? Or trying to help your loved ones stop using black magic? Then you’re in luck.

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