How to attract a Rich Man - 95 Pro Tips

How to attract a Rich Man - 95 Pro Tips

How to attract a Rich Man

Every now and then you must have been asked this question by your friends and relatives- What kind of guy you want to be married to. Or, what would be your dream man like.

Women respond to these questions with lot of specifics like physical attributes, educational qualification, age, his previous dating relationships etc.

Some may have a vague idea of how they want their dream man to be and some may be very clear about this. (Believe me, one of my friends even came down to the detail of whether or not she would like his prince charming to have chest hairs!)

If the first reply to the above question which comes to your mind is that you want him to be rich; then you are undeniably reading the right article. Some may say that they want to get married to a doctor, some may say to a lawyer, for some the person should be a dentist and for some he might be an investment banker. 

There is definitely nothing wrong in saying that you want to get married to a rich man or you want rich man to be attracted towards you so that in future if you feel like; you may settle with them. Believe me, neither you are the first woman on the earth to say so and nor you will be the last.

Traditionally and historically- the combination has been that the man has been the bread winner of the home and the women has taken care of the home along with the finances of the home. So, basically let the man take care of how to bring money home and you do the spending, right.

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Also, practically speaking, you would not have to think about financial difficulties of raising a child when you are married to a rich man. Thus, it is natural for a woman to desire to marry a rich man who can take care of the financial needs.

However, just dreaming that you want to marry a rich man wouldn’t land you up with a rich man.

You would have to work on it.

Check these following ways which might be helpful to you to become the choice of a rich man.

1. Attend places where you will find a rich man

How would you let rich man get attracted towards you; if you don’t mind a rich man in the first place? Think of the places where your path will cross with them.

You may make a friend who is part of alumni association of colleges producing rich investment bankers, top notch lawyers, millionaires in other fields etc.

Arrange to attend the alumni parties with them.

You can prepare a profile of yourself on a dating website which caters to wealthy men.

You may join expensive sports like golf etc where you are surely to find rich men.

You can attend functions like charities etc. where the wealthy men are invited as the guests. You get a plethora of options here. 

Once you have decided on the person; the next step is for you to let him notice you and get attracted towards you.

2. Focus on rich men older to you

Men generally have a tendency to get attracted towards women who are younger to them. Again, the evolutionary psychologists reason this by saying that chance of mating younger women and reproducing off springs are better compared to the older ones. (If you ask me, I would say that it is just the pride feeling which comes when a younger person is attracted towards you, both in case of man and woman).

Try to use your age to your advantage. Let your search narrow down to rich men who are 10-15 years older to you.

The chances of settling down with him would be better compared to a rich man of similar age to you. Admit the fact that younger rich man will be crowded with swathes of attractive young ladies vying for his attention and dreaming of becoming his future wife.

The competition will be tough.

So instead of wasting your time and efforts, just focus on older rich men.

3. Try getting your paths crossed

You deliberately have to make it happen to let him see you. Once only when he notices you, the conversation and relationship can go to the next step. But, how?

Do some research and find out which coffee shop he frequents to. You may start going to that coffee shop frequently.

You might start going to the shopping mall from where he buys his clothes.

You can start taking out your dog for a walk to his neighbourhood.

If you find out that he visits Church on Sunday or any other day, start going to church. There would be one similar topic to discuss between both of you.

You must have heard of this phrase many times- Out of sight, out of mind. The more chances of that rich man to see you physically, more the chances of him thinking about you and more the chances of him get attracted towards you.

4. Grow long hairs

Does this sound absurd to you? Do you like your hairs short? Is the idea behind keeping short hairs is that it is easy to maintain and you do not have to worry about combing them for hours and oiling and shampooing them (and oops, the hair spa and the list goes on).

Traditionally, men have preferred women who have long hairs. According to evolutionary psychologists; women with long hairs are at an advantage than short ones because hair is considered to be an indicator of health.

Long hairs mean good health and good health means you are better off in reproducing offspring. We humans have been designed by nature in such a way that we get attracted towards those people of opposite gender with whom we feel that we would be able to reproduce healthy offspring.

However, if you ask me; I simply feel that men get attracted towards women with long hairs because of the sex appeal.

It is upto you to decide whether you want a rich man or you want short hairs. (You can always go for a hair cut after you have married him!)

Invest in hair products and go for hair treatment and talk to you hairdresser. You may also use hair extensions for that long hair locks.

5. Let your skin do the talking for you

As indicated in the article earlier, it is your health which would matter when you want to attract a rich man. And, how would a rich man know you are healthy?

Well, smooth and clear skin is again a sign of being healthy.

Now, knowing the importance of your skin in attracting a rich man, make sure that you invest good amount of time in letting your skin glow. Follow a routine which do not contradict which the nature of your skin and try to keep it as healthy as possible.

Identify the texture of your skin and let your beautician decide what would best suit your skin.

Always remember that whenever you are meeting that person; your skin should seem to be flawless (Once a while; a pimple is ok). Use makeup that would cover any dark circles or blemishes, if any and aim to highlight the features of your face.

Remember not to overdo the makeup. You are a person whom he might see as a desirable mate, not someone featuring for the cover of a fashion magazine.

6. Healthy oral hygiene

Would you date somebody who has pale teeth and bad breath? The answer is obviously NO. To attract any man (not only rich), you need to make sure that your smile is beautiful because of your teeth.

Get your teeth whitened and check with a dentist to get any dental defect corrected. Follow oral hygiene which naturally gives you bad breath instead of relying just on mouth fresheners.

No stains on teeth please. Avoid foods or drinks which can possibly cause stains on your teeth. In case, if you are consuming them, make sure to brush your teeth as soon as possible following consumption.

7. Follow a healthy lifestyle

Let him know that you follow a healthy lifestyle. Let him know that you take care of your health and you can take care of him also, if the need arise.

You can let him know during conversations that you go for jog 3-4 times a week (In fact, ask him also to join sometime), you exercise regularly and the icing on the cake would be if you can learn yoga and meditation also.

These are style statements and are surely going to leave your mark on him. Also, this will reflect on your fitness level and how toned your body is.

Try to eat well balanced wholesome food and restrain from junk and unhealthy food. A healthier person is far more attractive than an unhealthy person especially in their youth.

8. Show your intelligence

Looks do matter but at the same time your mental intellect goes a long way in telling about your overall personality. Know what his interest areas are and read up on that topic. You can chat with him on that topic.

Knowing that you both have similar interests automatically connects one person to another. Also, research has shown that men want their partners to have similar interests.

Men feel deep pride in showing to other men that their wife is not only beautiful but intelligent also. They want them to impress other people not just by way of their looks but also by way of their knowledge and intellect.

9. Don’t underestimate the power of listening

Conversations are a great way of opening with each other. A balanced conversation is one where both the parties speak and listen to each other.

Research has shown that rich men are difficult in opening up; but when they have opened up with you, they will speak their heart out. Let him know that you are listening.

You can start with questions which he has asked you and then slowly move on with questions which are general to more specific one. Try not to be inquisitive. Let him not feel threatened by your questions. Be soft.

By engaging in listening to him; you will discover his interest areas, his likings and disliking and can use them to your advantage.

E.g. if he likes listening to Beatles, you may add that you were a huge fan of Beatles while in college days. Similar interest will keep the rich man piqued to you.

10. Show your feelings for him

There might have come a point where he is also thinking about you all the time and wants to grab opportunity to be near to you and strike conversations with you.

If you are getting happy and beaming with the fact that the person whom you had so much desired to be attracted towards you, the same goes for him also.

Show ways in which he also comes to know that you are equally attracted towards him. Let him know that you are reciprocating his feelings.

Also, there might be a sense of wariness in him that you might be attracted towards his wealth more than him.

Make him feel his importance in your life as a person. Show him that you are interested in him. The moment he starts feeling so, bang on. You have stroked the love chord in him.



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How to attract Rich Men

Who doesn’t wish to be rich? If you are born poor, it doesn’t necessarily means that you should die also poor. There are many ways of becoming rich and living a luxurious lifestyle.

If you are a lady, one of the ways of living a luxurious lifestyle is by dating a rich man who can take care of your needs and comforts. In case, if you like and wish to; you may in the long run marry him also.

This article will clear many doubts in your mind regarding rich men and their likings; how will you meet a rich man, how you need to groom yourself to attract them and how keep them hooked to you.

What you need to know about rich people?

Money can be either inherited or can be earned. In both the cases, however, if you want to remain wealthy, the money should keep growing.

Mostly extremely wealthy men are in business; whether inherited or self made. They have that knack of business/ the trade which has led them to excel. These days many of the wealthy men are in the technology field and have their own start ups.

Some of the men have done professionally well in the fields like engineering, medicine, dentistry etc and now have become wealthy.

So, your target group is these classes of people. If you would look at them closely, you will find that they are generally hardworking people and put in 60- to 80-hours of work every week. Most of them have scored good grades in school, have a vision and clear about what they want in life. They have been successful professionally in their lives and are generally confident people.

However, they also know their weaknesses and know how to play on their strengths. They surround themselves with people who can give them insight into areas where they are not so great, so that they can take calculated risks.

They are self loving people to an extent that their approach turns narcissistic. This leads them with lack of empathy for others as well they tend to feel that they own good things in life. This sometimes, makes them hawkish as well.

When it comes to women, every man wants a beautiful, well dressed and a healthy partner. And, rich men are no different. Additionally, they seek women who can organize social parties, can entertain the guests and play alike. However, these days the thinking of rich men is shifting towards women who are brainy also apart from being beautiful. They can advise them on matters of their business and investments. Some rich men have also suggested that a good sense of humor adds sexiness to the overall personality quotient of a lady.

Where would you meet rich men?

You should go to places where the chances of meeting the rich men significantly increase. Keep the goal in the mind- you have to make yourself visible to the rich men.

  • If required, you can move into the neighborhood of rich men. If it is not affordable for you, try moving to a place nearby only from where it is easier for you to bumping into them for daily errands like taking your dog for a walk, buying groceries and milk, jogging etc. This will also help you in understanding how rich men live and how is their social culture and what changes you need to bring in yourself so as to fit in their high class society. Remember moving near them provides you opportunity to be visible to them. This is an investment for a better future.
  • You may make a friend who is part of alumni association of colleges producing rich investment bankers, top notch lawyers, millionaires in other fields etc. Arrange to attend the alumni parties with them.
  • You can prepare a profile of yourself on a dating website which caters to wealthy men.
  • You may join expensive sports like golf etc where you are surely to find rich men. Sporting events like golf tournaments, polo matches etc are excellent places to meet rich men.
  • You can attend functions like charities etc. where the wealthy men are invited as the guests. You get a plethora of options there.  You can find about charity functions which are being organized in your city online and volunteer for fundraising. You may get to know the guest list and narrow them down to better focus on which rich man can be easily targeted by you.
  • Upscale bars, lounges and restaurants are other places where you would meet rich men. Rich men dine and hang out at these places only because they would find best of the crowd here. Coffee shops of five star hotels and their bars are places where they relax themselves. You should position yourself in such a way that the other person feel that you are a frequent out there. Remember not to go with a male friend there, also not with a crowd of people (the rich men interested might not be able to make any conversation with you); just hang out with 1-2 female friend of yours.

Grooming yourself for that rich man

Looks appeal to men whether wealthy or not. However, more rich a man is, his preferences increase for well dressed and groomed lady whom he can show off in his social functions and charities and other events. So, whether or not you are a rich lady; you have to look that part for attracting a rich man.

  • Take care of the basics. Rich men generally prefer ladies with long hairs. So, choose a hairstyle which flaunts your long hairs at the same time take care not to look disheveled. Having a clear breath with sparkling white teeth alongwith a clean, healthy and glowing skin are basic requirements. You may consult a hairdresser and a dentist to take care of these aspects.
  • Choose your dressing style to suit your physical features. Don’t simply adorn clothes which are in latest fashion or copy what the fashion models are wearing. You need to have a fair understanding of your looks and then choose clothes to highlight your plus points and minimize the negative ones. You need not have a figure of those of the fashion models. However, you should have a dressing sense which is classy and suits the taste of rich men.
  • Remember not to overdo makeup (as in it shouldn’t look that a piece of cake has been pasted on your face). Use makeup to highlight the strong features of your face and hide blemishes and pimples, if any. You can hire a stylist to suggest what kind of makeup will suit your face.
  • Wear expensive branded clothes whenever you meet them. You should keep a collection of dress according to events like a black formal dress, a gown for cocktail parties, collection of light shades of crisps shirts to wear for outings, certain jackets and caps. You may purchase them online during discount season or from resale shops. However, try to buy in pure fabrics only rather than fake ones since you get a classier look in them. Keep 3-4 bags also and carry them as per the occasion and the outing.
  • While choosing jewelery, pearls are evergreen. They need not be real, you can easily purchase the fake ones and they would not cost you bomb also. You can also buy some costume jewelery which will go with your regular dresses.
  • You should look sexy, but keep in mind that there is a thin line between looking sexy and looking vulgar. To attract a rich man, let your overall personality do the talking rather than only your dressing. You may depend upon well tailored dresses or smart casuals and pair them with expensive or classy accessories to get the right look for your dates.
  • Rich men say that they can easily differentiate between a gold digger and somebody who is genuinely interested in them. (If you ask me, I guess it is more to the way as to how you have presented yourself in front of them and how the conversation has moved between both of you). Avoid discussing money matters with him in general. Try finding about how much worth he is from online sources and other ways rather than asking him directly as to how much fortune he owns. Never ask him how much money a gift he has bought for you have cost him. If he wants you to know that; he will tell it himself at some point. If he wants you to feel that he is willing to spend money on you, he would let you know that. Discussing money matters might disrupt the comfort which would be building between both of you.
  • Rich men are generally aware of the political and business happenings and they keep a track of how the finance markets are going. You also need to equip yourself in these areas by reading newspapers on a daily basis. For a start, do some reading and research online on topics which you are unfamiliar with. Having great conversations with rich men definitely includes intelligent conversations also. Discussing these matters with them will keep the flow of the conversation and you will keep holding their attention as well.
  • You should also know spend some time learning about other areas which interest rich men. Learn some dishes in international cuisine; keep a track of the new luxury cars being launched, famous authors and artsman, yachts etc.
  • All men love sports and rich men particularly like expensive sports like golf, polo, horse racing, sailing, skiing and tennis. Attend coaching classes and learn how to play these sports. You may ask an acquaintance or a friend to introduce you to a high class club where you would not only learn these sports but will get a chance to meet young rich men as well.
  • Rich men like to date ladies who are stable and matured. Respond to his messages on time. This gives a feeling of dependability that he might reach out to you any moment for comfort and share his experience. Everyone needs to talk and vent out their anger and frustration.
  • Engage yourself in high society social life like attending an entrepreneurs meet, organizing charity events or taking some dance classes like zumba etc. The rich man should feel that you have a life of your own and you are not simply waiting for his call. Let him also get that jittery feeling before picking up phone and calling you.


  • Once you have found a rich man equally interested in you, don’t rush to have sex with him. If he sees you as an easy prey, he would simply dump you after you have engaged in sexual relations with him and he is bored of you. If he is genuinely interested in you, he would like to know you better and hang out with you.
  • Reciprocate his feelings. Let him know that he is special to you too by kind gestures and doing things which will make him feel special.
  • Studies have shown that men want partners who have similar interests. You should also choose the rich men who have similar interests as you have. This doenst let boredom come in the relationship also it keeps both the partners connected to each other since you both enjoy doing the same things.


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