If you don’t believe in the power of healing stones and crystals as a Catholic is it wrong to wear them fashionably

If you don’t believe in the power of healing stones and crystals as a Catholic is it wrong to wear them fashionably

If you don’t believe in the power of healing stones and crystals as a Catholic is it wrong to wear them fashionably

Alternative medicines are slowly becoming extremely popular over the past few years, and headline crystals are slowly becoming the latest trend. Many celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Lena Dunham, and Adele all claim that crystals have helped them with their daily life on a regular basis. This has led many health spas to promote their use, claiming that crystals can help heal physical ailments or relieve anxiety.


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A lot of people are fascinated with crystals, many regarding them to possess mystical power that can be utilized for healing purposes. Some believe that crystals can also stimulate spiritual growth and bring about a positive transformation in life experience. But can Catholics be involved with crystals by wearing it for fashion? And what counsel does the Bible give in this matter?

Jewelry is an essential part that adds to one’s personal style. Our unique style is closely tied to some personal beliefs. For instance, some people sell cross jewelry for many reasons like to create a way of allowing people to express themselves in the most authentic way possible. Ever heard of the saying people often address you based on your appearance - it is true. 

Wearing accessories is becoming more and more important to today’s era.

Are Catholics allowed to use them as well, just for fashion?

Firstly, according to live science, scientifically speaking for the medical and scientific community, crystals have not been found to possess any concrete healing properties. Meaning, there is no evidence that crystal healing can be used to cure diseases, because diseases have never been found to be the result of a so-called energy flow in the body. 

Moreover, no scientific studies have shown that crystals and gems can be differentiated by chemical composition or color to treat a particular ailment. One of the main reasons crystals are used for healing is because of a “spiritual connection” between crystals and the “energy field” that surrounds a human person. This belief is generally traced to mystic traditions in Buddhism or Hinduism. It is said that these crystals can help correct an “imbalance” that exists in a person’s energy field.

The problem with this concept is that some believe the crystals are used to invoke spiritual powers outside of God. Even if someone claims that the energy field is really the “Holy Spirit,” and uses Christian prayer when applying crystals, the belief system behind crystals is demonic in nature.

The Vatican produced a document in recent years called, Jesus Christ: The bearer of the water of life, which denounces such practices as using crystals. The Catechism of the Catholic Church similarly warns against such practices as they tap into a spiritual realm that can have harmful effects.


The Catholic Church rejects all things associated with New Age beliefs, including the trendy crystals, as heretical and dangerous. At the same time, the Catholic Church embraces the veneration of relics.


Relics are pieces of the body, clothing or other objects that have a direct association with a saint or with Jesus Christ. They may be pieces of bone or vials of blood collected after a saint has died, or a piece of their cassock, a book they used, or items that have been touched to these things.


Relics are venerated, often with a touch or a kiss, for the sake of the worship of God, and to ask the prayers of those saints. So the main issue is why is it ok for Catholics to kiss a vial of St. John Paul II's blood and pray for his intercession, but not ok for Catholics to wear a rock around their neck?


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The importance of the relics is their association with the saint, because while the saints would be in the glory of heaven, their body is still their body, I am also Catholic and have recently gotten into stones/crystals. I do wear them for fashion however you should know there is no side effect to using it as long as you don’t idolize them and make it a higher priority than GOD. 

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