Is cleansing your healing crystals good or is only doing it once is enough?

Is cleansing your healing crystals good or is only doing it once is enough?

Is cleansing your healing crystals good or is only doing it once is enough

Healing Crystals helps absorb negative energy around us and serves as an energy filter that removes negative energy and allows the flow of positive energy. Hence it is necessary to cleanse your crystal to remove all negative energy and ensure a 100% positive outcome.


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So yes, your crystal should be cleansed and recharged after to ensure its remains in a natural state and provide beneficial properties. The big crystals that are not easily movable should be cleaned once per month, however the small crystals that you carry around or have in your home should be cleaned regularly to get rid of the negative energy. Also if your crystal is specifically for healing it should be cleansed after every healing session

Crystals travel long distances and often change hands either due to package, process or movement of the crystal before reaching their permanent owner. The crystal could absorb a lot of energy. Hence, before using the crystal and returning it to its natural state, its needs to be cleaned and charged to enjoy the full beneficial effect of the crystal.

How to cleanse your crystals


You can cleanse your crystal with light gotten from the sunlight or moonlight. By setting your stone before nightfall and early in the morning. This process ensures adequate cleansing of the stone in the moon and sunlight. Afterwards rinse and dry off to remove dirt

 Also, prolonged exposure to sunlight can affect the surface of a stone. It does not have to last the whole day. Hence, 3-4 hours is enough to absorb and cleanse the crystal.


Water is life. It is an excellent tool for cleaning crystals and one of the purest forms for neutralizing negative energy in crystals. By submerging the stones in the water for one minute can get rid of all accumulated negative energy and dry afterwards.

You could also make use of ocean water, faucet or salt water if you do not have access to natural running water. However if you’re using salt water it is best to submerge your stones in the water for one hour and dry afterwards.


You can cleanse with sound by creating a single tone that will wash over the stone and create the same vibration as that sound. To create the sound, you can make use of a bell, bowls or by chanting. The key of the sound does not matter as long as the sound is loud enough to create a vibration from the stone.

This process might take you 5-15 minutes and it works for any stone. Also it is mostly used for larger crystals that can’t easily be moved in the home.

When used over a period of time, crystals need to be charged to regain their natural frequency and serve its purpose. Charging the crystals intensifies the energy of the crystal which allows the crystals to work for a longer duration. After the crystals need to be programmed with your intentions. This would help connect the crystal’s energy and affirm your purpose.


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There are various other means of cleaning but the two known and widely used is cleansing with light and water. It is the best and most reliable method to ensure proper cleansing before usage.

 There is no specific time to clean your crystal but the best time to clean your crystals is after usage, most especially the one you carry about. In order to get rid of absorbed negative energy.

Also, If you have heavy crystals that can’t easily be moved about and not used daily then cleansing once a month can do the trick. There are some crystals that are self cleansing crystals which do not need extra cleansing like selenite, citrine or halite are self cleansing crystals. But they should still be cleansed once in a while.

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