Leo and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Leo and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Taurus
2 Personality traits- Leo
3 Taurus and Leo Compatibility
4 Leo Woman and Taurus Man
5 Leo Man and Taurus Woman
6 Leo and Taurus friendship

Personality traits- Taurus

Taurus is ruled Venus (planet of beauty, attraction, love, satisfaction, creativity, and gratitude) and is an earth sign.

Taurus are known to be extremely loyal people and thus, they are quite passionate also. Quite devoted to their work, they are stubborn and ambitious as well. They are often known as ‘bull headed” since they are quite determined and resolute.


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Since Taurus is an earth sign, they are comfortable being stable, grounded and logical. This also translates into being hesitant towards change and they rather, prefer in control of things than something unplanned or unexpected coming up.

They can oscillate from being happy and laughing to extreme anger. They are passionate about life, and their emotions show it, and that's why they can flip so easily.

Being earth sign, they are quite logical, full of commonsense and they are honest to the core.

They are quick to help and reliable. If you have gone for advice from him and later on not followed it, they will grow impatient with you for wasting their time since they believe in productivity and being taken seriously.

Personality traits- Leo

Leo is ruled by Sun which is the most important planet of all; sun is the ruler and so is Leo. Sun represents self and symbolizes one's will and inner strength. Leo is a fire sign.

They have a feeling of being superior over others and doesn’t mind if others do not think so. Because of this feeling, they are not great team players and forget the essence of the team that every member is valuable and contributing towards the team’s success. Thus, they might try to grab the chance to be the centre stage and take all the limelight. They need revalidation from others by way of being admired and well liked by everybody.

Leo energy is magnetic and one is bound to feel stimulated in their presence. It is difficult to ignore them since there have a strong personality and their presence is always felt in the room.

They can be spotted in the crowd by their arrogance and daring personality.

They are truly helpful and caring people. They are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same from others.

Leo believes in being candid and straight with their words and if you are truly looking for some honest feedback and guidance, you should approach them since they will not mince their words or sugarcoat them.

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Taurus and Leo Compatibility

The Taurus and Leo partnership is compatibility between the lover and the royal of the zodiacs. There are many similar qualities between them and this match is quite promising.

Both Taurus and Leo love the good things and seek luxury in life. Leo is attracted towards the sensuality of Taurus and in turn, Taurus loves the way that Leo can make him or her feel special. Both Taurus and Leo are quite demanding from their partners and thus, there may be clashes of ego between them.

Taurus being a lover in the zodiac with a romantic streak adores Leo and makes him or her feel special which is exactly what the Leo requires- to be admired, loved and liked. Taurus demands faithfulness and loyalty from the partner which is fulfilled by the Leo partner.

Thus, both these partners would have comfortable lifestyle and quite a pleasurable, glitzy and loving companionship.

Both Taurus and Leo are quite resistant to change and prefer status quo. When the Taurus becomes stubborn and Leo takes it to his arrogance, both partners will not call off the relationship even if it is causing them more harm than good.

The admission of a mistake is very painful to both of them and thus, their compatibility would suffer a lot when things are not going good between them.

This pair may be very compatible with one another at the first instance and things may be going hunky dory in their relationship; however both Taurus and Leo being headstrong prefer things the way they want which would cause their relationship to sink.

The clash of egos doubled with holding grudges against each other by both the partners will not let them reconcile with each other fully. They would keep referring to the earlier points of differences between them during any future arguments and quite hurt each other.

Taurus is a stable, calm person who needs a peaceful and loving partner and life. The ever demanding emotional needs and desire to be adored and revalidated of Leo partners may simply upset Taurus who may then become uncommunicative.

If, by any case the Taurus partner is dominating in this relationship, the Leo partner would feel that he/she has been stifled and doesn’t have space to breathe in this companionship.

If the relationship between Taurus and Leo goes into a phase where both the partners are competing with each other; the magic between then would fade away easily.

It needs to be reiterated that both Leo and Taurus have similar taste and enjoy the pleasures of life which would keep them sticking to each other. If both are willing to compromise, the Taurus partner keep adoring the Leo partner and the Leo royalty remembers to indulge the courtesan’s sensual side- then this companionship can be enduring and long lasting.

Leo Woman and Taurus Man

The Taurus man and Leo woman are quite different in nature and their compatibility may be a problem because they both might find it difficult to understand each other.

The Taurus man is an emotionally stable, calm, peace loving person. The Leo woman is an outgoing, autocratic, full of life with a constant desire to be attended and admired. Both have different views of what fun means for them and thus, it might not be easy for them to get into relationship with each other. 

The compatibility between Taurus man and Leo woman would be hard to come by since both the partners are not appreciative of each other.

The Leo woman demands to be constantly adored, loved, desired and wanted by her Taurus man. The Taurus man indeed makes an effort to do so but his patience may wear out with Leo woman. She, in turn would feel that her man is not that romantic.

Taurus man is the lover in the zodiac and quite passionate and sensual but he believes in expressing the love more subtly and physical way rather than being vocal about it all the time.

In this partnership, the Leo woman might not give Taurus man the respect which he deserves. He is putting a lot of effort in creating a secure future for both of them but the Leo woman ever demanding as she is; might feel that there is scope of improvement in his efforts.

The sexual chemistry between Taurus man and Leo woman is good since this match brings sensuality and passion of Taurus; and love, fire and passion of Leo. As a couple, they would enjoy finer, royal and luxurious things in life.

The trouble in the partnership between Taurus man and Leo woman is just that Leo woman is autocratic by nature and would like to dominate the Taurus man to which he would not co-operate.

Taurus man is possessive and would dislike that his woman wants to be admired and attended by other men around. He needs commitment and loyalty from his Leo partner.

For true long term compatibility, it is necessary that both the partners understand each other very well or at least when their companionship matures, they start understanding each other. This fundamental premise is missing between Taurus man and Leo woman compatibility.

Theirs might be a fiery passionate affair but it wont last life time. Ultimately, the Taurus man is likely to get exasperated with the demanding and egoist Leo woman and the Leo woman with the obstinacy of Taurus man.

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Leo Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is an earth sign and Leo man is a fire sign. Earth and fire sign doesn’t make a great match as partners. The relationship between Taurus woman and Leo man may start off well but this partnership would be marred by fiery nature of Leo and intransigence of Taurus.

Both Taurus woman and Leo man are quite resistant to change and prefer status quo. Any efforts by either partner to change the other one would go in vain.

Leo man is quite autocratic and authoritative by nature that is used to have things as per his command in life. Taurus woman though placid and calm by nature is full of common sense and inner strength and by her determination is also used to getting her things own way.

Incase of any rows between these two partners, one would see Leo man raging on Taurus woman. However, the Taurus woman would not get subdued by his tempers and on the contrary may react simply by raising an eyebrow and leaving the argument.

She may get saddened by her lover’s behavior however would resist showing it.

Taurus woman has a long memory and she does hold grudges; thus she may use the sullen remarks made by Leo man during some of the other fight months or even years later. Their compatibility would suffer since both these partners would dislike the way the other partner deals with arguments and differences between them.

The Taurus woman has a strong romantic streak and she would be passionate and adoring of her Leo man which is exactly what he wants- a lover who can shower him with praises and can make him feel special and cherished.

The Leo man is also quite affectionate of his Taurus woman. As a couple, they would enjoy good things in life, will go for outings together with great food and wine. Financially, both of them are not so wise and may not save money for their future rather spend them on their lavish desires.

The Taurus woman is quite possessive of her Leo man; the Leo man rather finds this to be quite endearing and flattering. He is faithful to his Taurus partner who seeks stability in a romantic commitment.

When things are going well between this couple, the Leo man would bring out the most loving side of his woman and will also help in enhancing her self confidence. The Taurus woman will make her Leo man more grounded and under her influence, he would become more practical and logical in his ways.

Despite their compatibility, it is most likely that over time this couple would understand that they are not made for each other.

The Taurus woman would feel dominated and get frustrated by the constant demand for her man to give attention to him; the Leo man would feel that the Taurus woman is not as passionate about life as he is. Thus, when difference start building up in their partnership, both partners would realize that it is better to separate their ways rather than being unhappy and carry on this dead relationship.

Leo and Taurus friendship

Leo and Taurus are quite compatible as friends since they both have many shared personality traits and there is mutual respect and liking for each other in their friendship.

Taurus looks upto and admires the royal and regal Leo friend which is absolutely loved by Leo. The Leo friend treats the Taurus friend with care and affection which is exactly what required by him/her.

Thus, both these two zodiacs understand the requirement of each other and may suit themselves in accordance with that.

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus which exudes feminine energy. Leo is ruled by Sun which represents self; Leo has charm, strong personality and magnetic energy. Thus, in their friendship it is an ideal combination of masculine and feminine energy because of which both partners admires and adore each other.

Theirs is a constructive friendship with both male and female energy combining with each other.

Taurus and Leo both are obstinate and bull headed in their own ways. Leo seeks admiration from public, needs wealth and flamboyant lifestyle. Taurus works for stability and a secured future for self and the family.

Thus, their styles may differ and differences would arise. However, both these friends are loyal and faithful in the friendship and understand that the other doesn’t mean any harm.

The best feature of friendship between Taurus and Leo is the respect and high regards they have for each other. Both these two zodiacs have strong personalities, and neither one could dominate the other, even though it wouldn’t be for want of trying. These are two very compatible signs, and their commitment to succeed makes them a great team.

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