Leo compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Leo compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

Sl. No. Topic
1 Personality traits- Leo
2 Leo and Aries Compatibility
3 Leo and Taurus Compatibility
4 Leo  and Gemini Compatibility
5 Leo and Cancer Compatibility
6 Leo and Virgo Compatibility
7 Leo and Libra Compatibility
8 Leo and Scorpio Compatibility
9 Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
10 Leo and Capricorn Compatibility
11 Leo and Aquarius Compatibility
12 Leo and Pisces Compatibility

Personality traits- Leo

Leo is ruled by Sun which is the most important planet of all; sun is the ruler and so is Leo. Sun represents self and symbolizes one's will and inner strength. Leo is a fire sign.

They have a feeling of being superior over others and doesn’t mind if others do not think so. Because of this feeling, they are not great team players and forget the essence of the team that every member is valuable and contributing towards the team’s success. Thus, they might try to grab the chance to be the centre stage and take all the limelight. They need revalidation from others by way of being admired and well liked by everybody.

Leo energy is magnetic and one is bound to feel stimulated in their presence. It is difficult to ignore them since there have a strong personality and their presence is always felt in the room.

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They can be spotted in the crowd by their arrogance and daring personality.

They are truly helpful and caring people. They are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same from others.

Leo believes in being candid and straight with their words and if you are truly looking for some honest feedback and guidance, you should approach them since they will not mince their words or sugarcoat them.

Leo and Aries Compatibility

When two fire signs come together, there is going to be sizzling hot chemistry between both of them. Aries and Leo are both passionate and hence, will keep displaying their emotions towards each other.

Aries and Leo both like to be at the helm of affairs and seizing the limelight. Conflicts may arise in their relationship over the dominance of the either partner resulting in fights which may go to extreme levels. But the compatibility between them is quite strong and thus, would be back together.

The compatibility between Leo and Aries partnership may also suffer because of inner competition between this couple. Both tend to have huge egos and both would like to control the decision making in their companionship.

When things are not going well between this couple, both are equally capable of hurting each other. Aries with harsh and straightforward words can hurt the self respect of Leo while Leo's feeling of being superior will be despised by Aries.

Their compatibility works best when they enjoy equal sharing of power and control in their relationship. Both are quite hardworking, resolute, passionate and ambitious and will work towards achieving the goals. Their partnership also work because they have warmth and true emotions for each other.  

Trouble in their relationship can brew if either partner feels dominated by the other partner. Both Leo and Aries sense of independence and success is so high that both need to have their own accomplished career for them to be happy in the relationship.

The love compatibility between Leo and Aries is very much dependent upon the equal status being enjoyed by them. The relationship may go haywire if either of the partner’s ego suffers because of being subservient.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

The Taurus and Leo partnership is compatibility between the lover and the royal of the zodiacs. There are many similar qualities between them and this match is quite promising.

Both Taurus and Leo love the good things and seek luxury in life. Thus, as a couple they would have a comfortable lifestyle and quite a pleasurable, glitzy and loving companionship.

 Leo is attracted towards the sensuality of Taurus and in turn, Taurus loves the way that Leo can make him or her feel special. Both Taurus and Leo are quite demanding from their partners and thus, there may be clashes of ego between them.

Both Taurus and Leo are quite resistant to change and prefer status quo. When the Taurus becomes stubborn and Leo takes it to his arrogance, both partners will not call off the relationship even if it is causing them more harm than good.

The admission of a mistake is very painful to both of them and thus, their compatibility would suffer a lot when things are not going good between them.

This pair may be very compatible with one another at the first instance and things may be going hunky dory in their relationship; however both Taurus and Leo being headstrong prefer things the way they want which would cause their relationship to sink.

The clash of egos doubled with holding grudges against each other by both the partners will not let them reconcile with each other fully. They would keep referring to the earlier points of differences between them during any future arguments and quite hurt each other.

If the relationship between Taurus and Leo goes into a phase where both the partners are competing with each other; the magic between then would fade away easily.

It needs to be reiterated that both Leo and Taurus have similar taste and enjoy the pleasures of life which would keep them sticking to each other. If both are willing to compromise, the Taurus partner keep adoring the Leo partner and the Leo royalty remembers to indulge the courtesan’s sensual side- then this companionship can be enduring and long lasting.

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Leo and Gemini Compatibility

This partnership is characterized by fun, entertainment, healthy banter between the couple. The Gemini being the communicator of the zodiac will amuse Leo with all the conversations and funny jester.  Gemini being extremely good at flattery will keep the spirits of Leo up, will provide all the admiration and attention which Leo craves. Leo on the other hand, would provide the audience to Gemini which is the prima facie requirement of Gemini and will keep the conversation going.

Both the partners are happy, optimistic and energetic in this relationship planning outings ad adventures and will keep the party going.

Both Leo and Gemini are social creatures and thus, there would be company of lot of friends and colleagues and relatives. They are good source of entertainment and will welcome the guests with the entire ardor.

However, the spirits of their compatibility will be dampened in the bedroom when the passion of Leo will not be met with the airy Gemini since he/she is often distracted and the mind running in thousand other directions.

Leo is domineering by nature and to others; it would appear that it is the Leo partner who is dominating this relationship. However, in truth it is the Gemini partner who is subtly dominating and pulling the strings.

The compatibility between Leo and Gemini is most marred by the flirtatious nature of Gemini and possessive nature of Leo. Gemini is good at making conversations and thus would attention of quite many. This would devastate Leo who would blame Gemini for being unfaithful and promiscuous which is actually not true.

For their compatibility to last long, the Leo partner should remember that the Gemini partner’s attention changes quickly and thus, he/she should play active role in keeping the relationship vibrant. The Leo partner cant expect to behave royal and entertained by Gemini all the time, rather should make efforts to spoil Gemini also sometimes.

Gemini is the child in the zodiac and with their curious nature and onslaught of laughter will bring out the child in Leo too. When the relationship is going good, both these partners will amuse each other and their shared interests can make them climb high in social life as well as provide other material success.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer being ruled by Moon represents emotions and exudes feminine energy; Leo being ruled by Sun represents self and exudes masculine energy. Thus, there is bound to be mutual attraction between these two zodiacs and there is an instinctive friendship between the two which give way to a relationship romantic in nature.

There is balance of masculine and feminine energy in their partnership regardless of the gender. Their sexual chemistry is also steamy with lot of passion brought by Leo partner and romance and softness brought by Cancer partner.

This is a match of water and fire sign. Thus, Cancer should be cautious in not dampening the Leo’s energy with their anxieties and worries all the time; Leo should be careful in not becoming too demanding of the sensitive Cancer.

The couple provides each other exactly what they require from their partner. Cancer would admire, shower with love and affection Leo partner which essentially helps the validation of Leo energy. Leo would be fiercely protective and sheltering Cancer from the unforeseen troubles and dangers which calms the Cancer.

Leo is extrovert and Cancer is introvert by nature; and fundamentally it works well for this couple. This couple enjoys each other’s company thoroughly and they would give an impression of sharing warm and affectionate partnership to the public.

The relationship between this couple can falter over financial matters. Both would create a warm, cozy and fine looking welcoming home. However, when Cancer would feel that Leo is being extravagant, they would feel financially threatened. Cancer partner starts to worry and thus, the couple starts facing trouble with each other.

The magic in their compatibility lies with Leo partner to keep Cancer away from worries and being threatened by any means.

Incase of rows or issues between this couple, Cancer has a tendency to become sullen, petulant and reserved which is quite frustrating and perplexing for the straight and outspoken Leo. The Cancer partner is also emotionally manipulative sometimes, in this partnership which would irk Leo partner.

Both these zodiacs are quite determined and if love is truly present between this couple, they can very well overcome these small challenges and will create further balance between them.

Leo and Virgo Compatibility

One may find it odd to see compatibility between Leo and Virgo which is indeed surprising. These two are very different personalities; however their partnership can work well once they have known and understood each other. The problem lies initially when they both might simply not be interested towards each other.

Down to earth Virgo will be unsettled in front of the dominating, magnetic and strong Leo; on the other hand Leo would find Virgo to be inconspicuous, staid and far too unexciting by nature. If however, they give the opportunity, they would find that there are other aspects of each other’s personality which would indeed attract them.

The regal Leo needs a partner who would be loyal and faithful at any cost and give them constant admiration and adoration. Virgo is not used to public display of love and affection. And, they can sense that Leo are very honest and sincere by nature.

So, whenever the Healer of the zodiac, Virgo gives compliments and flatter Leo, the Leo partner would utterly know that these are not mere words, these are the feelings which has been expressed through words and are quite genuine. Thus, Virgo gives a reality check to Leo.

The Leo will give importance to the meaningful praises given by Virgo and thus, Virgo feels needed by the Leo partner. Their compatibility is based on this mutual desire of being loved, needed and adored genuinely rather than superficially.

The sexual compatibility between Leo and Virgo is good. The Leo partner would help the shy Virgo partner in trusting and thus, helping them to open much more and together they would have a warm and sensual relationship exploring the joys of physical pleasure.

Both Virgo and Leo are fiercely faithful, sincere and honest in their relationships.

They would somehow manage to sail through social circles also creating a balance between the extrovert Leo partner and reclusive Virgo partner. As their relationship matures, the Virgo partner would become more trustful of Leo partner and their bond would grow deeper with time.

The Leo partner would dominate this relationship in public; however it is the thoroughly controlled and committed Virgo partner who provides the power to regal Leo and thus, subtly controlling the partnership.

Leo and Libra Compatibility

The relationship between Leo and Libra is an interesting one. There might not be anything much common between them; however there are complementary traits between them which can lead to understanding and better comprehension in this couple. However, when there are rough waters, their compatibility is tested.

The Royal of the zodiac, Leo wants to be thoroughly adored, loved, admired and flattered by their partner. The Idealist of the zodiac, Libra is happy to give attention to his/her partner which does well to the Leo partner. 

Libra, on the other hand being socially at ease, graceful, charming and intelligent mixes happily well with the dignified and high ranking social circle of Leo partner.

Sexually, they are highly compatible with each other. Leo being a fire sign is full of passion. Libra being ruled by Venus is full of romance. Thus, they explore the depths of physical intimacy together very passionately.

When the times are going good, this couple is beautiful, intelligent, and attractive and makes a successful couple in front of others. Both love extravagant lifestyle and would enjoy arts, culture and other pleasures of the life.

Their relationship runs into trouble when life throws challenges on them as a couple. When the problem arises, the dominant Leo partner will take charge of their partnership and will single handedly decide the solutions and the approach to handle it.

The Libra partner, being an intelligent one wants to weigh the pros and cons of every alternative before zeroing down on the solution.

Their compatibility even becomes worse during financial crunch when they do not enjoy glamorous and vivant lifestyle.

However, their relationship has potential to last long term if they are willing to spend time and efforts to better understand each other during good times. If they have not done this hard work, their compatibility will go for a toss during crisis situations.

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Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio both are enormously controlling and powerful personalities. The emotional bond between them is very intense which has a magnetic pull.

When their compatibility is at its highest level, both Leo and Scorpio partners are fiercely loyal towards each other. There is a very strong charismatic sexual chemistry between them. The physical relationship between them is all consuming, fiercely passionate and sensuous.

In this partnership, there will be lot of heated arguments, excessive drama and overpowering desire to take revenge which can be quite frightening.

The Scorpio partner in this relationship is quite vengeful and will remember grudges even after decades.

Their compatibility suffers because both these partners are power seeking people and want to be in control of things though their methods might be different. Leo will use their aura and magnetic energy surrounding their personality to achieve power; however Scorpio will use manipulation and shrewdness to get the control.

Both Leo and Scorpio are obstinate people and do not budge from their point. They both are extremely jealous and possessive about their partner.

If this pair can somehow survive their tumultuous partnership, there would be stability between them to some extent. Leo partner finds drawn towards the mystic and enigmatic personality of Scorpio and the Scorpio partner is allured towards the Leo charismatic personality.

Their compatibility would always be characterized with fierce anger and extremely heated arguments; once they cool down they would always manage to patch up with each other. Such is the karmic connection between them.

This couple would be romantic and fun loving during good times. However, their good times and bad times can change at lightning speed.

Their relationship is quite fateful and it can either last few weeks or become lifetime. Their compatibility is unrefined and raw and overwhelming for both the partners.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius, both being fire signs are mutually attracted towards each other and there is magnetic physical attraction between them. Both these signs are adventurous (the Sagittarius partner is the adventurer in zodiac) and thus, may set out to explore the world.

Both these partners are naturally gregarious, optimistic, lively and sociable; hence, they would have a great circle of friends to hang out with.

Leo and Sagittarius relationship is a strong one. However, both these flaming hot personalities would have to compromise a little so that their relationship can be lifelong. 

The Leo partner believes in everything regal and may get irritated or furious if he/she has to leave the comforts in order to be in quest for adventure with Sagittarius partner or if the joint finances are extravagantly done away with. 

The underlying problem in their compatibility is that the Leo partner wants to be adored and admired by the Sagittarius partner and would require constantly to be told about their love. The Sagittarius partner believes in intense physical expression of love in the bedroom and thus, would not flatter the ego of Leo partner which is quite frustrating for the Leo.

Leo partner is very possessive and jealous about their partner and the Sagittarius partner craves for freedom and independence. Usually, the Leo partner has a big heart and would try and accommodate this personality trait of the Sagittarius partner.

For the long term compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius, this delicate balance between possessiveness and freedom needs to be resolved. The Sagittarius partner being more flexible than the Leo partner would thud, finally give in the end.

Sexually, it is a steamy and passionate match with fire and fire sign coming together.

The Leo partner will definitely be dramatic in blazing rows and will be quite hurtful, however the Sagittarius partner temper is quite short lived and without any malice; so they eventually would make up in the bedroom.

This compatibility has excellent chance of being lifetime if the Sagittarius partner is always faithful in the relationship and the Leo partner remember to be not dominating and restraining the freedom of Sagittarius partner.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

At the first glance, both these zodiac signs are totally opposite of each other and their pairing would be highly unlikely. However, if that elusive element called love exists between this couple, their relationship can actually work out.

One can easily say that their personality traits are really different. But they are similar in one way. Both Capricorn and Leo enjoy power and status and are thus, leaders.

This partnership can be high achieving since both are hard workers and have shared work ethics. This partnership can be extremely practical, dynamic and fruitful and both would together enjoy good standards of living.

The Leo partner can warm the passion of earthy Capricorn partner and will bring out the sensuality. The couple would have a mutually satisfying relationship in the bedroom.

Their similar nature of enjoying the power and control would also be the reason for troubles in Leo and Capricorn relationship. The wise Capricorn partner has always been giving orders and they have been followed by people in general. The Leo partner is indeed the king or the queen and has always taken control and dominance in any situation. Thus, both would not allow each other to control themselves which would be the ultimate pitfall in their relationship.

Their compatibility would also be marred over in areas of financial health. The Leo partner is extravagant contrary to the Capricorn partner who believes financial stability is the way to future security.

If this relationship would work, it would be due to constant efforts and willingness to adapt by the Capricorn partner. Capricorn being wise understands that when two people come together in a relationship, compromises and adjustments have to be made in order to make the compatibility work. The Leo partner being the fixed sign is not great at adapting; however the continuous efforts by the Capricorn partner would soften the attitude of Leo who will also come forward to make their partnership work.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

The compatibility between Leo and Aquarius is pretty strong backed by mutual respect and admiration for each other’s qualities. Their personality traits are complementary to each other.

Their compatibility is based on sturdy friendship between them which will keep them holding even in the tough times.

Leo would be captivated with the visions, creativity and ideas of Aquarius and greatly impressed with the disinterest of Aquarius about being different. Aquarius would be attracted towards the magnetic energy of Leo.

Their conversations would be mentally stimulating since both the partners are quite intelligent. Aquarius being a visionary will have great ideas which would be supported by the Leo partner.

The warmth and passion of Leo partner would lighten up the innate sexuality of Aquarius and they would have excellent sexual chemistry (Aquarius are generally indifferent and aloof towards the matter of sex).

They are equally compatible in day to day matters of life as well like parenting, financial matters, and health and would generally agree with each other.

However, their compatibility can be marred when the Leo partner in the relationship demands to be pampered and flattered extravagantly. The Aquarius partner in this companionship needs his or her freedom and is highly independent and would refuse to just play around with this child like demand of Leo.

Over time, the Leo partner would understand that it is simply not Aquarius cup of tea to flatter their partner, also they are so love struck with the intelligence of Aquarius partner that they would lower down their expectation in this area.

However, if the Leo partner refuses to budge from their demand of being flattered, the Aquarius partner may simply decide that it is high time that he/she should call off the partnership.

Leo is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign. Fire needs air to survive, thus the Leo partner would make many allowances for their relationship to work. However, air doesn’t need fire to survive and thus, the Aquarius partner in this partnership will be calling the shots.

When things are going well in their relationship, their partnership would be warm, loving, artistic and imaginative.

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Leo and Pisces Compatibility

The compatibility between Leo and Pisces can be a complex affair. If it works, it would be magical like a fairy tale and when it is not working, it can be as dreadful as your worst nightmare.

When the royal of the zodiac meets the dreamer of the zodiac, there would be initial mutual attraction. Leo would be fascinated by the Pisces ethereal aura and Pisces is attracted to the magnetic personality of the Leo.

The Pisces partner in the relationship would be deeply enchanted by the lively and gregarious Leo who would greet Leo with warmth, sensitivity and love. Theirs would be a highly romantic affair and huge infatuation.

Both the partners in this relationship has different ways of expressing their emotions which would become an issue with them after the initial period of lovey dovey romance is over. The Leo partner is extrovert and expressive of his or her emotions while the Pisces partner often finds it difficult to put their emotions into words.

Thus, in case of rows between the couple, the Leo partner would always vent out their feelings and Pisces partner will become reticent, sulk and withdraw which would further anger the Leo partner.

When things are not going good in their relationship, the Leo being a fire sign can easily scathe the Pisces partner in their fiery temper. The Pisces partner is not a party person and can thus, dampen the enthusiasm and energy levels by being the spoilsport.

However, this couple does makes efforts so that things do not go wrong with them. The Leo partner knows that the Pisces partner trusts him a lot and hence, would not hurt them intentionally. The Leo partner would also learn spirituality from the Pisces partner since this is further likely to increase their compatibility.

This partnership also has chances to work provided they are able to pass the initial phase of romance and then, the trouble part of adjusting with each other. Their compatibility can by mystical, imaginative and serene when it is at its best.

One another pitfall in their relationship would be that both partners would be prone to escapism. The Pisces partner is a dreamer and illusionist and thus, lose touch with reality and lives in their own world where they don't have to come in terms with reality. The Leo partner is practical and sees the reality but intentionally avoid to deal with the difficulties in order to avoid arguments with the Pisces partner. 

Generally, there are many hurdles and issues which both the partners need to resolve in Leo and Pisces compatibility. Sometimes, there is very high level of compatibility between them and sometimes, there is none of it.

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