Libra and Cancer: 200 shocking truths

Libra and Cancer: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Cancer
2 Personality traits- Libra
3 Cancer and Libra Compatibility
4 Libra Woman and Cancer Man
5 Libra Man and Cancer Woman
6 Libra and Cancer friendship

Personality traits- Cancer

Cancer is ruled by ‘moon’. Just like the way with the change in tides, moon wanes and waxes; similarly the mood of Cancer changes often and they are quite known for that (both for better and for worse).

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Cancer people are quite sensitive and compassionate. They are sometimes, misunderstood by others since it is quite difficult for them to communicate their feelings especially when they are hurt. They are quite empathetic in nature and are emotionally evolved human beings. Since they are very soft, once they are hurt or if they have created a bad image of you, things between you and them will never change since they are quite unforgiving.

Cancer are ‘family people’ and ‘children loving’. Being quite faithful and dedicated in relationship also defines them. They are homely people and like to spend time with their loved ones.

Being creative, they excel in jobs of artistic nature. They should be given the freedom to carve the day to day work on their own rather than being supervised.

Some say that their sixth sense is quite strong and they make many choices based on them. They are reliable and dependable people and amongst the first to lend a helping hand.

They are ‘hardworking and persistent in their efforts’ and thus, will go to any extent to complete a task assigned to them.

Personality traits- Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values) which explains their calm and peaceful nature. They like to keep peace and harmony in every aspect of their life and thus, are people pleasers. They choose their words carefully so as to not hurt the sentiments of others and at the same time are able to put forth their point.

Libra are romantic at hearts and believe in stability in life. Hence, they take time in choosing their partners and their relationship means a lot to them. They keep their relationship close to their hearts, make great partners and are quite willing to fulfill their partner's sexual fantasies.

Librans are quite thoughtful and believes in making informed decisions rather than spontaneous ones.

Librans are great leaders and they use their charm and sometimes, manipulation to succeed in life.

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Cancer and Libra Compatibility

Libra being ruled by Venus is romantic by nature and Cancer being ruled by moon is full of emotions. They are similar in the way that both want love and would like to love and thus, want to have a long term relationship with their partners. However, these two zodiacs are quite different and compatibility between them is quite difficult to achieve.

There is fundamental difference in their emotional understanding of each other. Librans being intellectual would be perplexed and startled by the ever mood fluctuations and deep feelings of Cancer. The Cancer partner would be deeply hurt by the coldness and emotionally remote Libra partner.

This couple has different approaches to almost everything in life- financial matters, professional goals, companionship, affairs of state etc and thus, is always in conflict with each other.

Even their social outings will be a reason for stress between them since the gregarious Libra wants a public life, socializing with people and the homemaker Cancer would like to spend time with the loving family. 

The compatibility between them is thus, rather complicated because both these partners are passively aggressive.

However, their common desire for having a loving and caring family, stable and secured future might be the link to hold them together. If the couple is truly and madly in love with each other, this shared wish for domestic bliss might do the trick; however rarely their partnership is long lived.

The couple does admire certain traits in their partner. Libra likes the fact that Cancer are quite empathetic and want to make everyone feel comfortable and loved. Cancer appreciates the charm, intelligence and humour of Libra. However, the love between them is elusive and long term stability and peace is difficult to achieve between them.

Both these zodiacs want to dominate in the relationship; however they both are not emotionally so expressive and thus, their feelings would be most of the times repressed and not put forth in front of their partner.  Thus, this couple slowly starts to develop negative emotions towards each other.

If this couple wants the relationship to be long term, they both need to confront the problem in the present rather than ignoring them and not dealing with them.

The idealist Libra partner would always try to change or improve the Cancer partner which would be detested and there would be more mood swings by Cancer; the Libra partner would further force the Cancer partner and this cycle will go on ultimately causing detachment. 

These two zodiacs would find comfort and happiness somewhere else; being with each other would be rather distressing and emotionally torturing since they simply cannot understand each other.

Libra Woman and Cancer Man

When the empathetic, romantic and dependable Cancer man meets the charming, witty and intelligent Libra woman, both are surely to get attracted towards each other since they see in each other the qualities which they would like in their partner.

The Cancer man is attracted towards the stable, calm and peace loving Libra woman who can combat his emotional insecurities and soak the excess overflowing emotions. The Libra woman appreciates the fact that her Cancer man is always very loving and protective making her feel secured. Thus, it is a win win partnership for both of them.  

They are sexually also quite compatible with each other. The loving and emotional Cancer man would be initially soft and then aggressive; which would be met by romantic Libra woman with equal ardor. Their bedroom life speaks a lot about the hidden sensuality in either of them which is explored by their partner.

The compatibility between Cancer man and Libra woman can falter when the initial period of lovey dovey romance is over.

Both these partners seek a stable and comforting home but their approaches are quite different rather opposite. The Libra woman likes luxuries and artistic things and thus, would spend money on shopping with both hands in keeping her home decorated and secured. The Cancer man would be infuriated since money means a secured future for him.

In parenting, the Libra woman would allow her children to decide things on their own; develop their individualistic personalities and would not be much interfering. This would be seriously disliked by the loving Cancer father who feels that the children need to be groomed and prepared for the unseen future.

This couple in general is quite imaginative and ingenious in tackling with the problems. They would come up with some original, surprising and innovative ideas which would work well for them.

The Cancer man and Libra woman compatibility is quite strong because of the deep seated love for each other.

They are faithful and committed to each other honestly and would put in all their efforts to keep it working even in times of distress. Even if the magical thing called love has left their relationship, they would still stick in the partnership comforting and supporting each other.

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Libra Man and Cancer Woman

There is an instant attraction between Cancer woman and Libra woman when set off their eyes on each other. Both are seeking romantic, faithful and dependable partners which they can sense in each other. Thus, their relationship starts off on a very positive note.

Theirs would be a traditional courtship- gentle, slow marked with lot of romantic gifts. They would take before they are ready to explore each other sexually and by that time, they would have deeply understood their partners and absolutely crazy about each other.

The Libra man has an intelligent notion of the sex however the romantic Cancer woman makes him realize that there is much more to it; and together thus, enjoy all the steamy, romantic fantasies.

The Cancer woman admires the soft, intellectual, idealistic and compassionate Libra man and brings out his feminine side. The Libra man is enraptured by the romantic, calm, peace loving Cancer woman; he being slightly emotionally aloof brings out the masculine side of her woman. Thus, in this partnership there is balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Generally, the Libra man and Cancer woman pairing is excellent and they both make quite loving and caring parents who would work to provide stability and secured future to their children.

The one minor pitfall in their relationship is that as a couple they might become socially limited. For the Cancer woman; her man and her children complete the world. The Libra man is witty, sociable, and gregarious; however under the influence of his lady love (though there is no harm intended by her), he will be losing touch with his friends and relatives.

When they run into financial troubles or seek support for something else, their insular relationship will create difficulty for them since there would be nobody to whom they can go in times of need.

Generally, when the things are going well, this couple makes an excellent team work. Their partnership is loving, gentle and they are expressive about the way they feel about each other. Their paring is about meeting of heads and hearts- the intellect brought by the Libra man and the deep emotions brought by Cancer woman; thus making it an ideal combination. 

Libra and Cancer friendship

Libra and Cancer make great friends with both of them complementing each other. Both these zodiacs want the pleasures and comforts of life and seek stability and security in family life; thus they have shared interests and both are willing to put in hard work to achieve it.

Initially, they both might find each other quite dissimilar. However, as their friendship matures with time, their companionship would grow into a much deeper bond with admiration and respect for each other.

Cancer admires the intelligence, wit and charismatic personality of Libra. Libra finds comfort in the motherly and tender nature of Cancer.

There is a lot which both these friends could learn from each other. Libra friend being logical and practical would help Cancer friend in analyzing all the options given in a situation before coming to a conclusion. Cancer being a certain and clear in the thoughts would help Libra to become much more resolute and decisive.

Both these friends are family oriented and they devote time to spend with each other. They form a great team and are quite happy being friends with each other.

Their friendship has combination of coming together of head and heart. Cancer friend gives importance to emotions and feelings.  Libra friend emphasize on intellect and acumen. Thus, in a joint business venture; there is a great chance of success and would be quite supportive of each other.

There might be minor niggles in their friendship since sometimes; they would not understand each other’s thought processes. Cancer might get overly sentimental which would frustrate Libra. Cancer might feel ignored with Libra paying too much attention to intelligence and wisdom all the time. Agreeing with each other’s disagreements is the key to maintaining this friendship.

The most remarkable characteristic of friendship between Cancer and Libra is the common interests of both these partners. Cancer and Libra love comfort, pleasure, steadiness, and security. Their shared interests and goals make it possible for them to build a strong, sincere friendship.

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