Libra and Gemini: 200 shocking truths

Libra and Gemini: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Gemini
2 Personality traits- Libra
3 Gemini and Libra Compatibility
4 Libra Woman and Gemini Man
5 Libra Man and Gemini Woman
6 Libra and Gemini friendship

Personality traits- Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (the planet of information and technology) and is an air sign. Mercury has been termed as planetary messenger and thus, Gemini has been gifted with the talent of communicating with others quite easily and makes others at ease.

Being ‘talkative’ is what defines them. They simply love to talk. But it is not gibberish always, they love to have conversations which keep them mentally stimulated and challenge their intelligence. They are serious thinkers and intellect is everything for them. They have a logical approach to everything in life.

They are really curious and inquisitive by nature and thus, will keep poking in everybody’s business. But, they are storage of information and thus, one point where you can gather minute details about what is happening in other’s lives.

They are quite active and energetic and their mind always keeps on working/thinking about something or the other.  They do not believe in ageing with the time and thus, are pranksters and thus, their heart is always like a child- curious and active keeping them young. They are generally affectionate and loveable people.

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Sitting idle is difficult for them alongwith staying at home. They are social creatures and thus, their identity requires them to mix with people, have conversations and keep on learning about it from their experiences.

However, you should be a little cautious while having conversations with them. They are good at making conversations but they are not good at keeping whatever secrets you have confided in them and thus, may be known to everybody around you. It is thus, advisable that in conversations with them, you assume the role of listener and let them do the talking.

Personality traits- Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values) which explains their calm and peaceful nature. They like to keep peace and harmony in every aspect of their life and thus, are people pleasers. They choose their words carefully so as to not hurt the sentiments of others and at the same time are able to put forth their point.

Libra are romantic at hearts and believe in stability in life. Hence, they take time in choosing their partners and their relationship means a lot to them. They keep their relationship close to their hearts, make great partners and are quite willing to fulfill their partner's sexual fantasies.

Librans are quite thoughtful and believes in making informed decisions rather than spontaneous ones.

Librans are great leaders and they use their charm and sometimes, manipulation to succeed in life.

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Gemini and Libra Compatibility

The compatibility between Gemini and Libra is the meeting of the Idealist and the Communicator of the zodiac. True to their nature, their relationship will be fast moving, lively, energizing and will have an element of spontaneity added in it. Both these partners prefer it that way and may look forward to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Libra partner being a perfectionist and an idealist always strive for their improvement and would find a partner in Gemini who would be willing to listen to their heart's content. The Gemini partner is always ready for any kind of discussion and debate and hence, this shared activity would make way for a strong friendship turning into a great romance.

Both Gemini and Libra are sociable and gregarious by nature and hence, they would have a large set of friends. Social gatherings and outings will be common in their relationship. Together, they would make a great couple entertaining the guests, encouraging people surrounding them. They both gel very easily with each other and with others also which would become a characteristic of their partnership.

Libra are born romantic and the Gemini in love can also be very romantic. Hence, datings, flowers, soft music and candle light dinners would be common in their relationship. The spark and the magic in their companionship would not fade away easily, thanks to the continuous efforts both partners put in their romantic relationship.

One of the major area of potential problem can be the non committal nature of Gemini partner. Gemini flits easily and are flirtatious by nature (Libra too are flirtatious) and the Libra partner may remain disturbed and unsatisfied thinking that the harmless flirting can sometimes become serious too.

For the compatibility between Gemini and Libra to stay stable, Gemini must show that they are truly committed to their relationship.

This solid partnership may also face problem when life would throw challenges at them. Both are not so good at facing the problems which lie ahead and would simply act as though there is no issue at all. Their partnership may be bolstered if either of the partner takes a lead in sorting out the problems in life.

Arguments and rows would be scarce in this companionship since Libra is a peace lover and Gemini partner can easily see that any arguments/disagreements easily upset the Libra partner. Hence, they would discuss and debate the issues and will amicably try to resolve them.

The compatibility between Gemini and Libra is fun, wide ranging, good humored and can easily go a long way with both the partners willing to compromise whenever required to save this relationship.

Libra Woman and Gemini Man

The pair between Gemini man and Libra woman is a match of two air signs. These two partners mutually like each other and develops a strong friendship between them which gives way to a relationship, romantic in nature.

Both Gemini man and Libra woman like to socialize and hence, there would be lot of social gatherings and outings which would keep them busy and happy. Together, they form a lively, encouraging and entertaining couple and hence, would be of help to each other as well to the people surrounding them.

The couple would have lot of discussions and debates which will be mentally stimulating as well as satisfying. They love to talk to each other which will always keep the spark and the magic between them alive. They are good at communicating ideas to each other which will keep both the partners happy.

The Libra woman is peace loving and harmonious by nature compared to the Gemini man who loves to argue all the time. The Libra woman after a certain period in their relationship would find herself tired and bored of their arguments and would simply give in to whatever her Gemini man says. She, however knows this very well that the Gemini man is fair and balanced like her and see every side of the situation like her.

Libra is symbolised by scales and in this joyous and fun loving partner, both the partners would be equal and fair to each other. The duties and the responsibilities would be equally divided between them whether it is bringing grocery from the market or leaving children to the school etc. they may take turns in everyday chores of the life.

One major area where their compatibility may face challenge would be due to the fickleness nature of Gemini man. The Gemini man is a flirt and as per him, his flirtations are harmless. The Libra woman is interested in settling down with a long term commitment and she might feel hurt because of his flirtatious attitude. The Gemini man would have to dispel his woman's fear otherwise she may become depressed.

Overall, in general, this couple is fun loving, mutually like and respect each other, have genuine friendship with each other and are willing to compromise to keep their relationship going. They would always keep their partnership interesting by witty remarks and fun and action together.

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Libra Man and Gemini Woman

The Libra man and Gemini woman are the most sociable signs in the zodiac and they are attracted towards each other because of the same reasons. Both would have a wide network of friends and will spend quite a considerable amount of time socializing with others and mixing with people.

They both have a natural flair in putting people at ease in their company. Both these signs are fun loving, friendly and gregarious and would love to talk to each other for hours and hours. Both make great friends but that spark, the deeper emotional connection between lovers is missing between them. These partners have the potential to make a great couple for life time, however it is a case of slight amiss.

They would definitely spend lovely moments in the bedroom but since both these partners keep their emotions at bay, the soul connection between them never develops. It would be all happy, fun and lively but things would be slightly superficial between them which would be realised by both of them over a period of time leaving them to wonder whether they would be better off with some other partner.

There is mismatch between this couple in terms of their relationship goals as well. The Libra man seeks stability and commitment and would like to settle down after some time in relationship.

The Gemini woman is fickle minded, she is famous for flirting and she is not sure whether she would like to be with the same man for lifetime. Her dilly dally attitude and always that chance of straying away in the relationship would be too much to bear for the Libra man who is sensitive by nature. The Gemini woman, on the other hand would feel that her Libra man is being pestering and clingy in wanting to settle down. 

Both Libra man and Gemini woman are not high tempered and rather prefer peace and harmony in their relationships. Thus, any discord and disagreements between them would be settled verbally and with witty remarks.

The Libra man would sometimes, take the lead in sorting out the issues between them and the Gemini woman, if she wants would compromise and fits in to the suggestions given by her lover.

However, both these partners are not that deeply emotionally attached to each other. Whenever they decide to part the ways, chances are that the Gemini woman would call off the shots. The Libra man is intelligent and would foresee this coming.

The couple likes each other however would have realised that they are simply not made for each other and would part off in amicable manner with a tinge of regret- the compatibility was almost there, but just not quite.

Libra and Gemini friendship

Libra and Gemini generally make great friends. Both possess same intellectual skills, love to socialize and have dual character. Together in a friendship, they bring lot of energy. Libra are good at initiating things and Gemini are good at finishing things once it has been started. Thus, their friendship can be fruitful and beneficial to both of them.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and thus, are simply the best at making conversations. Libra is ruled by Venus and thus, they are passionate in nature and peace loving people.

Thus, together they make a great team. These friends would have less disagreements between them and any issues would be resolved amicably. The Gemini friend would not take any arguments to their heart and the Libra friend can go to great lengths to avoid any kind of discord between them.

Gemini and Libra are both air signs and thus, they have strong empathy for each other. They both like mentally stimulating talks and challenges; however their interests may vary which may cause certain amount of friction between them.

Gemini friend is happy to be in the background and would help Libra friend in finishing off the endeavors started by them. Libra friend provides the freedom and independence of thinking which is so much craved by the Gemini friend.

The most remarkable feature of friendship between Gemini and Libra is their similarity of character, their quality to work and gel well together, and their joint mental strength. They can inform each other to new things and view of life. The comparable intellectual skills and shared goals of them make them a spectacular pair.

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