Pisces and Aries: 200 shocking truths

Pisces and Aries: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Aries
2 Personality traits- Pisces
3 Aries and Pisces Compatibility
4 Pisces Woman and Aries Man
5 Pisces Man and Aries Woman
6 Pisces and Aries friendship

Personality traits- Aries

Aries being a “fire” sign is full of passion. It is ruled by Mars (planet of sexuality and sexual energy) which naturally explains their high sexual drive. They may keep changing their partners to satisfy their sexual needs. However, once committed they are deeply and passionately romantic.

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An Aries is considered to be traditional romantic and you may encounter all those fairy love tales while dating an Aries. Aries are flirtatious (harmless) by nature and enjoy casual flirting. It is difficult to not see his/her efforts in wooing you.

Aries does not want to follow people rather they like to lead them. They wish to give commands rather than obey them. Since, Aries likes to lead, they also love to encourage and motivate others.

Aries are generally hardworkers and they believe in putting all the efforts to get to the top or to the position of authority.

All the above mentioned qualities of an Aries are coupled with high levels of energy. They like spontaneity in life and like plans which are instantly made.

Aries are argumentative and like to discuss and argue on matters close to them. However, Aries does not take criticism well. At the same time, Aries believes in living in present and do not hold grudges against people. They have quite a short temper which is explosive. But it goes away very quickly. And, they easily forget the reason for causing them so much anger.

Personality traits- Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (the planet of dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and deception) and is a ‘water’ sign. Since the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, Pisces are deep thinkers and they can be quite mysterious as well. Being water sign, they are emotional and quite intuitive.

They are considered to be super romantic and can write poems and verses for their lover. They can be quite charming when it comes to planning dates and yes, it would be difficult not to get swayed away by them for being so sweet, romantic, helpful and wise.

Pisces are really helpful people and would seldom say no for any help which you may required and are thus, quite reliable. Thus, they also expect others to be around when they need them. Thus, they get easily fooled sometimes, and are quite susceptible to foul play. They being innocent fall prey and become victim to self-pity.

Pisces are introvert by nature and homely people. They need their alone time which could be in the form of listening to music, napping or reading fiction etc. Thus, they may become spoilsport sometimes, when others are in the mood to party.

Pisces are big time dreamers and thus, they lose touch with reality many times. While Pisces don’t like being criticized, they’re tolerant and forgiving by nature.

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Aries and Pisces Compatibility

One may have doubts for Aries and Pisces compatibility since they have completely different personality traits. But surprisingly, their compatibility is quite good because of Pisces nature of tolerance and being wise.

Pisces are intuitive so they can see the vulnerable, weak, always requiring reassurance and validation Aries beneath their harsh, brash, straightforward and aggressive Aries. They develop such deep understanding of Aries that they become quite tolerant and thus, bear with their tantrums and outbursts.

The Aries over period of time start understanding the value of Pisces partner and thus, melt their ways a little. To make their relationship work, sacrifices are made by Pisces partner but they are willing to do that because of their gentle, selfless and martyr nature.

In terms of romance, theirs will be a highly spiritual and tender relationship. The dreamer, soft, gentle, intuitive Pisces intrigues Aries deeply and thus, Aries also develop interest towards learning the spiritual, mystical and emotional side of the life.

In this relationship, Aries would encourage and motivate Pisces to work on their dreams and bring it to reality. The much required impetus and spark would be given by Aries partner to their Pisces partner. Thus, both are happy in this relationship since Aries like to lead and get this opportunity with Pisces, and the compatibility further flares up. The Aries partner will take the limelight and the Pisces partner through their intuition and wisdom will subtly influence the decisions jointly.

When both fire and water sign come together, the sexual relationship between the partners gets steamy. When Pisces take the attention of Aries, it would be time before they start dating. Pisces being dreamers and emotional like to be wooed and chased and nobody can beat the determined Aries when it comes to chasing.

There would be long courtship period before sexual relationship start between them.

The relationship between Aries and Pisces couple will not get the attention of public because it is not part of Pisces nature to display the rages and the differences between the couple in public. Rather, the Aries would be quite peaceful with Pisces compared to other zodiacs and the emotional tantrums, screams and shouts would is part of Aries’ personality, will be dealt by dignity of Pisces. However, the dreamer and unrealistic Pisces would want Aries partner to cool down completely which would never happen and Pisces will accept this over time.

Only when their relationship is not going through a good phase, there will be chances of it breaking completely. The Pisces partner may suffer nervous and emotional breakdown if faced with fierce rage of Aries partner and Aries may get further frustrated and irritated seeing Pisces behave this way. Both partners may loose patience with each other and thus, their relationship might snap altogether which would be regretted badly by both of them in the future.

Pisces Woman and Aries Man

Pisces woman’s intuition and her ability to see the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of Aries man behind his harsh, rude, brash and selfish behavior is the main reason for the compatibility in this relationship. These weaknesses rather than the strengths make her fall for him and she develops enormous patience and tolerance towards her Aries man.

Pisces woman love for her Aries man makes her tolerate the temper of Aries much better than any other Zodiac. The Aries man knows and understands that he can hurt the gentle, compassionate Pisces woman easily. But when they fall in love, the Aries man protective instincts are on and he becomes much more caring towards her and holds his temper as much as possible. An Aries man can also be soft; a Pisces woman knows this and brings it out from him. Gradually, an Aries man comes to realize how lucky he is to have Pisces woman as a partner.

There is lot which both Aries man and Pisces woman can learn from each other. A Pisces woman being a deep thinker suffers from so many worries about the world and living also can seem a challenge to her. The Aries man comes as a hero and provides her the inner strength and encourages her to look at the broader picture.  The Pisces woman encourages Aries man to listen to his intuition and look for inner peace. She also influences him for becoming selfless.

Aries being a fire sign and Pisces being a water sign, the sexual relationship between these two zodiacs is quite steamy. They share an intense sexual drive for each other and display it also to each other. The Pisces woman is loyal, faithful and trustworthy, so there is no jealousy and feeling of possessiveness from Aries man. The Aries man is quite committed to his Pisces partner and thus, show loyalty as well.

When things are going well in their relationship, Aries man and Pisces woman share a blissful compatibility with each other. The Aries man is highly ambitious and has leadership qualities which have now received the worldly wisdom and compassion of Pisces woman.

However, when there is trouble in the relationship, Aries man can inflict severe emotional wounds to Pisces woman and can leave her in sea of tears. Pisces woman is actually crazily in love with the Aries man and may never recover also. The Aries man also adores his Pisces woman and feels guilty seeing his lady in tears. This would further saddened Aries man and the relationship may thus, not last long.

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Pisces Man and Aries Woman

Pisces man and Aries woman belong to neighboring zodiac signs, but have little in common if you see their personality traits. However, when you unravel their exteriors, you will find that they have a very deep connection and there is lot which both partner can learn from each other for their own betterment.

The Pisces man is gentle, compassionate and eager to help. He has a certain mystic aura and spirituality around himself which an Aries woman finds attractive. She can feel that this man can change her for the better and yes, he has the ability to awaken her spirituality and shed off some of the selfish attitude which is a part of her personality.

The Aries woman is confident, straightforward and full of life. The Pisces man finds himself attracted towards this lady but not to her strengths but to her vulnerabilities and weaknesses which he can see through his intuitiveness.

Their sexual relationship is bound to be steamy since it is a match between fire and water sign. Aries are traditionally romantic and Pisces are also deeply romantic. Thus, they would keep expressing their feelings and love for each other. The Pisces man would be deeply supportive of his Aries lady; and the Aries lady will be fiercely protective of her gentle, compassionate and loving Pisces man.

Their relationship would thrive because Pisces man truly adores his Aries woman and the Aries woman realizes that she is truly lucky to have this man in her life.

There will be troubles also in Pisces man and Aries woman relationship. The Aries woman will shout, scream and show emotional tantrums in fit of rage which will deeply hurt the sensibilities of Pisces man and can emotionally scar him. Though she has fallen for the mystic and dreamer Pisces man, over a period of time she would realize that these dreams’ are meaningless and useless if cannot be converted into reality and thus, would become impatient and irritated with him.

However, their love for each other transcends these minor irritations and the couple manages to come closer and share a beautiful bond which has quite high chances of lasting lifetime.

Pisces and Aries friendship

Pisces and Aries friendship bring each other the much required activeness and calmness respectively in each other’s lives. Theirs is a beneficial relationship which works out well for both of them. Though on paper, the compatibility between both these zodiacs seems difficult, in reality there is a much balanced relationship because of Pisces very important quality of intuitiveness.

Aries are born leaders and loves to encourage and motivate people. Aries realizes that Pisces is a dreamer but lacks initiative in putting those dreams on pen and paper.  Thus, Aries provide the much required impetus and push to Pisces which help them in converting those dreams to reality.

Pisces are happy to assist rather than lead and thus, whenever Aries assume the role of leaders, Pisces are eager to help them succeed. Thus, Aries doesn’t get any threat from Pisces friend. Aries also get confident of their loyalty and trust and start relying on them as a close partner.

Pisces being gentle and calm brings out the softer side of Aries and thus, Aries become quite protective of their Pisces friend. They get to play Hero and ‘here comes the savior’ whenever Pisces are in trouble.

A Pisces can see beneath the harsh, rude and brash facade of Aries and thus, provide an escape to him whenever he is vulnerable. The Pisces slows always active Aries and help him enjoy the small pleasures of life rather than running behind the big ones.

An Aries brings adventures and excitement in the otherwise dull life of Pisces and make him enjoy in parties and trekking etc. A Pisces influence Aries to ease a bit and be a little more passive in life.

However, since they have such opposite traits, it is possible that Pisces may try to soften Aries too much which will not work with them. The Aries might in the fit of rage hurts Pisces so much that it is difficult for them to continue with their friendship.

The best part of an Aries-Pisces friendship is how much they are willing to learn from each other. Aries could show Pisces how to turn dreams into reality rather than keep them as dreams, while Pisces could show Aries how to be selfless, understanding and thoughtful and how to take in failures and disappointments calmly.

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