Pisces and Gemini: 200 shocking truths

Pisces and Gemini: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Gemini
2 Personality traits- Pisces
3 Gemini and Pisces Compatibility
4 Pisces Woman and Gemini Man
5 Pisces Man and Gemini Woman
6 Pisces and Gemini friendship

Personality traits- Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (the planet of information and technology) and is an air sign. Mercury has been termed as planetary messenger and thus, Gemini has been gifted with the talent of communicating with others quite easily and makes others at ease.

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Being ‘talkative’ is what defines them. They simply love to talk. But it is not gibberish always, they love to have conversations which keep them mentally stimulated and challenge their intelligence. They are serious thinkers and intellect is everything for them. They have a logical approach to everything in life.

They are really curious and inquisitive by nature and thus, will keep poking in everybody’s business.

They are quite active and energetic and their mind always keeps on working/thinking about something or the other. They are generally affectionate and loveable people.

Sitting idle is difficult for them alongwith staying at home. They are social creatures and thus, their identity requires them to mix with people, have conversations and keep on learning about it from their experiences.

However, you should be a little cautious while having conversations with them.

Personality traits- Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (the planet of dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and deception) and is a ‘water’ sign. Since the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, Pisces are deep thinkers and they can be quite mysterious as well. Being water sign, they are emotional and quite intuitive.  

They are considered to be super romantic and can write poems and verses for their lover.

Pisces are really helpful people and would seldom say no for any help which you may require and are thus, quite reliable. Thus, they also expect others to be around when they need them. Thus, they get easily fooled sometimes, and are quite susceptible to foul play. They being innocent fall prey and become victim to self-pity.

Pisces are introvert by nature and homely people. They need their alone time which could be in the form of listening to music, napping or reading fiction etc. Thus, they may become spoilsport sometimes, when others are in the mood to party.

Pisces are big time dreamers and thus, they lose touch with reality many times. While Pisces don’t like being criticized, they’re tolerant and forgiving by nature.

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Gemini and Pisces Compatibility

A state of compatibility is very difficult to achieve between the Dreamer and the Communicator of the zodiac. This pair can become very good friends indeed, however a relationship romantic in nature is not sustainable between them for a long time.

Pisces is emotionally very sensitive compared to the Gemini who is not in touch with their emotions and can be superficial many times when dealing with the emotions of others.

Both these partners are not bad tempered and hence, rows and arguments will be rare in their partnership. When both these partners are able to connect to each other, their companionship can be very beautiful.

However, in most of the cases, they simply fail to understand each other since they lie on extreme ends when it comes to dealing in emotions.

Pisces need a partner who can understand or sympathize with the whirlpool of emotions they go through and the logical, fickle minded, always on the go mode Gemini doesn't have time for emotions; it is simply not their area.

Gemini understands people well and thus, superficially they would say the right things to Pisces partner most of the time. Pisces are easily gullible and hence, would be deceived.

But during one of those emotional moments; it would become clear that Gemini is shallow when it comes to emotions and not adept at it. Thus, the trust between the partners would be broken down.

Thus, their compatibility becomes stifled with the Pisces partner bogged down by the emotional aloofness and coolness of Gemini partner who in turn is frustrated by ever growing demands of Pisces partner.

When there is true love between this couple, both partners would try and adjust according to each other. Together, they would try and understand each other's behaviors and mood swings and over a period of time would not find their partner's behaviour coming as a surprise.

The relationship between this couple would definitely not be easy and their compatibility would be just out of reach, no matter how much efforts the partners put in. 

The compatibility between Pisces and Gemini doesn't work out most of the times since the Pisces partner doesnt get the emotional support from the Gemini partner and the Gemini partner doesnt get the requisite space and individual freedom in their relationship.

If this relationship would have worked out somehow, they could have created a remarkable joint power since it would have been the pairing of intuition of Pisces partner with the intellect of Gemini partner.

They both are gentle and kind hearted people but they are simply not made for each other. They genuinely admire and care about each other deeply but their compatibility simply fails.

The Gemini partner would thus, suggest to the Pisces partner that they should separate their ways to which the ultra sensitive Pisces partner would beg to give their relationship one chance and this simply goes on.

The compatibility between Gemini and Pisces can work in theory but in real life, their compatibility is not simple and with all the probable chances, this couple would not be happy in this relationship.

Pisces Woman and Gemini Man

The relationship between Gemini man and Pisces woman can become very very beautiful if it works out otherwise it can be traumatic and hurting if it doesn't go in the direction it was desired.

The Gemini man is fascinated with the mystical and magical Pisces lady who in turn find him amusing and entertaining and kind hearted. Both these signs are essentially gentle and compassionate and thus, they would not try to hurt each other at least intentionally.

Both Gemini man and Pisces woman are adaptable and flexible signs, thus, they would put their best efforts to understand each other and let their compatibility work.

The Gemini man would use his rational approach to allay the fears and anxieties of Pisces woman who in turn would help him in getting in touch with his emotions and show more emotional attachment.

The major potential problem between this couple is the difference in the emotional levels of both these partners. The Pisces woman is ultra sensitive lady and thus, may feel whirlpool of emotions with the slightest amount of either happiness or sadness.

The Gemini man doesn't understand this level of emotional extremity and may fail to comfort his lady during those troubled times.

Both these partners need to come to a middle ground to get that state of compatibility between them. The Pisces woman should put in efforts to calm down her sensitivities and the Gemini man should try harder to understand her lady's emotions and get in touch with his own emotions as well.

If they are able to reach that middle ground, both being creative and imaginative can do wonderful things.

When everything is going good between this couple, the Gemini man's flirting would come to the fore (though he means nothing by it) and the Pisces woman will get seriously emotionally hurt and will go into one of her depressing phases. 

Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility is fragile which can be broken by even slightest of the errors by Gemini man as it becomes difficult for her to trust him again.

Both these partners are very nice and would not like to hurt each other. The Gemini man loves his Pisces lady, tell her the right things and means them also but he doesn't find himself equipped to handle the extreme emotions of her. But somehow, it is not enough for the Pisces lady who feels that he doesn't feel so deeply as she does about things.

If this couple realize in the initial stages of their relationship that it is difficult for them to go along with each other for a long time, no lasting damage is done. However, if they stay together for a long time, both would hurt each other very deeply not intentionally but because they would fail to live upto their partner's expectations.

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Pisces Man and Gemini Woman

The pair of Pisces man and Gemini woman is meeting of air and water signs. The compatibility between them is difficult to achieve but when they are able to do so, it can be a imaginative and magical relationship between the two.

The Pisces man and Gemini woman will make great friends telling stories and having the fun in life; however they fail to connect with each other on a more deeper, emotional level. The reason being Gemini woman being an air sign, is not in touch with her emotions and she maintains an emotional distance, an aloofness.

The Pisces man, on the other hand is a very sensitive emotional and intuitive guy. He simply doesn't understand the amount of logic his Gemini woman puts in everything. He feels that why cannot see things the way they are, rather than putting rationality behind everything.

Both these signs are good at communication; however it is sad that they are not able to effectively communicate with each other.

The Gemini woman talks to her Pisces man but it is all airy, superficial and light. The Pisces man is overwhelmed with his emotions and he doesn't know how to put all of them in front of his Gemini woman.

Living and feeling such deep emotions is alien to Gemini woman and she gets bogged by all this. Thus, the compatibility between Gemini woman and Pisces man is a tricky affair.

Both Gemini woman and Pisces man do not have much of temper and hence, rows, shouting and arguments would be rare in their relationship. However, both of them would remain tensed about themselves, their partner and their relationship.

The Gemini woman will keep worrying that whether her Pisces man is going through one of his emotional lows phases, or whether she has been able to allay his fears and worries. She keeps worrying constantly and is not able to relax.

The Pisces man is not able to trust his Gemini woman completely because of her flirtatious nature and keep worrying that she might stray off. He also knows that she doesn't understand him completely which further add to his worries.

This couple is also not completely honest with each other when there are tough times. The Pisces man would lie simply because he doesn't want any confrontations, and the Gemini woman would lie because she can lie easily.

The Gemini woman would like to discuss the issues but the Pisces man being a dreamer doesn't want to face the realities and thus, would avoid discussions at all cost.

The Gemini woman has wanted a lover, however she feels that she has been tied down and has an emotional child at hand whom she doesn't know how to handle. She would understand that it is not working between both of them and the magic has faded and she would decide that it be better off with some another partner who is less complicated.

Pisces and Gemini friendship

The friendship between Gemini and Pisces can be interesting since Gemini brings logic and rationale and Pisces bring dreams, imaginations and creativity to their partnership.

Both these zodiacs are gentle, honest, straightforward, flexible and thus, adaptable to each other.

Both Pisces and Gemini have sympathy and understanding of each other and thus, they form a strong, deep friendship. Pisces are very sensitive by nature and thus, the Gemini friend should be careful with words and actions so as to not hurt their sentiments.

Since both these partners are not ill tempered and doesn't get angered easily, arguments and would be scarce in their friendship and would be easily forgotten as well. Both these friends do not bear grudges and hence, they move on hardly having any bad feelings for each other.

In this friendship, the Gemini friend would come up with new ideas, plans and scheme of things and the Pisces friend would be happy to support them in the endeavors.

Gemini being an air sign places lot of importance on intellect and Pisces being a water sign gives importance to emotions and feelings. Thus, their friendship is an interesting combination and it would be characterised with action.

Sometimes, between these two friends, there might be misunderstandings and communication issues. However, they have lively imagination and issues are solved quickly.

The Pisces friend being ultrasensitive might get upset and put down easily especially if they feel that the Gemini friend is not able to comprehend their emotions well.

Both Gemini and Pisces friend are bendable making them compatible with each other. In their joint ventures, they would give the deserving friend the chance to take the limelight and being the centre of attraction.

The Gemini friend is fickle mined and thus, loses interest easily in the ventures and then, the Pisces friend would also move from that venture.

The most unique characteristic of friendship between Gemini and Pisces is their common desire to attain knowledge and use their intellect. They are similar in nature and compatible with each other; thus forming a sound, lasting friendship.

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