Pisces and Libra: 200 shocking truths

Pisces and Libra: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Libra
2 Personality traits- Pisces
3 Libra and Pisces Compatibility
4 Pisces Woman and Libra Man
5 Pisces Man and Libra Woman
6 Pisces and Libra friendship

Personality traits- Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and values) which explains their calm and peaceful nature. They like to keep peace and harmony in every aspect of their life and thus, are people pleasers. They choose their words carefully so as to not hurt the sentiments of others and at the same time are able to put forth their point.

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Libra are romantic at hearts and believe in stability in life.

Libra are quite thoughtful and believes in making informed decisions rather than spontaneous ones.

Libra are great leaders and they use their charm and sometimes, manipulation to succeed in life.

Personality traits- Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (the planet of dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and deception) and is a ‘water’ sign. Since the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, Pisces are deep thinkers and they can be quite mysterious as well. Being water sign, they are emotional and quite intuitive.  

They are considered to be super romantic and can write poems and verses for their lover. They can be quite charming when it comes to planning dates and yes, it would be difficult not to get swayed away by them for being so sweet, romantic, helpful and wise.

Pisces are really helpful people and would seldom say no for any help which you may require and are thus, quite reliable. Thus, they also expect others to be around when they need them. Thus, they get easily fooled sometimes, and are quite susceptible to foul play. They being innocent fall prey and become victim to self-pity.

Pisces are introvert by nature and homely people. They need their alone time which could be in the form of listening to music, napping or reading fiction etc. Thus, they may become spoilsport sometimes, when others are in the mood to party.

Pisces are big time dreamers and thus, they lose touch with reality many times. While Pisces don’t like being criticized, they’re tolerant and forgiving by nature.

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Libra and Pisces Compatibility

Libra and Pisces are two of the most romantic signs in the zodiac, and when they come together, their relationship is bound to be characterised by all the beautiful things you would have read in a romantic fairy tale- poetry and verses for the lover, candle light dinners, soft music, being wrapped in each other's arms cosily, surprise dates, gifting flowers etc.

This couple would be quite demonstrative of their love to each other and their companionship is marked with affection, genuine kindness and care for each other.

However, things between them remains rosy only in good times. Theirs is a complex relationship with wide variety of emotions; it has the ability to survive provided both partners are willing to put genuine efforts towards it and can find out ways to work towards it.

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac and creates a fantasy world where there are no worries and which is perfect. Libra is the Idealist of the zodiac and wants the same perfect world; however in reality and not in dreams.

Thus, the compatibility between Libra and Pisces is tested when they are faced with the challenges of the real world. Both these signs are prone to escapism and thus, can go into a state of denial.

The Libra partner would like to discuss, strategise and find out ways by which they can solve their problems and can go back to that happy picture. Pisces are sentimental by nature and would want the Libra partner to understand their emotional state at this juncture.

Thus, the Libra partner may find the Pisces partner to be meek and vulnerable while the Pisces partner may feel that the Libra partner is emotionally detached and aloof.

If the issues do not resolve and the bad times continue, the Pisces partner may become addicted to alcohol or drugs; thus escaping the real world altogther. The Libra partner being a peace loving person would avoid any discord and conflicts and will keep strategising and hoping for the problem to be solved.

Both Pisces and Libra are emotional human beings but they need to get in touch with the reality which would help in salvaging their relationship.

Generally, the couple is true, gentle, kind and loving towards each other. There is a huge possibility that their compatibility will become challenging during difficult times; however there is a spiritual link between these two zodiacs which can harbor their relationship to a safe shore.

When this couple is truly in love with each other, both would go to any lengths to salvage their compatibility which is a good news for their relationship. There is some magical connection between the two which cannot be underestimated and which provides strong chances to keep their relationship long lasting.

Pisces Woman and Libra Man

Both Libra man and Pisces woman are indeed romantic and when they fall in love; theirs is a very magical and spiritual relationship. However, both these people are prone to escapism and their compatibility may suffer badly in times of trouble which leaves a big question mark as to whether they would be able to steer through the bad times together.

Everything is sweet and rosy between them when the life is going good. However, their compatibility is thoroughly tested when life throws challenges at them.

The Libra man is an idealist and a perfectionist. He always strive to find the best. He is a sensitive man and thus, accepting reality can be tough for him.

The Pisces woman is an escapist at heart and would like to live in fantasy world free of worries.

Thus, when the going gets tough, both these partners are not adept at handling each other as well as oneself.  The Libra man would try to find that perfect elusive solution. The Pisces woman may simply shut off herself emotionally and may try and find comfort in alcohol or drugs or some other sort of negative influence.

The Pisces woman would feel that her Libra man is not as moved or disturbed as she is and would see this as some sort of betrayal. The Libra man indeed is perturbed by the troubled times; he is just proactively looking for solutions to deal with it.

However, when the things are going well, it is a sweet, tender and romantic compatibility with good sexual chemistry between the couple. They both would like to talk, discuss and dream about the ideal fantasy world full of happiness.

The timings between the Libra man and Pisces woman doesn't match- one wants to communicate and the other doesn't. If the Pisces woman gathers enough emotional courage to discuss issues with her Libra man; she would feel that he has become emotionally aloof and detached.

The Libra man might have decided to simply ignore the issue in order to avoid conflict. As a couple, they might find it difficult to handle issues of parenting, health, finance etc.

Another major problem in compatibility between Pisces woman and Libra man is the fact that neither of the partner is honest in their relationship. The Libra man always want to avoid conflict and issues and thus, would choose the path which has least resistance even though he may not agree to it.

The Pisces woman can easily lie to herself and her partner though with good intentions; the lack of truth and frankness between the couple causes some serious issues between them.

Ultimately, this couple would realise that they are good together when life is good and their compatibility falls into pieces when the road ahead is tough. They might be better off with a different partner who is strong enough to let them steer through the difficult times.

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Pisces Man and Libra Woman

The Pisces man and Libra woman both are very romantic by nature. They are sweet, gentle, loving and caring people. The Libra woman is drawn towards the spiritual side of the Pisces man  who in turn is in awe of the social ease, charm and grace of the Libra woman.  Thus, their relationship is headed off to a great start.

Their courtship period would be magical with poems, verses, sweet talks, candlelight dinners and night outs. They would love basking in each other's company.

Sexually also, Libra woman and Pisces man are compatible with each other. The emotional and sensual approach of Pisces man towards sex would warm the Libra woman and together, they would dive into the depths of passion and glamor.

There is mismatch between this couple when it comes to handling emotions. The Pisces man needs a partner who can handle him when he is overwhelmed with emotions. The Libra woman would not know how to deal in such situations and handle her man when he is emotionally down.

The Libra woman is seeking a partner who is loyal, faithful, dependable and willing to enter into long term commitment. The Pisces man can get into affair if he is not happy with his woman. Also, he may enter into depression and stop communication even if he is not unfaithful towards his Libra woman. The relationship between Libra woman and Pisces man is complex.

This couple has a strong shared sense of idealism and perfection. The Libra woman would always try to make their compatibility perfect and would not be party to any rows or arguments. The Pisces man is flexible and adaptable and thus, would try to adjust as per the needs and demands of his Libra woman for a perfect companionship.

This positive note also tends to become curse for them since when there is a reality check, both fall from the levels which they have set for each other and for oneself. Thus, they may go into an escape mode. The Pisces man will take help of drugs or alcohol and the Libra woman may find comfort with some other man.

The compatibility between Pisces man and Libra woman is not strong and robust enough to steer through bad times and having realised this, they would part their ways.

Pisces and Libra friendship

Libra and Pisces understand each other well and hence, they form a wonderful friendship. These two star signs are well matched with each other for friendship.

Differences and arguments would be scarce in their friendship. And whatever, disagreements would be between them will be resolved amicably.

Both these signs look for variety of options, keeps flitting from one option to another and ultimately, wont be able to zero down on one option.

The partnership between Pisces and Libra is a combination of both mental intellect and sentiments by both the signs. They would go for outings, adventures, watch TV, read books and may do cooking together. Both would sometimes, love to spend time sitting idle and absolutely doing nothing.

Libra are good at initiating schemes and the Pisces friend would support them in their endeavors. These two friends are gentle and unassuming and there would rarely be any conflict between them as to who should get credit and limelight for their joint actions.

The most unique characteristic of friendship between Libra and Pisces is their desire to be of service to each other, as well as to the people surrounding them. Libra and Pisces are energetic and zealous, and look for strong, long lasting friendship. Their similarity in nature, and their shared desires and goals make them well suited for each other.

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