Pisces and Sagittarius: 200 shocking truths

Pisces and Sagittarius: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Sagittarius
2 Personality traits- Pisces
3 Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility
4 Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man
5 Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman
6 Pisces and Sagittarius friendship

Personality traits- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (planet of faith, positivism and optimism) and thus, they are extremely optimistic towards life. It is very difficult to lower their faith and bring them down in life. They use their positive energy along with their dreams to win battles in life and their idealistic nature always makes them strive for perfection.

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Sagittarius are the centre of attraction in any gathering as their humour makes you laugh like mad. Their gregarious and charming personality added with smooth talking helps in making new friends. Also, they are quite helpful people and come handy to people who are needy.  Saying ‘no’ is a problem for them and hence, they have to show a sorry face sometimes when they are unable to meet the commitment since there is so many of them.

Family is their topmost priority and they are quite caring about their loved ones. They are adventure seeking people and generally, love to travel.

Sagittarius are born curious people. They like the change, boring details don’t hold their attention for a long time; they are always on ‘go’ mode and thus, they are poor in committing relationships. They are quite stubborn and hence, sometimes their relationships even become worse because of this personality trait (since a relationship requires partners to adjust and being flexible).

They tend to be impatient sometimes and thus, have to suffer because of that.  If they are not in good mood, they can be very sharp with their words and unintentionally, hurt the sentiments of others.

Personality traits- Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (the planet of dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and deception) and is a ‘water’ sign. Since the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, Pisces are deep thinkers and they can be quite mysterious as well. Being water sign, they are emotional and quite intuitive.  

They are considered to be super romantic and can write poems and verses for their lover. They can be quite charming when it comes to planning dates and yes, it would be difficult not to get swayed away by them for being so sweet, romantic, helpful and wise.

Pisces are really helpful people and would seldom say no for any help which you may require and are thus, quite reliable. Thus, they also expect others to be around when they need them. Thus, they get easily fooled sometimes, and are quite susceptible to foul play. They being innocent fall prey and become victim to self-pity.

Pisces are introvert by nature and homely people. They need their alone time which could be in the form of listening to music, napping or reading fiction etc. Thus, they may become spoilsport sometimes, when others are in the mood to party.

Pisces are big time dreamers and thus, they lose touch with reality many times. While Pisces don’t like being criticized, they’re tolerant and forgiving by nature.

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Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius and Pisces are two zodiac signs which operate on two completely different levels rather worlds. Pisces being ruled by the planet Neptune is illusionist and has a dream world of their own whereas Sagittarius being ruled by the planet Jupiter believes in reality. Thus, compatibility between these two zodiacs can be tough and challenging for both of them.

Both the partners are mutually attracted towards each other. Pisces being the most romantic of all the zodiacs finds the passion brought by the Sagittarius to be fascinating and Sagittarius is intrigued by the dreams and illusions of Pisces and would thus, like to get his/her attention and capture the heart.

Sagittarius being a fire sign and Pisces being a water sign, are hugely sexually compatible with each other. In this compatibility, passion meets romance and thus, their intimate moments are bound to be steamy.

Beyond the bedroom, there are many areas where this couple differs a lot in their emotional and rational approach.

However, when this couple is genuinely in love with each other, both bring out the best qualities in each of them. The Sagittarius partner would become fiercely protective of the gullible and dreamer Pisces partner. And, in turn the Pisces partner would show the power of calmness, sensitivity and compassion to the Sagittarius partner. However, the compatibility between these two zodiacs can be fleeting rather than permanent.

The Sagittarius partner being an adventurer would eventually go for a quest and the Pisces partner would rather prefer to remain in the confines of the comfortable home where they have built an imaginary castle.

The Sagittarius partner is always direct and believes in coming to the point compared to the Pisces partner who would keep beating about the bush and pretend that there are no troubles and issues between them.

Sagittarius partner is all and all extrovert whereas the Pisces partner is introvert of highest order.

Sagittarius is sociable and flirt by nature whereas the Pisces partner loves to remain alone and flirting is not their area of expertise and would rather find it difficult to give in to the emotional and sexual freedom demands of the Sagittarius partner.

When this couple would decide to give their relationship a chance and put in their best efforts, neither of them would be happy. The Sagittarius partner may appear to be stronger in this pairing; however the Pisces partner is also made up of inner steel.

Both signs are agreeable to compromise; however compromise in romance is simply not acceptable by the Pisces. And, when the relationship would fail; it would be the Pisces partner who would take the initiative to suggest that they should separate their ways.

Pisces Woman and Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is drawn towards the deep intense emotions of the Pisces woman and admires her instincts, gut feelings and intuitions. The Pisces woman is drawn towards the charismatic personality and the passion of Sagittarius man. Thus, they are mutually attracted towards each other.

Being a water and fire sign match, this couple is hugely sexually compatible with each other. The Sagittarius man brings passion and the Pisces woman brings romance and tenderness to this relationship and thus, together they would enjoy the depths of physical intimacy.

However, apart from the bedroom, there are hardly any other areas where this couple is compatible with each other.

The Sagittarius man being ruled by the planet Jupiter is jovial, kind hearted and takes life easy. It is really difficult for him to comprehend the emotional complexities which his Pisces woman may suffer with. Unintentionally; he might hurt her by some jest, direct response or some blunt remark which he does regrets also.

The Pisces woman is calm by nature and cannot understand the need of the Sagittarius man to party or go out or plan some adventure every now and then. She needs stability in her emotional life and the Sagittarius man is simply not equipped for this. Thus, Sagittarius man and Pisces woman fails to connect with each other on an emotional level.

The Sagittarius man is sociable; the Pisces woman is an introvert and would like to stay at home. However, to please her Sagittarius man; she would accompany him in his outings however, those gatherings makes her emotionally exhausted.

Thus, there is fundamental mismatch between this couple. The Sagittarius man is direct in his approach and would feel that the Pisces woman is always elusive and evasive. The basic underlying understanding of the partner's behaviour is missing in this couple.

However, both these zodiacs are flexible and adaptable and would try to compromise in order to suit their partner's needs. But, there is a sea gap difference between the thinking and comfort zones of both the signs and ultimately, they would not feel happy being in this relationship.

When the couple would realise that things are not working between them, the frustration and impatience of Sagittarius man would grow and he would find comfort in a new partner without revealing it to the Pisces woman.

She would understand this and will distance herself and become a recluse in her own world which the Sagittarius man would find further distressing. Thus, either partner would feel that it is high time that they should call off this relationship without being getting further emotionally distressed. Sagittarius man Pisces woman compatibility has very low chances of being lasting lifetime.

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Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman

There is not obvious attraction between Pisces man and Sagittarius woman. The relationship between them starts on somewhat quirky and shaky note. The Pisces man is drawn towards the charm and the warmth of the personality of Sagittarius woman who in turn, wants to know the elusive Pisces man better. She wants to know inside the mystery and illusive personality of the Pisces man.

The sexual compatibility between this couple is strong since the fiery passion of the Sagittarius woman met by the romantic ideas of Pisces man. It is a water and fire sign match and hence, the bedroom compatibility is bound to be strong between this couple. However, their compatibility might struggle in areas outside bedroom.

There is always an underlying friction between the dreamy nature of Pisces man and the reality seeking Sagittarius woman. She lives in present and reality and is an adventurer by heart; thus want to go on quest as and when possible.

The Pisces man is dreamer by heart and would like to remain cocooned in his happy dreamy world rather than facing the challenges of life. Thus, there is a fundamental mismatch between this couple.

Whenever there is a basic disconnect between this couple; the Sagittarius woman would like to discuss the issues across table; however she would find that any meaningful conversation is not possible with her man at this stage and she might conclude that he is deliberately trying to avoid. However, being Pisces; it is his nature to be illusive which she cannot comprehend.

Thus, she would be blunt with her words hurting the Pisces man badly and the rift between them become farther and farther.

The compatibility between the Pisces man and Sagittarius woman can be tricky since they both have different ideas and ways as to how they want to lead their life. The Sagittarius woman being an eternal adventurer wants to travel across the world and doesn't want to settle down.

The Pisces man, on the other hand, are homely people and want to have a secure and stable life. Thus, he might advise for them to settle down; the idea of which is not absolutely accepted by her. The Sagittarius woman, thus might start feeling stifled in this relationship.

This couple do love each other truly; however their so very different personalities makes the compatibility between them difficult to achieve.

Since both these zodiac signs are mutable, both are ready to adjust and compromise a bit. If this couple can somehow, reach that middle ground; they might just save their relationship but there would always remain an element of risk in their delicate yet fragile balance.

Pisces and Sagittarius friendship

Sagittarius and Pisces have very different personalities; however when they come together in a deep friendship; they tend to complement each other quite beautifully and thus, form a wonderful team.

The Sagittarius friend is full of life and adventure and they believe in living life to the fullest. The Sagittarius friend becomes quite protective about the innocent, gullible Pisces friend and thus, would guard them from every possible danger of the outside world.

The Pisces friend is an introvert, calmer by nature and somehow, lives in their own fantasy world. They teach the Sagittarius friend the value of sympathy and compassion and becomes the shoulder; whenever the Sagittarius friend wants to shut himself/herself from the world.

Their friendship is ideal combination of energy and aggression brought by the Sagittarius friend and compassion, kindness and gentle nature brought by the Pisces friend.

Both these friends can use their knowledge and understanding of people to solve the difficulties faced by them.

The Sagittarius friend can teach the Pisces friend to become more lively and adventurous in life and the Pisces friend can teach the Sagittarius friend to become more calmer and gentle in life. Sometimes, it might happen that the Sagittarius might try and dominate the Pisces who, in turn might make the Sagittarius more soft that required.

Both these friends are open to flexibility and adaptability. They both are quite hardworking and believe in perseverance; thus would enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Neither of them would be dominating in this friendship and would pursue new things together.

The most outstanding characteristic of friendship between Sagittarius and Pisces is the peace and harmony of their friendship. Sagittarius show Pisces how to be active and lively in life, and Pisces show Sagittarius how to be compassionate and gentle in life. Both these zodiacs complement each other very well, and form a wonderful friendship.

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