Pisces and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Pisces and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Taurus
2 Personality traits- Pisces
3 Taurus and Pisces Compatibility
4 Pisces Woman and Taurus Man
5 Pisces Man and Taurus Woman
6 Pisces and Taurus friendship

Personality traits- Taurus

Taurus is ruled Venus (planet of beauty, attraction, love, satisfaction, creativity, and gratitude) and is an earth sign.

Taurus are known to be extremely loyal people and thus, they are quite passionate also. Quite devoted to their work, they are stubborn and ambitious as well. They are often known as ‘bull headed” since they are quite determined and resolute.

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Since Taurus is an earth sign, they are comfortable being stable, grounded and logical. This also translates into being hesitant towards change and they rather, prefer in control of things than something unplanned or unexpected coming up.

They can oscillate from being happy and laughing to extreme anger. They are passionate about life, and their emotions show it, and that's why they can flip so easily.

Being earth sign, they are quite logical, full of commonsense and they are honest to the core.

They are quick to help and reliable. If you have gone for advice from him and later on not followed it, they will grow impatient with you for wasting their time since they believe in productivity and being taken seriously.

Personality traits- Pisces

Pisces is ruled by Neptune (the planet of dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion, and deception) and is a ‘water’ sign. Since the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, Pisces are deep thinkers and they can be quite mysterious as well. Being water sign, they are emotional and quite intuitive.

They are considered to be super romantic and can write poems and verses for their lover. They can be quite charming when it comes to planning dates and yes, it would be difficult not to get swayed away by them for being so sweet, romantic, helpful and wise.

Pisces are really helpful people and would seldom say no for any help which you may require and are thus, quite reliable. Thus, they also expect others to be around when they need them. Thus, they get easily fooled sometimes, and are quite susceptible to foul play. They being innocent fall prey and become victim to self-pity.

Pisces are introvert by nature and homely people. They need their alone time which could be in the form of listening to music, napping or reading fiction etc. Thus, they may become spoilsport sometimes, when others are in the mood to party.

Pisces are big time dreamers and thus, they lose touch with reality many times. While Pisces don’t like being criticized, they’re tolerant and forgiving by nature.

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Taurus and Pisces Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces partnership is the combination of lover and dreamer of zodiacs. There is a tender, loving, caring, faithful and sexually fulfilling bond between the two making the compatibility very strong.

These two zodiacs at the end of the day want stability and faithfulness from their partners, hence once they have come together in the relationship, it is very unlikely that they are going to leave each other.

Their romantic relationship would be marked with dates in natural outdoor setting, gifts, verses for each other, sweet words with a magical element to it.

Sexually, this couple is quite receptive of each other’s needs and would have a mutually satisfying passionate relationship.

Their high sexual compatibility is one strong element which keeps them together. There is a strong mutual desire to be with each other and being kind and affectionate with their partner. The Pisces partner would shower warmth, affection and fondness on Taurus partner who would flatter and woo Pisces with appeal and charisma.

These two partners have different styles of working in a way that they fill the missing quality in one another. Taurus partner is logical and practical and quite sure of the reasoning behind taking a decision. Pisces partner is forever unsure and uses their intuition to take a decision.

Thus, Taurus partner in this relationship can provide sturdiness, firmness and security which is required by Pisces. The Pisces partner can help Taurus with letting the ideas, emotions and thoughts free which could help them become more creative.

Both Pisces and Taurus are family oriented and children loving. Theirs would be a caring, loving, affable, open minded and welcoming home with spiritual element added to it.

Their children would be benefitted by getting logical and practical advice from Taurus parent and imaginative and intuitive ideas from Pisces parent. The family life would be quite stable and secured for this couple which would further add to the compatibility between them.

Though troubles in their relationship would be relatively low, it would be mainly because of those factors which have strengthened their companionship; can make it weak also. Pisces being dreamers have idealistic and impractical expectation from Taurus partner who may sometimes feel suffocated and pressurized to stand to it.

Pisces partner may feel that their imaginations and dreams have been crushed by ever practical and full of commonsense Taurus.

But the bonding between them is so strong that they would not let these minor niggles affect their relationship badly and thus, would be quick to reconcile.

If rarely, this partnership has failed horribly, both would not admit it and leaving this relationship would be quite difficult for them. There would be lengthy stage of denial before the couple would finally call it off.

Generally, Pisces and Taurus make an amazingly brilliant couple and their compatibility is so strong that their relationship is life long.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man

Taurus man and Pisces woman are ruled by Venus and Neptune respectively and are very romantic in nature. Thiers is a kind, gentle, loving and caring relationship which has all the possibilities to last lifetime.

Their personality traits are similar to each other and whatever different disposition they have, it is quite complementary and thus, together they complete each other.

The Taurus man is full of commonsense and use logical and rational approach towards making decisions; having a Pisces woman in his life further solidifies the decision using her intuitions. The Pisces woman being dreamer and illusionist, often gets weighed down with her emotions. Here, the Taurus man provides her emotional stability and security to ground her back to reality.

Sexually, they are very much compatible with each other. The sensuality of Taurus man combined with the fragile, romantic nature of Pisces woman will always let them enjoy their sexual chemistry.

The magic of love and romance would be there even after decades they have been in the relationship. They will go for dates, set up romantic environment; gifts and flowers will be quite frequent in this companionship.

The only area where their relationship might come in trouble would be due to the emotionally vulnerable nature of Pisces woman. While Taurus man will go out of his way to comfort the emotional outburst of his lady, sometimes he might lose his legendary patience and thus, at this point their compatibility might start faltering.

This couple is truly and madly in love with each other which allows them to overlook any minor issues between them.

Though the Taurus man is tremendously possessive about his lady; the Pisces woman would not give him any discomfort in this area because she too is extremely faithful towards her partner.

With the passage of time, it is possible that the Pisces woman can become too reliant and dependent upon her man. But, Taurus man is deeply in love with his lady and hence, allows her to do so. She takes care of him in every matter and love and supports him in his every decision.

Generally, Taurus man and Pisces woman relationship is long lasting with love, support, romance, care and kindness given by both the partners. Their partnership endures; and both the partners feel quite lucky to have each other in their life.

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Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is attracted towards the gentle and loving nature of Pisces man who in turn, finds that the Taurus woman is quite emotionally stable which appeals to him.

Both these people are fascinated by each other and thus, start dating quickly. Once they start knowing each other better, they would be mesmerized by the liking which they develop for each other. Thus, initially there is a strong compatibility between Taurus woman and Pisces man.

The Pisces man is a kind hearted soul but is emotionally vulnerable. He is prone to mood swings and uncontrolled feelings. The Taurus woman here provides him the emotional support and base to calm down and ground his feelings. She assures him of her support and being there for him, always.

In turn, the Pisces man loves her deeply with endless passion. She is overwhelmed with the affection and romance received from her lover. The Pisces man would also help her to let imaginations free and wild. Thus, both these partners are immensely benefitted in this companionship.

The Taurus woman is very possessive about her Pisces partner but she need not worry because he is utterly faithful to her. Her jealousy and possessiveness makes him feel that he truly matters to her and thus, loved and secured.

The compatibility between this couple runs on both emotional and sexual level since they understand and connect with each other deeply. Their sexual chemistry is also steamy with Taurus woman being extremely sensual and Pisces man being super romantic.

The companionship might face some troubles in the area when their expectations from each other do not match. Taurus woman believes in stability and thus, would work towards creating a secured future for the family. The Pisces man would try to do the same; however he being a creative and artistic soul may not feel comfortable with 9-5 types routine job and may keep changing from one to the another in the hope that he may eventually settle down with a profession of his liking.

The Taurus woman considers this as a case of instability and may hurt her Pisces man with pinching words. However, soon she would realize her mistake and they would reconcile with each other.

The Pisces man expects his woman to join the world of illusions, dreams, spirituality and thus, discard the facts of everyday life. The Taurus woman being a lady full of commonsense and practicality would refuse to do so.

The Pisces man being madly in love with his lady would thus, will try to keep her happy and would join her ways in providing a stable environment for the family till the time his emotions do not take control of him.

The couple has the potential to handle the troubles of the life together. Their compatibility is deeper than they know themselves. The Taurus woman would always remember that why she was attracted towards her man in the first place and fell in love. The Pisces man would feel loved, secured and magical in the company of his Taurus woman.

Theirs is a beautiful partnership with both partners sticking to each other through thick and thin.

Pisces and Taurus friendship

There is a good, healthy and cheerful friendship between Taurus and Pisces. Both these zodiacs are gentle, compassionate, kind hearted and thus, understand each other quite well.

Taurus is practical, rational and grounded in life. Pisces are emotional and thus, give priority to feelings and emotions in any situation. There is some dissimilarity also in their outlook towards life and when they understand these differences, they form a strong bond with each other.

Taurus being realistic can help Pisces in turning their dreams into reality. The bull headed Taurus can influence Pisces to keep the emotions in check and control which is very much required for the sensitive Pisces.

However, it is possible that Taurus can sometimes lose their legendary patience with frequent emotional outbursts of Pisces. And, Pisces might feel that Taurus are not kind hearted and considerate towards them.

In the friendship between Pisces and Taurus, these are small differences which they need to triumph to have a wonderful friendship which is not very difficult for either of them.

Taurus are quite focused and determined on a single goal at a time. Pisces on the other hand, keeps flitting from one option to the other. Pisces could show Taurus that sometimes, it is better to consider multiple options to zero down on the best decision.

The best characteristic of friendship between Taurus and Pisces is the difference in their character that complements and balances each other well. The collective understanding and contemplation of these two zodiacs ensure that they have a strong and lasting friendship between them.

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