Sagittarius compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Sagittarius compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Sagittarius
2 Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility
3 Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility
4 Sagittarius  and Gemini Compatibility
5 Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility
6 Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility
7 Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility
8 Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility
9 Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility
10 Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility
11 Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility
12 Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Personality traits- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (planet of faith, positivism and optimism) and thus, they are extremely optimistic towards life. It is very difficult to lower their faith and bring them down in life. They use their positive energy along with their dreams to win battles in life and their idealistic nature always makes them strive for perfection.

Sagittarius are the centre of attraction in any gathering as their humour makes you laugh like mad. Their gregarious and charming personality added with smooth talking helps in making new friends. Also, they are quite helpful people and come handy to people who are needy.  Saying ‘no’ is a problem for them and hence, they have to show a sorry face sometimes when they are unable to meet the commitment since there is so many of them.

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Family is their topmost priority and they are quite caring about their loved ones. They are adventure seeking people and generally, love to travel.

Sagittarius are born curious people. They like the change, boring details don’t hold their attention for a long time; they are always on ‘go’ mode and thus, they are poor in committing relationships. They are quite stubborn and hence, sometimes their relationships even become worse because of this personality trait (since a relationship requires partners to adjust and being flexible).

They tend to be impatient sometimes and thus, have to suffer because of that.  If they are not in good mood, they can be very sharp with their words and unintentionally, hurt the sentiments of others.

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility

The pairing of Sagittarius and Aries is very strong in relationships- be it romantic, friends, colleagues or family members. They both share the same love for adventure and excitement in life. Being quickly adapting to change, they both love going new places, seeing different things and tread path where others would not even think about it.

When Aries and Sagittarius meet, there is bound to be strong mutual attraction between them since their star signs are also compatible and they share quite similar styles, emotions and interests.

Conversations are rather easy between them like water flowing in the river. Even if the romance angle doesn’t click with them, both would like to remain in touch with each other as friends.

Both these zodiacs are fire sign and thus, their sex lives is going to be extremely sizzling hot. Both enjoy the pleasurable experiences and are uninhibited when comes to experimenting with their imaginations.

Since both loves their freedom, either of the partner will not try to interfere in their partner's lifestyle and space. However, Aries being jealous and possessive nature, demanding loyalty from the partner might take it hard if they find out that the Sagittarius partner is involved in flirting too much.

Sagittarius will not like this kind of control from Aries partner and thus, will try to make him/her more jealous just to prove the point that he/she is out of his/her reach of dominance.

Their intellectual discussions might also become a reason for creating distance between both of them. Sagittarius are curious, seeking answers and is quite philosophical about life and its ways.

The Aries partner also get mentally stimulated with these discussions, however winning the arguments/discussions is more important for them and thus, the Aries partner will get infuriated knowing that it is very difficult to make the Sagittarius partner loose.

Since both these zodiacs do not holds grudge against people and have ‘forgive and forget’ attitude, any altercation between them will be short lived and will be followed by again steaming hot sex. This would refresh their mind and body and the romance will always be alive between them.

Both these signs are fundamentally same and are full of energy and bursting with life. So, Aries Sagittarius compatibility is quite high if you leave aside these minor niggles.   Their partnership will always have something new to look forward to and thus, will be resented by others.

Sagittarius and Taurus Compatibility

The compatibility between Taurus and Sagittarius can be tricky and complex. Both these signs will be mutually attracted towards each other initially, but this would be most probably a short fling.  Their different nature and personality traits would not allow them to continue with the relationship which will be called off eventually.

Taurus is attracted towards the optimism, faith, humour and full of life attitude of Sagittarius. On the other hand, Sagittarius admires the common sense and stability of the Taurus partner. To begin with, their relationship would be sensuous and passionate as the Taurus partner brings the intense sexual passion and the Sagittarius partner brings the warmth and expressiveness.  

However, their fiery sexual chemistry would not suffice to bridge the gap between their different personality traits.

Taurus give topmost priority to family and prefer a stable life which is grounded and logical. Sagittarius love to travel and seek adventure in their life. Hence, their compatibility is difficult from the start only since their desires and wants from the life are quite different.

This couple would be quite honest with each other and most probably there would not be any secrets between them; which is both good and problematic as well. The differences between them would come when certain loyalty and fidelity related issues by Sagittarius should have been kept secret which is now known to Taurus partner.

Sagittarius are probably not the most loyal partners on earth. The Taurus partner of both genders is utterly faithful to Sagittarius partner and expects the same from him/her. For Taurus partner, infidelity is a big blow in romantic relationship and would leave him quite confounded and distraught.

If Sagittarius is faithful to Taurus (at least, Taurus is not aware of Sagittarius other sexual arrangements), their relationship would move pretty well with both partners learning a great deal from one another. 

Even though the relationship between this couple is going without any hiccups, the Sagittarius partner will get bored in this relationship since Taurus is quite adamant, unwilling to change, compromise and adapt. Sagittarius need freedom and space and thus, might feel stifled in this companionship.

It would be most likely the Sagittarius partner who would call off this relationship who value his/her freedom.

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Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

Both Gemini and Sagittarius loves to explore and have adventure in life; however the Sagittarius adventure is physical and philosophical whereas the Gemini's adventure is at mental level. Both these zodiacs have very similar approach and outlook towards life; thus they comprehend each other well; are good friends and mutually understanding lovers. There is a magnetic attraction between them.

Since both the partners love their independence and freedom, either would not demand commitment from their partner. And, because of this attitude, surprisingly they both  are willing to join hands and commit to each other.

Both these partners are optimistic, extrovert, active, energetic and love mentally stimulating talks.

Sagittarius being a fire sign brings physical passion to their compatibility. Gemini are not so keen on active sexual life with other zodiacs; however they would love the attention given by Sagittarius and thus, would be eager to experiment keeping their sex life enjoyable and fresh and active.

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are adventurous, live life according to their whims and fancies, love adventure and need intellectual stimulation. They may not conform to the rules of the society and rebel. All this is exciting and adventurous, but when it comes to practical life; their compatibility may be badly hit.

It is difficult for either of them to tie down to a daily routine. Also, while they are off exploring the world, who would take care of their household needs and their kids.

This is indeed a flourishing and positive partnership; however lack of rationality, logical approach and stability make their compatibility falter.

This couple would face problems in financial matters since both are not discreet about money and not serious about either earning money or careful in spending it.

When there is true love in any relationship; it can survive periods of financial lows. However, Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility is based on their shared love of freedom. When this couple faces financial difficulties; they cannot get that desired freedom which may cause depression and angst in their relationship.

Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility indeed looks good and fun on paper; however their compatibility may simply sizzle out when it comes to matter of everyday life.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

The fundamental difference in the nature of Cancer and Sagittarius makes it difficult to have true compatibility between them in a relationship. Cancer is the homemaker and Sagittarius is the adventurer in zodiac and thus, there are not much of common grounds between them.

Their relationship may start with lot of hot, steamy sex and passion for each other which would be sadly short lived. Soon enough, they will try to change each other as per their need and the trouble starts then.

Cancer partner’s topmost priority in life is stability and security of the family. They simply love to stay at home with their loved ones- caring and nurturing for them.

Sagittarius partner is not much interested in family life and settling down. They love to explore, go for adventure and see new things in the world.

Sagittarius partner would like Cancer partner to join which will not happen and thus, Sagittarius leaves in quest of adventure. Cancer keeps waiting for Sagittarius and this wait turns into mental agony and anxiety.

There would be lot of minor squabbling between these two partners. Cancer adopts passively aggressive approach to get things done their ways contrary to Sagittarius who are rather honest, direct and tactless in their approach. Cancer ambiguous ways will not work with Sagittarius partner, rather would leave Sagittarius with anguish.

The positive note in their relationship is that there is not much of mischievousness and malevolence in their arguments. Sagittarius are gregarious and kind hearted people and really do not intend to hurt their Cancer partner. Similarly, Cancer partner is also gentle, compassionate and sensitive and really do not intend any harm to their Sagittarius partner.

If both these partners start to put up with each other’s different qualities; there are chances that may have a strong compatibility. However, Sagittarius partner is impatient and thus, their relationship may never reach a point where they can truly understand each other.

When their relationship is not working well, both partners can wipe out the optimism and exuberance from each other’s life; thus it is better to separate the ways rather than stay in a relationship which has already ended.

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius, both being fire signs are mutually attracted towards each other and there is magnetic physical attraction between them. Both these signs are adventurous (the Sagittarius partner is the adventurer in zodiac) and thus, may set out to explore the world.

Both these partners are naturally gregarious, optimistic, lively and sociable; hence, they would have a great circle of friends to hang out with.

Leo and Sagittarius relationship is a strong one. However, both these flaming hot personalities would have to compromise a little so that their relationship can be lifelong. 

The Leo partner believes in everything regal and may get irritated or furious if he/she has to leave the comforts in order to be in quest for adventure with Sagittarius partner or if the joint finances are extravagantly done away with. 

The underlying problem in their compatibility is that the Leo partner wants to be adored and admired by the Sagittarius partner and would require constantly to be told about their love. The Sagittarius partner believes in intense physical expression of love in the bedroom and thus, would not flatter the ego of Leo partner which is quite frustrating for the Leo.

Leo partner is very possessive and jealous about their partner and the Sagittarius partner craves for freedom and independence. Usually, the Leo partner has a big heart and would try and accommodate this personality trait of the Sagittarius partner.

For the long term compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius, this delicate balance between possessiveness and freedom needs to be resolved. The Sagittarius partner being more flexible than the Leo partner would thud, finally give in the end.

Sexually, it is a steamy and passionate match with fire and fire sign coming together.

The Leo partner will definitely be dramatic in blazing rows and will be quite hurtful, however the Sagittarius partner temper is quite short lived and without any malice; so they eventually would make up in the bedroom.

This compatibility has excellent chance of being lifetime if the Sagittarius partner is always faithful in the relationship and the Leo partner remember to be not dominating and restraining the freedom of Sagittarius partner.

Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius are very different personalities but surprisingly they form a very strong and loving companionship which has huge potential to last life time. This can be mostly attributed to the fact that both these zodiac signs are mutable signs and thus, are flexible to adapt as per the situations.

Virgo loves a routine, planned and orderly life whereas Sagittarius is always on the go mode, loves impulsive actions and risk and change in life. However, both partners are rational and have intellectual approach towards life and thus, debates and discussions would be a norm in their partnership.

This mutual love of mental stimulation and discussions go a long way in defining compatibility between Virgo and Sagittarius.

When things are going well in this relationship, the Virgo partner would keep the home secure and comfortable so that the Sagittarius partner can feel safe while coming back from the expeditions. At the same time, Sagittarius partner is appreciative of Virgo ideas and has respect for the partner which genuinely pleases the Virgo partner.

Troubles in their partnership may brew because of the nature of the Sagittarius partner to stray a little. However, the Sagittarius partner knows deep inside their heart that the Virgo partner doesn't deserve this and will stop himself/herself before things get out of control. The Sagittarius partner will always try to maintain honesty and fidelity in their relationship which will keep going stronger with time.

The Sagittarius partner is cool, doesn't takes things too seriously and knows that whatever the Virgo partner does or say is because of their concerned and caring nature. Thus, the well meaning criticisms of Virgo are taken lightly by Sagittarius partner and doesn't bother them much.

Similarly, the Sagittarius partner can be sometimes, dramatic but the Virgo partner knows well enough that this has happened earlier also and everything will be okay when the Sagittarius partner cools down, hence remains calm.

There is huge mutual understanding and admiration between this couple which keeps their relationship going. They discuss their issues, doesn't try to take advantage of each other, is not in competition  with one another and thus, makes a unique healthy compatibility.

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Sagittarius and Libra Compatibility

There is huge compatibility between these two zodiacs- Libra and Sagittarius which can be attributed due to their ruling planets.

Libra being ruled by Venus is calm, peace loving and eternal lover. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is thus big hearted, eternally positive and seeking joy and fun in life. Their qualities blend well with each other which may give rise to a good natured strong friendship between them.

The easy going, pleasant and graceful Libra is the one who would be able to tame Sagittarius more than any other sign in the zodiac by simply asking them to stay by their side rather than demanding them.

Both Libra and Sagittarius love intellectual talks and may spend hours talking about anything and everything. Libra partner will take the lead in their compatibility and the Sagittarius partner would easily fit in their plans as long as their individuality and freedom is not compromised.

Both Sagittarius and Libra are good at flirting and either partner knows that it is meant purely for fun and they are not likely to stray from their companionship. Thus, jealousy and possessiveness is not part of their compatibility.

Both these partners are balanced and open mined and any issues and disagreements would be resolved by listening to the either partner.

Like any other relationships, problems can also arise in their compatibility. The Libra partner is humble, gentle and compassionate and thus, may be hurt when the Sagittarius partner is blunt and tactless. On the other hand, the Sagittarius partner may become irritated with the indecisiveness of Libra partner who keeps on analysing and exploring options.

However, these are minor niggles compared to the level of compatibility which this couple shares between them. They are simply happy being with each other. Their companionship is surrounded with positivism, adventure, fun, thrill, love of life and a problem solving approach.

The compatibility between these two zodiacs will keep on improving with the passage of time as these two partners get to know and understand each other all the more better.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Compatibility

The compatibility between Scorpio and Sagittarius would be hard won because they both have very different approach and outlook towards life and fundamentally need different things from life.

Both partner senses some kind of challenge in being in relationship with the other and thus, somewhere feels like accepting this challenge and thus, their partnership starts.

Both these partners bring enormous amount of passion to their relationship. Scorpio partner is seductively passionate and thus, they form great sizzling chemistry with one another. However, both of them have strong personalities and changeable natures; thus an intense sexual chemistry is not enough for their relationship to flourish.

For the compatibility between Sagittarius and Scorpio to sustain over long term, the partners need to develop deep understanding with each other.

Their compatibility hits a roadblock when the possessive Scorpio partner to tries to coax the freedom loving Sagittarius partner in making commitment to their relationship.

The Sagittarius partner if not forced by the Scorpio partner would have given some kind of commitment (suiting him/her) to their relationship since he/she is in awe of the enigmatic and mysterious personality of the Scorpio partner.

This couple differs over their social life also. The Sagittarius partner loves to socialize, going out with friends and relatives, having fun and party; however the Scorpio partner prefers to stay at home brooding and trying to control their lives. 

When there are arguments between this couple, the Sagittarius partner would speak out their heart's content; whether one like it or not. The Scorpio partner's talks cant be taken at face value since there is much more to what the Scorpio says.

Ultimately, the adventurer of the zodiac would get tired of thinking about what dark and hidden secrets lies beneath the mask of Scorpio and thus, would suggest to separate their ways.

However, when there is true love between this couple, better level of communication between the partners can help in salvaging this relationship.

When these two partners are able to solve their problems; Scorpio Sagittarius partnership can be magnetic, energetic and powerful.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Compatibility

On the surface, there does not seem much in common which can attract Sagittarius and Capricorn towards each other. However, there lies much beyond these sun signs and this pair can actually have an offbeat, slightly quirky and successful relationship if both the partners are willing to put some effort in it.

Both these partners are very much different from each other; but they complement each other well.

They are so different from each other that it is quite difficult to bring them together at the same place since they would have different set of friends, lifestyle, sometimes profession and social upbringing. Also, if they somehow get together, it is quite possible that both of them would dismiss each other as not to their taste.

Sagittarius would feel that the Capricorn is too boring and serious while the Capricorn would feel that Sagittarius is too childish and immature in life.

However, if the elusive love happens to play between them; there would be plenty of things to keep them interested in their partners. The Capricorn partner would be amused with the charm and vivacity of the Sagittarius partner whether or not they confide it and the Sagittarius partner really admires the stability and wisdom of the Capricorn partner.

This couple would be sexually compatible with each other in the bedroom. The Capricorn partner brings earthy sensuality and the Sagittarius partner brings passion and fire to their physical intimacy.

The compatibility between Sagittarius and Capricorn can fumble when it comes to managing the couple's financial matters and their constant friction between the conventional Capricorn and the unconventional Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius partners always does things differently in order to defy tradition which can be disturbing to the Capricorn partner who follows the norms and views of the society. Also, the Sagittarius partner is reckless with spending money and the part of Capricorn stability comes from having financial security in life.

If this couple can address these issues delicately and are willing and able to compromise and adjust slightly according to their partner's need; the compatibility between Sagittarius and Capricorn can definitely stand the test of the time.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

The compatibility between Sagittarius and Aquarius might be quirky and not normal to the outside world; however it makes complete sense to the Visionary and the Adventurer of the zodiac.

They are not the kind of couple who would grow old; because restlessness is a part of their personality. Sagittarius and Aquarius would make a progressive relationship and anything but not conventional would form the basis of their partnership.

There is meeting of minds between this couple which forms the basis of their compatibility. They connect with each other on a mental level and thus, would discuss lot of things including meaning of the life, betterment of the people and radical progressive ideas for the society.

Both these partners give a lot of importance to freedom in life and don't care for the rules and norms of the society. Their relationship would be unconventional.

Jealously and possessiveness is not a part of this partnership since both these zodiacs give priority to freedom and do not want to violate the private space of their partner.

Both these partners are tactless with their words and would straightly put to the other partner how they have felt about each other's actions and words.

Aquarius, by nature are not vocal or expressive about their love; love is in their thoughts. However, when both Aquarius and Sagittarius partner are on the same page; they may have altogether a highly experimental love life.

Aquarius and Sagittarius are well matched with each other in most areas of life. They both are people friendly and thus, they both would enjoy lot of social gatherings and outings together. Discussions and debates would be common to this partnership.

They both share same wavelengths on financial issues and are not good at handling money. Their home would be messy but there would be fun, laughter, humour and experiments keeping the children active. Both being so independent would raise their children to be highly independent.

Some minor hiccups might come in their compatibility when life throws challenges at them. The Sagittarius partner would like to simply move on; however the Aquarius partner would like to give some new and radical ideas to solve the ongoing problem.

Though, they differ a little in their approach; however it can cause a big blow when their relationship is already going through a troubled phase!

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Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius and Pisces are two zodiac signs which operate on two completely different levels rather worlds. Pisces being ruled by the planet Neptune is illusionist and has a dream world of their own whereas Sagittarius being ruled by the planet Jupiter believes in reality. Thus, compatibility between these two zodiacs can be tough and challenging for both of them.

Sagittarius being a fire sign and Pisces being a water sign, are hugely sexually compatible with each other. In this compatibility, passion meets romance and thus, their intimate moments are bound to be steamy.

Beyond the bedroom, there are many areas where this couple differs a lot in their emotional and rational approach.

However, when this couple is genuinely in love with each other, both bring out the best qualities in each of them. The Sagittarius partner would become fiercely protective of the gullible and dreamer Pisces partner. And, in turn the Pisces partner would show the power of calmness, sensitivity and compassion to the Sagittarius partner.

The Sagittarius partner being an adventurer would eventually go for a quest and the Pisces partner would rather prefer to remain in the confines of the comfortable home where they have built an imaginary castle.

Sagittarius partner is all and all extrovert whereas the Pisces partner is introvert of highest order.

Sagittarius is sociable and flirt by nature whereas the Pisces partner loves to remain alone and flirting is not their area of expertise and would rather find it difficult to give in to the emotional and sexual freedom demands of the Sagittarius partner.

When this couple would decide to give their relationship a chance and put in their best efforts, neither of them would be happy. The Sagittarius partner may appear to be stronger in this pairing; however the Pisces partner is also made up of inner steel.

Both signs are agreeable to compromise; however compromise in romance is simply not acceptable by the Pisces. And, when the relationship would fail; it would be the Pisces partner who would take the initiative to suggest that they should separate their ways.

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