Scorpio and Aries: 200 shocking truths

Scorpio and Aries: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Aries
2 Personality traits- Scorpio
3 Aries and Scorpio Compatibility
4 Scorpio Woman and Aries Man
5 Scorpio Man and Aries Woman
6 Scorpio and Aries friendship

Personality traits- Aries

Aries being a “fire” sign is full of passion. It is ruled by Mars (planet of sexuality and sexual energy) which naturally explains their high sexual drive. They may keep changing their partners to satisfy their sexual needs. However, once committed they are deeply and passionately romantic.

An Aries is considered to be traditional romantic and you may encounter all those fairy love tales while dating an Aries. Aries are flirtatious (harmless) by nature and enjoy casual flirting. It is difficult to not see his/her efforts in wooing you.

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Aries does not want to follow people rather they like to lead them. They wish to give commands rather than obey them. Since, Aries likes to lead, they also love to encourage and motivate others.

Aries are generally hardworkers and they believe in putting all the efforts to get to the top or to the position of authority.

All the above mentioned qualities of an Aries are coupled with high levels of energy. They like spontaneity in life and like plans which are instantly made.

Aries are argumentative and like to discuss and argue on matters close to them. However, Aries does not take criticism well. At the same time, Aries believes in living in present and do not hold grudges against people. They have quite a short temper which is explosive. But it goes away very quickly.

Personality traits- Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (the planet of darkness, the subconscious, death and rebirth) hence, there is always an air of mystery surrounding them. To be handled with care should be the instruction while dealing with them- they can be precious friends and dangerous enemies both.

Scorpio are known to be extremely loyal, trustworthy, and faithful. However, they are suspicious and distrustful of their partners.

They are quite dependable and reliable and you can always count on them. In addition, they are quite ‘focused and determined’ in their works. They are hardworking and ambitious by nature and they also do not get deterred by failures. Scorpios can become so obsessed with power and control that they show shrewdness and manipulation in getting things done by others. Scorpio are famous of their intuition and they somehow know the rights things at the right time.

Scorpio can become quite stubborn and obsessed with what they believe in and thus, it is quite difficult to make them realize that they can be wrong also.

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Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio has been recently assigned to planet Pluto. Historically, it was said that Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars. When two zodiacs with Mars sign come together, the pairing is going to be ultimate passionate and wild. When they are together, they might die for each other and when there is a breakup, they might kill each other.

Their relationship is characterized by passion everywhere right from sexual intimacy to the boring everyday works of life. There would be crests of ecstasy and troughs of despair like wave in their relationship and thus, would always be at least exciting, and not smooth.

Their relationship would be like a head-on collision, consuming their time, energy and everything which they have to offer. However, it tends to be short lived. There would be always some secrecy, some dark sides in their relationship since the effect of Pluto planet will cast its shadow.

When things are going good between them, this pairing will be excellent. Scorpio with its intuitiveness will help take the impulsive Aries better decision and Aries will take Scorpio partner towards life of excitement and adventure.

Both these zodiacs are very ambitious and their combined pairing can do very well in professional relationships. Aries with the leadership qualities and Scorpio with its intuitive strategy form a magnificent team and together, they would be unstoppable.

However, their compatibility would suffer when things are not going great in life. Scorpio by its nature will resort to shrewdness and emotional manipulation while the Aries partner because of fiercely aggressive nature will shout, scream and show emotional tantrums which will be too much to bear for Scorpio. Thus, their relationship might come to an end with Scorpio calling it off. During the entire period of distress, it is quite possible that both Scorpio and Aries will emotionally hurt each other badly which will never be forgotten and forgiven by Scorpion partner.

There are chances that this compatibility works when both are extremely loyal and protective of each other and there are distances between them like not living together or in long distance relationships. So, when they meet it is all consumptive and their sexual satisfaction remains the priority.

Since, both these zodiacs have strong personalities who are strong willed and determined, there would be tough power struggles between them which would hamper their compatibility.

Scorpio Woman and Aries Man

Both Scorpio woman and Aries man are powerful individuals and quite a match for each other in their personality traits. Both have been ruled by planet Mars (before Pluto was discovered) and hence, are full of passion and energy. They both like independence and freedom and are quite determined; hence their compatibility is quite strong though it works only where there is mutual admiration, respect and appreciation for each other.

Their sexual chemistry is very deep and passionate. The Aries man has an unusually huge sex drive and the Scorpio woman is as sensual as a woman can be. She is known to be a great seductress as well. So, both complement each other in physical relationships.

The Scorpion lady has intense emotions for her Aries man and would do anything to be with him and an Aries man feels the emotions more deeply when he is with his Scorpion woman. Their common sharing of passion and excitement in life would never keep their relationship boring.

It is however, these intense emotions towards each other will be cause of fights between them. The Scorpion woman will boil with anger, jealousy and possessiveness when she would see his Aries man flirting around with other ladies. The Aries man would feel his ego hurt when he would see other man vying to get his lady’s attention since Scorpio ladies are magnetic and powerful and there is some air of mystery surrounding them.

Thus, there will be rows and fights between them which would however, end with passionate lovemaking. The Aries man as per his nature will forget the reason for anger and move on; however the Scorpion lady as per her nature would keep the grudges and will bring them whenever they have other rows.

Their combined pairing can prove to be excellent in pursuit of professional goals, family business and other joint adventures since both are hard workers, Aries man has leadership qualities and Scorpio woman’s intuition will help in taking right decisions.

As per their own nature, they would let their children decide their own paths and allow freedom and independence. To an outsider, they may seem a little eccentric as a family because they may be somewhat bohemian and care less about the rules of the society. People may always wonder how their relationship will last lifelong given their strong and dynamic personalities and the intensity of their rows but yes, it does last for lifetime in some cases!

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Scorpio Man and Aries Woman

Both Scorpio man and Aries woman are strong willed and powerful individuals, full of passion and living life to the fullest. Thus, when they come together in a relationship, it is going to be a roller coaster ride.

The Scorpion man is magnetic, mysterious and highly passionate and thus, an Aries woman finds herself naturally drawn to a Scorpion man. The Aries lady is adventurous, determined, confident and independent and thus, draws attention of a Scorpion man. Being both ruled by planet Mars, there is raw physical attraction between them and there are high chances of an instant sexual chemistry between them. The Scorpion man is overtly sexual and an Aries woman is highly sensual and thus, both would enjoy every moment of their magnetic sexual relationship.

Their compatibility in other areas however, may be difficult. Both are strong willed and resolute and thus, are used to getting what they want in life. The Aries woman has a go-getter approach and would be quite open in her ways to succeed. The Scorpio man plots things with caution, manipulates others and slowly takes steps to succeed. Thus, there would be power struggles between the two of them at every nook and corner of their relationship.

There would be constant battles about the daily mundane chores of the life. The Aries woman will shout, scream and show tantrums regularly. The Scorpio man would not resort to such methods and would boil with anger in the background, plotting revenge. The Aries woman will not hold grudges but the Scorpio man never forgets and hardly forgives and thus, will seek opportunities so as to when to hurt the lady. The trouble in their relationship is thus, because of this particular nature of the Scorpion man to forgive and move on in life.

Early in the relationship, both partners would realize that they cannot dominate and control the other partner. The Aries woman likes to lead and the Scorpion man not overtly but in subtle ways also likes to dominate and thus, both would get dismayed.

However, both also admire the fact that they have a partner who can match their levels in terms of dominance and power. They appreciate each other’s qualities and thus, their relationship can work if they let that admiration sustain for long time and are willing to put efforts to hold on to each other.

Scorpio and Aries friendship

Two very similar people become friends when Scorpio and Aries come together. They are determined, like power and are used to getting what they want in life. This may lead to constant conflicts between them. But the key to a successful friendship between them lies in the fact that they should learn to co-operate with each other and use each other’s personality traits for their benefits. They can be a formidable team with Aries taking the initiatives and leading the projects with Scorpio using their focus and devotion to keep it on track.

Both Aries and Scorpio are jealous and possessive. However, Aries are open and honest in expressing their feelings. Scorpio on the other hand, will not divulge emotions much and thus, would brew with fury. Hence, they need to take a neutral approach if they want the friendship to work.

Their friendship will always be exciting with them planning new adventures, taking parts in sports activities, night outs and participating in other fun filled activities.

Both Scorpio and Aries are argumentative in nature and thus, will have lots of discussion about life and things, in general. The situation will not become serious as long as they do not take the arguments to their hearts and understand each others’ opinion. However, it may become dynamic since Aries are not good at taking criticism and thus, may become blunt in their expressions.

Scorpio generally works according to some fixed plan, while Aries persuade them to do things just for some light fun. Scorpio encourages Aries to work towards and achieve goals, before focusing on a new start.

Once they understand their roles in the friendship, Aries of starting things and doing things in the front position, and Scorpio of staying behind the scenes and plotting and controlling things intellectually and emotionally, Aries and Scorpio could have a wonderful friendship and could an achieve great success while having fun together.

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