Scorpio and Leo: 200 shocking truths

Scorpio and Leo: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Leo
2 Personality traits- Scorpio
3 Leo and Scorpio Compatibility
4 Scorpio Woman and Leo Man
5 Scorpio Man and Leo Woman
6 Scorpio and Leo friendship

Personality traits- Leo

Leo is ruled by Sun which is the most important planet of all; sun is the ruler and so is Leo. Sun represents self and symbolizes one's will and inner strength. Leo is a fire sign.

They have a feeling of being superior over others and doesn’t mind if others do not think so. Because of this feeling, they are not great team players and forget the essence of the team that every member is valuable and contributing towards the team’s success. Thus, they might try to grab the chance to be the centre stage and take all the limelight. They need revalidation from others by way of being admired and well liked by everybody.

Leo energy is magnetic and one is bound to feel stimulated in their presence. It is difficult to ignore them since there have a strong personality and their presence is always felt in the room.

They can be spotted in the crowd by their arrogance and daring personality.

They are truly helpful and caring people. They are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same from others.

Leo believes in being candid and straight with their words and if you are truly looking for some honest feedback and guidance, you should approach them since they will not mince their words or sugarcoat them.

Personality traits- Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (the planet of darkness, the subconscious, death and rebirth) hence, there is always an air of mystery surrounding them. To be handled with care should be the instruction while dealing with them- they can be precious friends and dangerous enemies both.

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Scorpio are known to be extremely loyal, trustworthy, and faithful. However, they are suspicious and distrustful of their partners.

They are quite dependable and reliable and you can always count on them. In addition, they are quite ‘focused and determined’ in their works. They are hardworking and ambitious by nature and they also do not get deterred by failures. Scorpios can become so obsessed with power and control that they show shrewdness and manipulation in getting things done by others. Scorpio are famous of their intuition and they somehow know the rights things at the right time.

Scorpio can become quite stubborn and obsessed with what they believe in and thus, it is quite difficult to make them realize that they can be wrong also.

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Leo and Scorpio Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio both are enormously controlling and powerful personalities. The emotional bond between them is very intense which has a magnetic pull.

When their compatibility is at its highest level, both Leo and Scorpio partners are fiercely loyal towards each other. There is a very strong charismatic sexual chemistry between them. The physical relationship between them is all consuming, fiercely passionate and sensuous.

In this partnership, there will be lot of heated arguments, excessive drama and overpowering desire to take revenge which can be quite frightening. The people around may think that they will kill each other- such is the intensity of their rows.

The Scorpio partner in this relationship is quite vengeful and will remember grudges even after decades.

Their compatibility suffers because both these partners are power seeking people and want to be in control of things though their methods might be different. Leo will use their aura and magnetic energy surrounding their personality to achieve power; however Scorpio will use manipulation and shrewdness to get the control.

Both Leo and Scorpio are obstinate people and do not budge from their point. They both are extremely jealous and possessive about their partner. Their compatibility can be best described such that it is not easy for them to live together and at the same time, it is not easy for them to stay apart from each other.

If this pair can somehow survive their tumultuous partnership, there would be stability between them to some extent. Leo partner finds drawn towards the mystic and enigmatic personality of Scorpio and the Scorpio partner is allured towards the Leo charismatic personality.

Though Scorpio is distrustful of their partner, Leo would somehow manage to convince Scorpio of their faithfulness in the relationship.

If the Scorpio partner let Leo partner being the boss and if the Leo partner can put up with Scorpio manipulative methods, there would be devotion and loyalty between them of highest level.

Their compatibility would always be characterized with fierce anger and extremely heated arguments; once they cool down they would always manage to patch up with each other. Such is the karmic connection between them.

This couple would be romantic and fun loving during good times. However, their good times and bad times can change at lightning speed.

Their relationship is quite fateful and it can either last few weeks or become lifetime. Their compatibility is unrefined and raw and overwhelming for both the partners.

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man

The compatibility between Leo man and Scorpio woman would be difficult to achieve since they both have very powerful personalities and both are unwilling to compromise.

Yes, there is a powerful, intense and magnetic attraction between them. Their sexual chemistry is steamy characterized with high passion and an equal level of warmth and tenderness.  It is a fire and water sign match and hence, they are very compatible in the bedroom. Their compatibility would flounder beyond bedroom.

The Leo man seeks a lady who would adore and admire him, and flatter his ego with kind and loving words. The Scorpio woman is indeed a deeply emotional woman but she has a powerful personality and she doesn’t believe in catering to massage her man’s ego.

The Scorpio woman needs a partner who can understand her emotional depths and can look into the mystic and dark side with her. However, the Leo man being ruled by Sun believes in laughter, cheerfulness and optimism and hence, dismisses her lady’s demand.

This couple has different emotional approach to look at the world and hence, their compatibility would always be edgy and unsteady.

The Leo man and Scorpio woman are very much equal to each other. Both of them are used to get the things done their way and being bossy and controlling the situation is their nature. The Leo man has an autocratic manner and the Scorpio woman is manipulative in her approach.

Thus, the Leo man loses his temper when he finds out that he has been subtly and planned way controlled and schemed. Their relationship will always have extreme fights and angers and blazing rows.

Both Leo man and Scorpio woman are unwilling to compromise. Leo is a fire sign and before discovery of Pluto, Scorpio was historically ruled by Mars which is planet of passion, war and fire. Thus, both these partners are essentially fire signs and that’s why their relationship is so violent, stormy and uncontrolled.

Their relationship can be best described as unfathomable- they cannot get along with each other easily, at the same time they do not want to get separated from each other. Theirs will be all consuming, eventful and violent partnership.

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Scorpio Man and Leo Woman

The compatibility between Leo woman and Scorpio man is intense and powerful but their compatibility has certain issues which they need to solve so that their relationship can sustain lifetime.

At the first instance, one would not find much of commonness between Leo woman and Scorpio man. The Leo woman is extrovert, sociable, easy going and bright and mixes up with people rather easily.

The Scorpio man is gloomy, ominous, likes to keep to himself and is not a party man. They have very different personality traits. However, they may both be attracted towards each other’s strong personality which brings them together.

This couple has a steamy and superhot sexually compatible relationship. Scorpio man is perhaps, the most sensual of all the zodiac signs and when he gets an ardent passionate lover in Leo woman, they would delight each other. Their bedroom life will always be something which both of them would look forward to.

This relationship has also certain issues. The Leo woman seeks to be adored and flattered by her Scorpio partner constantly. The Scorpio man indeed loves his woman; however he is not the kind of person to superficially use the language to show his admiration and may not always feel the need also.

The Scorpio man has an enigmatic personality and he can swing to some troublesome dark moods which upsets the Leo woman. She would try to help him with her bright and sunlit disposition; however he would refuse to allow her do so and may rather get even all the more upset by her attempts.

Thus, their relationship may start shredding which will be saddening to both the partners.

The saving grace in their compatibility is the jealous and possessive nature of the Scorpio man. Though he would not use words to flatter and adore his Leo woman, she would take his disapproval for being flirting around with other men and being gregarious in men circles as a form of flattery and will be pleased with that.

Both Scorpio man and Leo woman are strong minded and resolute people, they have the ability to gain material success together and reach zenith of popularity.

Despite various odds, this relationship can actually work well. They would always have conflicts between them over their social gatherings and outings.

But Leo woman is optimistic and indeed loves her Scorpio man, thus she would try and understand the darker emotional side of him and will let him to brood while he is having one of them.

The Scorpio man would also understand that his lady love likes love and affection to be displayed more often and in a large way. Thus, he would try to make allowances for them and will become more verbal and vocal to admire her. The Scorpio man is a fixed sign and he must be loving his Leo woman a lot and thus, will be willing to make this compromise.

Generally, this is a passionate, good humored, loving and romantic partnership and both the partners try to make space for each other. Their relationship can be long lasting if they keep on adapting and improving themselves to suit their partner’s needs.

Scorpio and Leo friendship

Scorpio and Leo friendship is a combination of two intense and powerful personalities. They understand each other quite well and thus, complement each other’s qualities. 

Leo are extravagant, believes in grandeur, vivacious by nature, loves socializing and believes in being limelight all the time. Scorpio admires all these qualities of Leo and will espouse their ideas and support them every way possible as long as Leo doesn’t start thinking the Scorpion friend to be inferior to them.

Leo will take all the opportunities to be the centre of attraction and Scorpio would gladly let them do so. The Scorpion friend being shrewd by nature will control things subtly and quietly.

The Leo friend is ruled by the Sun which is abundant source of energy and represents self. Thus, Leo are active, vibrant and bubbling with masculine energy. The Scorpion friend is ruled by Mars which is again source of masculine energy along with Pluto which imparts mystic and enigmatic character to their personality. Thus, this friendship has lot of masculine energy and is thus, very lively, and motivated one.

Leo being a fire sign craves for social status and independence. Scorpio being a water sign is unsettled and unpredictable. Thus, because of their different signs, there might arise conflicts in their friendship which if left unchecked, would provoke them to damage the other. However, they truly admire each other as friends and will try to resolve any issues and disagreements.

The best characteristic of friendship between Leo and Scorpio is their commitment to each other, and the intensely high energy levels in their partnership. Both signs have dominant, but different, personalities. They generally form an outstanding team, and their enthusiasm to fulfill their goals makes theirs a very creative combination.

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