Scorpio and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Scorpio and Taurus: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

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1 Personality traits- Taurus
2 Personality traits- Scorpio
3 Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility
4 Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man
5 Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman
6 Scorpio and Taurus friendship

Personality traits- Taurus

Taurus is ruled Venus (planet of beauty, attraction, love, satisfaction, creativity, and gratitude) and is an earth sign.

Taurus are known to be extremely loyal people and thus, they are quite passionate also. Quite devoted to their work, they are stubborn and ambitious as well. They are often known as ‘bull headed” since they are quite determined and resolute.

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Since Taurus is an earth sign, they are comfortable being stable, grounded and logical. This also translates into being hesitant towards change and they rather, prefer in control of things than something unplanned or unexpected coming up.

They can oscillate from being happy and laughing to extreme anger. They are passionate about life, and their emotions show it, and that's why they can flip so easily.

Being earth sign, they are quite logical, full of commonsense and they are honest to the core.

They are quick to help and reliable. If you have gone for advice from him and later on not followed it, they will grow impatient with you for wasting their time since they believe in productivity and being taken seriously.

Personality traits- Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (the planet of darkness, the subconscious, death and rebirth) hence, there is always an air of mystery surrounding them. To be handled with care should be the instruction while dealing with them- they can be precious friends and dangerous enemies both.

Scorpio are known to be extremely loyal, trustworthy, and faithful. However, they are suspicious and distrustful of their partners.

They are quite dependable and reliable and you can always count on them. In addition, they are quite ‘focused and determined’ in their works. They are hardworking and ambitious by nature and they also do not get deterred by failures.

Scorpios can become so obsessed with power and control that they show shrewdness and manipulation in getting things done by others. Scorpio are famous of their intuition and they somehow know the rights things at the right time.

Scorpio can become quite stubborn and obsessed with what they believe in and thus, it is quite difficult to make them realize that they can be wrong also.

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Taurus and Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio are entirely opposite to each other in zodiac, thus theoretically they are like two halves of a heart which fit each other perfectly well. These two zodiacs are very much attracted and drawn towards each other but long term compatibility is elusive in this case.

There are elemental differences in which they approach life. Taurus- the lover in the zodiac is compassionate, peace loving, romantic and sincere and candid in his/her feelings. Scorpio always has an air of mystery and enigma surrounding them.

Compatibility for Taurus means faith, stability and openness with the partner; for Scorpio- concealment, mystery and secrecy is the way of life. Scorpio would not like the Taurus partner to spill out his/her mystery to everyone in the public; hence would withhold the information partially.

The Taurus partner would have to accept after sometime that it is the inherent nature of Scorpio partner to not be open entirely.

Sexually, this pair is highly compatible and intensely matches each other with their sexual needs. Their intimate moments would confine to bedroom only rather than displaying in public.

Both Taurus and Scorpio partners are very possessive about their partner. Though both are quite loyal and faithful to each other, they may purposely try to stray in order to find out how much either of them is loved. This is psychologically not healthy for their relationship and in certain cases, may cause them to even put an end to their companionship.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are quite obstinate and unwilling to compromise or find the middle ground. There would be intense rows between them on a daily basis and an outsider might feel that they wont be reconciling with each other now.

But there is so much of magnetic sexual attraction between this couple that in no time the couple would be loving, kissing and sharing intimate private time with each other.

It might be worth mentioning that though both of them have reconciled, they are not the one to easily forget grudges.

It is the Scorpio partner in this relationship who subtly command and pull the strings. The methods employed by Scorpio are never direct; they manipulate Taurus by their shrewdness, sometimes by emotionally blackmailing them. Taurus being a direct person would never be able to find out that he is being indirectly controlled by Scorpio partner.

The Scorpio partner after a period of time in the relationship would realize that his/her mate truly loves him/her and start trusting and believing the Taurus mate. This is the point when their compatibility would start deepening and both would like to stick to each other through thick and thin.

Taurus- Scorpio relationship would be a life changing partnership for them, irrespective of whether it is life long. It is quite possible that they start hating each other as rapidly as they have fallen for each other.

There is almost a fatal attraction between them, so strong that it might not be possible for them to live without each other. This relationship is going to leave a mark on both of them despite the duration of their companionship.

Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man

The Taurus man and Scorpio woman are magnetically attracted towards each other and they are highly sexually compatible with each other. Whether or not this relationship remains long term, it is definitely going to change them as a person forever.

The Taurus man is deeply fascinated by the intrigues that surround a Scorpion woman. He himself is quite simple, compassionate, humble and sensible person but her effect on him can touch his hidden wild side and he is willing to go for it.

The Scorpio woman is exceptionally sensual, poignant and mysterious lady. She likes her enigmatic personality; however the Taurus man touches the right chord in her and she becomes quite expressive and open to him.

Taurus man being deeply sensual by nature and Scorpio woman being highly seductive, both are quite a match for each other sexually and they would share extremely passionate and physical relationship.

The compatibility between a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman can be best described as thrilling, stimulating, startling and sometimes terrifying.

Both these zodiacs are quite stubborn, and they are used to getting things the way they want. In situations where both are unwilling to compromise, it is quite possible that they might hurt each other quite badly.

Their compatibility is such that it is difficult for them to live with each other and at the same time, difficult to live without each other.

Both these zodiacs are quite possessive about their partners. Any hint of flirting or straying somewhere else can make them go mad with jealousy. This is not good news for an already emotionally turbulent pairing. There would be rows and disagreements between them and peace would be like a water body in an oasis.

When things are going well in their relationship, there is lot which either of them can offer to the other. The Taurus man by his influence can teach his lady to be more emotionally stable, planned and well thought of. The Scorpio woman can teach her hero to go deeper and understand his emotions.

However, when things are not going well in their relationship, both these partners are quite capable of hurting each other emotionally and would leave a dent in each other’s lives.

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Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus woman and Scorpio woman are opposite to each other in zodiac and thus, the astrology suggests that there is a very good chance of them being deeply compatible with each other.

However, there are other facets which need to be looked upon; the relationship between Taurus woman and Scorpio woman would require lot of efforts for being truly compatible with each other.

Both these signs are quite attracted towards each other. The Scorpio man finds comfort in the calm, peaceful, compassionate and emotionally stable Taurus woman. The Taurus woman wants herself and life to be taken seriously which see senses in the Scorpio man. Thus, initially in the relationship they would feel that they have chosen the right companion who is providing them what is missing in them.

The couple has great sex life. The Taurus woman is earthly, passionate and deeply sensual. The Scorpio man is known for his sex drive. Thus, a strong point in their relationship would always be the way they connect with each other physically. Their intimate moments would have a big effect on wiping out or at least reducing any tension between the two.

Both Taurus woman and Scorpio man are quite obstinate which would have a big negative effect in their compatibility. When they refuse to budge from their point and unwilling to compromise to reach a decision, there might be chances that the communication between them may stop for days altogether.

Both Taurus woman and Scorpio man are quite resolute and work focused towards reaching their goals. However, their style of working is quite different. Taurus woman uses her commonsense and practicality; Scorpio man works on intuition.

When they work together as a team, it is combination of head and hearts, and thus they can achieve great success in whatever endeavors they do together. 

The emotional nature of Taurus woman and Scorpio man is so different that it is hard for them to enter into long term compatibility.

Moreover, Taurus woman would feel manipulated and cheated by her Scorpio man’s shrewdness compared to her honest and transparent nature. Jealousy and possessiveness coupled with obstinacy from both sides would really make this relationship short lived.

Scorpio and Taurus friendship

Scorpio and Taurus complement each other quite well as friends. There is a strong pull between them, they are quite similar to each other in many ways; however both being such tough personalities might find it difficult to keep a balance between friendship and strife.

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus which exudes feminine energy, Scorpio is ruled by planet Pluto which exudes masculine energy. Their friendship is thus, coming together of masculine and feminine energy which makes it quite dynamic and intense.

Both these friends expect loyalty from each other, a feeling which arises from their desire to be emotionally secured. Taurus being honest would keep transparency in their friendship but Scorpio friend would not be so open and direct.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are quite determined in nature. Once they have zeroed down on their joint business venture and professional goals, nothing can deter them from working towards achieving it. However, there would be frequent fierce disagreements between them.

To an outsider, it might feel that the Taurus friend is dominating their friendship, however truth is, it is the Scorpio friend who by manipulative methods and indirect approach influences the decisions of Taurus thereby, domineering their partnership.

Their friendship might suffer if both the partners are not ready to back down from their point. However, once they start trusting each other, their combined determined nature can help them in going great heights.

The most important characteristic of friendship between Taurus and a Scorpio is the utter strength of their combined hard work once they have agreed on their aims and objectives. Once they have started trusting each other, settled down in the friendship and are comfortable with each other, their joint resolution makes them a very formidable team.

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