Scorpio and Virgo: 200 shocking truths

Scorpio and Virgo: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Virgo
2 Personality traits- Scorpio
3 Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility
4 Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man
5 Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman
6 Scorpio and Virgo friendship

Personality traits- Virgo

Whenever, you see a sweet, patient and modest person around the corner, you can quickly guess that he/she is a Virgo. These are the attributes of Virgo since it is an ‘earth’ sign. Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury.

Virgos are known for their critical thinking. They try to look from various angles to a problem and then, give solution which is best suited accordingly. Being critical thinkers they are, sometimes unintentionally become quite judgmental about others and may feel that others are not as hardworking as they are.

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They put in efforts in every walk of life and thus, are quite ‘hardworking’ and appreciated by others for this quality of theirs. They also tend to remember everything which is both a source of centre of attraction for them because people are quite amazed with it; and at the same time this quality becomes a reason of anxiety for them.

Virgos are faithful in their relationships and to them; their relationship comes before everything else in life.

Virgos are quite reliable and thus, whatever responsibility you have entrusted with them, be sure it would be completed on time and with the best possible way.

Some say that Virgos are over thinkers and thus, tend to worry a lot. Also, since they are quite hardworking and do job to their perfection; they get irritated with the slightest of the errors and thus, reprimand themselves a lot.

Personality traits- Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (the planet of darkness, the subconscious, death and rebirth) hence, there is always an air of mystery surrounding them. To be handled with care should be the instruction while dealing with them- they can be precious friends and dangerous enemies both.

Scorpio are known to be extremely loyal, trustworthy, and faithful. However, they are suspicious and distrustful of their partners.

They are quite dependable and reliable and you can always count on them. In addition, they are quite ‘focused and determined’ in their works. They are hardworking and ambitious by nature and they also do not get deterred by failures. Scorpios can become so obsessed with power and control that they show shrewdness and manipulation in getting things done by others. Scorpio are famous of their intuition and they somehow know the rights things at the right time.

Scorpio can become quite stubborn and obsessed with what they believe in and thus, it is quite difficult to make them realize that they can be wrong also.

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Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

At the first glance, a relationship between Scorpio and Virgo seems quite unlikely. Their compatibility lies in the fact that both Virgo and Scorpio are mysterious human beings and have a certain around of magic around themselves. Yes, they do make quite an unusual couple but once they come together, they form an unbeatable pair.

It will take time for Virgo and Scorpio to get to know each other since they both take time in understanding the people in whom they become interested. They sense a mystic connection between them right from the start and feel happy being together.

Once they start dating, the overtly sexual Scorpio would have to be slow in coming physically close to the Virgo since they are quite shy to begin with. Once the Virgo partner has developed trust and comfort with the Scorpio partner, he/she would unveil the earthly sensuality and the couple would explore the joys of physical intimacy in the bedroom.

Both Scorpio and Virgo zodiac signs seek stability and security in the relationship. The Scorpio partner admires the rationality, grounded, modest, calm and peaceful nature of Virgo partner. The Virgo partner, on the other hand, is deeply enchanted by the enigmatic and charismatic aura of the Scorpio partner.

Their compatibility is a mix of opposite natures, which can be very beneficial to their relationship provided they give it a chance.

Both these partners are loyal, trustworthy and not very social, so they would prefer to stay at home with each other rather than attending social gatherings and outings.

The Scorpio partner is fiercely protective of the Virgo partner and would try to shield him/her from all the troubles of life.

The Scorpio partner inherently seeks power and the Virgo partner needs orders. Thus, their compatibility works since both partners get their requirements in this partnership.

When things are going well in their companionship, they would communicate easily since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of messenger. They may enter into heated arguments but would seek a solution making their discussions fruitful.

In some cases, it might happen that an unscrupulous Scorpio partner would overpower the Virgo partner who needs order. Of all the zodiac pairings of Virgo, Scorpio-Virgo compatibility can be one of the dominant/submissive relationship, and may even by harmful to the unassumed Virgo partner.

The compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio is tricky and unexplained to an outsider. Even both the partners do not understand why their compatibility is working; they are simply happy with the fact that their compatibility is working without much hinges.

Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man

Both Virgo man and Scorpio woman are reserved in public and do not believe in divulging about their private life openly. They are not ostentatious and flashy in the public and there is certain amount of mystery and enigma around themselves which attracts the Virgo man and Scorpio woman towards each other.

Their compatibility may initially work out since they would like to know the real person who is hiding behind the mask in the public.

As they start dating and get to know each other, they would feel happy in one another's company knowing that they have found a trustworthy partner who would not divulge their top kept secrets in the public and is practical and sensible enough. The couple would start mutually admiring each other.

The Scorpio woman admires the Virgo man's self discipline, grounded nature and his logical approach towards things. The Virgo man always remain on emotional back-foot, and thus, admires his lady's ability to deal with situations even if she remains emotionally volatile.

Both the Virgo man and Scorpio woman are deeply committed in their relationship and are trustworthy and fiercely loyal towards each other. Since they both are private individuals, they would love to spend time wrapped in each others company without the need to venture out much.

The Scorpio woman has intense emotions and thus, her moods can change often. The Virgo man remains undisturbed by her mood swings and tantrums and he can very well sense that when his woman is trying to manipulate and emotionally manage him.

He might not be dominant and aggressive by nature but he would not simply bow to the histrionics of Scorpio woman. Over a period of time, the Scorpio woman would realise this and will come to appreciate her man for this.

The Virgo man and Scorpio woman makes a very private affair, and would not talk about their relationship much to outsiders. It is the pairing of the most inhibited Virgo man of the zodiac with probably the sexiest Scorpio woman in the zodiac. Thus, their partnership would always remain a matter of curiosity to others.

This compatibility has chances to stand the test of the time given that the Virgo man maintains his attitude to stand up towards his woman's emotional dramas and manipulations. The Scorpio woman loves this quality of her Virgo man and his confidence in this matter would decide the fate of their relationship.

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Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman and Scorpio man are deeply private individuals in public and carry a certain amount of mystery around themselves. This attracts them towards each other since both would like to know what is the person actually like when he/she is not public.

Both the partners appreciate the fact that neither of them is gaudy and flashy in the public and can sense the integrity of character in each other. They remain honest to each other mostly and lies would not be a part of their relationship.

Virgo woman Scorpio man compatibility is inscrutable to outsiders but makes sense to them.

The couple would be fiercely loyal and devoted towards each other. The Scorpio man would become highly protective of the meek, unassuming Virgo woman and will see to it that she is not harmed in any circumstances.

The Virgo woman is extremely caring towards her loved ones and will always espouse her Scorpio man in any of his endeavors and accomplishments.

The sexual chemistry between the couple is also strong. The Scorpio man will help relax and comfort the Virgo woman bringing out her inner sexuality. The Scorpio man is the most sexy of all the zodiac signs and passionate as well but with his Virgo lady, he is surprisingly slow burning,  tender and smooth. Thus, they share a private romantic and intimate bedroom moments.

One of the bottlenecks in Virgo woman and Scorpio man compatibility can be the tendency of the Virgo woman to constantly criticize and nag. He is thick skinned in this matter and may simply laugh off wryly at her suggestions and would continue to do whatever he feels is right.

The Scorpio man deep inside knows that his lady's remarks are meant well for improvements and hence, his tolerance level will keep growing for his Virgo love.

The Scorpio man can be moody and the Virgo woman may sometimes get irritated with his emotional lows and highs. However, she is practical and knows that every person is not perfect and this is just one of his personality traits which will always be a part of him.

The Scorpio man also becomes grateful towards his Virgo woman to tolerate his emotional outbursts and would try hard not to hurt her.

The Virgo woman is flexible and thus, willing to compromise and adapt as per her Scorpio man's emotional journeys. The Scorpio man is highly dedicated and love his Virgo woman intensely. Thus, Scorpio man and Virgo woman is quite a compatible pair and their affair has potential to life last time due to their mutual devotion towards each other.

Scorpio and Virgo friendship

Scorpio and Virgo friends are loyal and dedicated towards each other. The communication between them flows easily and thus, they prefer to hang out with each other only rather than a large circle of friends.

Virgo and Scorpio friends both want wealth and name in the society. They are fond of collecting worldly materialistic possessions. Both these friends are reliable and dependable and will always help each other in times of need.

Both friends admire each other's qualities. Virgo likes the fact that Scorpio friend is passionate about their endeavors and would work hard to achieve it. The Scorpio friend appreciates the commitment, devotion and the practical mind of Virgo friend.

Virgo being an earth sign and Scorpio being a water sign gel well with each other. They both want safety, security and steadiness in any partnership and thus, will remain devoted towards each other as friends.

They can form an unbeatable team in any endeavor which they start. They both would remain focused and determined in achieving their goals and objectives. In case of any disagreements in any area, the Virgo friend being flexible would be more open towards compromise and giving in to the Scorpio friend.

However, they usually form an amiable bond and matters of contention would be few between them.

The most significant characteristic of friendship between Virgo and Scorpio is their quality to work as a unit, once they have devoted to each other in friendship. Scorpio love Virgo’s rationality and grounded nature, and consider them a true benefit to their friendship.

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