Virgo and Gemini: 200 shocking truths

Virgo and Gemini: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Gemini
2 Personality traits- Virgo
3 Gemini and Virgo Compatibility
4 Virgo Woman and Gemini Man
5 Virgo Man and Gemini Woman
6 Virgo and Gemini friendship

Personality traits- Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury (the planet of information and technology) and is an air sign. Mercury has been termed as planetary messenger and thus, Gemini has been gifted with the talent of communicating with others quite easily and makes others at ease.

Being ‘talkative’ is what defines them. They simply love to talk. But it is not gibberish always, they love to have conversations which keep them mentally stimulated and challenge their intelligence. They are serious thinkers and intellect is everything for them.

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They are really curious and inquisitive by nature and thus, will keep poking in everybody’s business.

They are quite active and energetic and their mind always keeps on working/thinking about something or the other.  They are generally affectionate and loveable people.

Sitting idle is difficult for them alongwith staying at home. They are social creatures and thus, their identity requires them to mix with people, have conversations and keep on learning about it from their experiences.

However, you should be a little cautious while having conversations with them. They are good at making conversations but they are not good at keeping whatever secrets you have confided in them and thus, may be known to everybody around you.

Personality traits- Virgo

Whenever, you see a sweet, patient and modest person around the corner, you can quickly guess that he/she is a Virgo. These are the attributes of Virgo since it is an ‘earth’ sign. Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury.

Virgos are known for their critical thinking. They try to look from various angles to a problem and then, give solution which is best suited accordingly.

They put in efforts in every walk of life and thus, are quite ‘hardworking’ and appreciated by others for this quality of theirs. They also tend to remember everything which is both a source of centre of attraction for them because people are quite amazed with it; and at the same time this quality becomes a reason of anxiety for them.

Virgos are faithful in their relationships and to them; their relationship comes before everything else in life.

Virgos are quite reliable and thus, whatever responsibility you have entrusted with them, be sure it would be completed on time and with the best possible way.

Some say that Virgos are over thinkers and thus, tend to worry a lot.

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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury and thus, there is no strong attraction between them like that of opposites; also they are not similar in a way which will keep them together. The compatibility between Gemini and Virgo has to be worked out and will require efforts from both the parties concerned.

There is basic difference between the attitude of Gemini and Virgo towards life. Gemini is carefree, spontaneous and believes in freedom. On the other hand, Virgo loves sticking to routine, being responsible and dedicated towards work assigned.

Thus, there is constant tussle between them and the compatibility between them can be derived if they are willing to come to some middle ground.

Gemini might consider Virgo to be too serious towards life; they take time in committing themselves to a relationship. Thus, the Virgo partner should not push the Gemini partner for any commitment which would automatically come given some time and freedom and mutually decided terms.

Once they have committed themselves to the relationship; both can bring freshness and stability in each other's life. The Gemini partner can induce spontaneity and relaxation in Virgo's life making them enjoy more. The Virgo partner can help in grounding the airy fairy ideas of Gemini partner and show them the importance of stability in life.

The bedroom life between this couple would comprise both of fun, frivolity and restraints. The Virgo partner is earthy sign and thus, quite sensual; but takes time and need to be comforted by the Gemini partner before they can reach the level of playfulness. The Gemini partner need to understand this for letting the passion between this couple to reach the level of ecstasy.

Both Gemini and Virgo partners are flexible and thus, this may work in the favor of their relationship. However, the major area of discomfort in the companionship is the fact that none of them would take the lead in sorting the differences between them. The issues between them would remain unresolved for days and sometimes, weak before it reaches the level of discussion.

The compatibility between Gemini and Virgo is marked with both partners at equal levels and neither being dominated by the other partner.

Since, both these zodiacs are ruled by Mercury, it works in favor of their relationship. If this couple is truly in love with each other, any hurdles between them would be sorted out by communicating with each other again and again in a way not to be hurting the partner's feelings.

However, this compatibility may not stand the test of the time if the couple is not madly in love with each other since there are too many areas where middle ground has to be met and there would always be silent fight between the Gemini's desire for freedom and Virgo's love for stability.

Virgo Woman and Gemini Man

Both Gemini man and Virgo woman are ruled by the planet Mercury which is the communicator; hence there would be lot of talking between these two partners. They are similar in many ways which draws them towards each other.

The Gemini man is attracted towards the talkative Virgo woman whose talks are mentally stimulating to him. The Virgo woman is drawn towards the playful nature of Gemini man and his wits and his straightforward talks. Their compatibility may start well with a friendship which may become romantic with passage of time.

The Virgo woman is an earth sign and once she becomes comfortable with the Gemini man, she would take the lead in the sexual relations. The Gemini man is not a great initiator in this area and would rather be happy that his Virgo woman is taking charge while a lot of other things are going in his mind. Their sexual chemistry however be often marred because of the aloofness and the interest of Gemini man in variety of other things. 

Though ruled by the same planet Mercury, there are many things which this couple can learn from one another. The Gemini man is extrovert, naturally charming and makes people at ease around him. The Virgo woman on the other hand is quite modest and grounded in public; however she uses her critical thinking in private to improve others and herself.

The Virgo woman is quite critical by nature but the Gemini man knows that she often means well only and hence, would not disapprove of this quality of hers and if her ideas and suggestions are not liked by him sometimes, he would simply shrug them off rather than taking them to the heart.

Their compatibility may falter when the matter comes to stability. The Virgo woman loves routine and stability in the life and believes in detailed planning. She becomes horrified by the Gemini man's flitting nature and desire for lack of routine.

However, of all the zodiac pairings, the compromise between a couple is best demonstrated in case of Virgo woman and Gemini man. Both these signs are flexible and adaptable and hence, they are willing to reach a middle ground which suits them both.

When things are going well in this relationship, their compatibility is marked with bringing good qualities of both the zodiac- stable and grounded but mentally stimulating, logical yet sensual.

They may get irritated or hurt with each other sometimes, however being a good communicator they are; sweet talking would be common in their relationship making things alright and thus, has high chances of being lasting lifetime.

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Virgo Man and Gemini Woman

Yes, there would be endless talks between Virgo man and Gemini woman since both these zodiacs are ruled by Mercury. There would be a natural friendship between this pair since both love to talk and share ideas with each other, respect each others mental abilities and quite wonderfully, have shared similar interests.

It is thus, so much of similarities which do not spark off any romantic chemistry between them. There are differences also between both these zodiacs since Virgo is an earth sign and Gemini is an air sign.

However, both these signs are flexible and thus, both these partners would be willing to adapt and compromise in their relationship with neither of them taking the lead in sorting out the differences. The Virgo man and Gemini woman can make greatest of friends but a relationship romantic in nature, would be hard won.

The compatibility between this couple can also suffer if they start discussing everyday mundane things of life. The Virgo man is stable, grounded and believes in planning everything before taking any initiative. The Gemini woman on the other hand is spontaneous, doesn't stick to any routine and take life as it comes.

Hence, the Gemini woman might find Virgo man to be too fussy and restrained while the Virgo man may get tired of her fickle nature and flitting from things so easily.

The couple would enjoy a playful and sensual bedroom life brought by both the partners. However, their sexual chemistry may translate into jealousy for the Virgo man for his lady who is generally not like that with other zodiacs.

The Virgo man may not approve of his Gemini's lady flirtatious attitude and may ask her to restrain; who would get horrified at his suggestion since she believes in freedom and independence at any cost. She would justify her actions by accusing Virgo man of being bore and their life lacking any adventure and spontaneity. And, again there would start series of arguments and discussions.

The strong point in compatibility between this couple is that both of them are good at communication and will discuss things over and over again before the issues are resolved and willing to make adjustments as per their partner.

Despite their efforts, their compatibility has a faint chance since essentially both the partners cannot provide what the others lacks. Once they have realised this, they would decide to part their ways on a good note and may decide to remain as good friends.

Virgo and Gemini friendship

The friendship between Gemini and Virgo will take time to evolve. Both these signs need to develop understanding between each other and initially be patient and listen to each other.

Fundamentally, the nature of Gemini and Virgo is quite different. Gemini might find Virgo to be boring and staid while the Virgo might find the vacillating and flitting nature of Gemini to be horrifying.

Both these friends can influence each other a lot. The Gemini friend can bring excitement and newness into the otherwise mundane life of Virgo. The Virgo friend can help Gemini in becoming more grounded and help in converting the airy fairy ideas into practicality.

The planet Mercury possess both masculine and feminine energy. Gemini inherits more of masculine character of Mercury and Virgo has more orientation towards the feminine character. The Gemini friend is a quick decision maker; the Virgo friend takes time in making decisions however those decisions are always stable. The Gemini friend understand people very well and hence, can realise easily as to what the Virgo friend wants and can provide them.

Gemini always has an interest in wide variety of things and gives importance to their freedom and independence. The Virgo friend should understand this aspect of Gemini friend and thus, should not be too demanding of their time and focus.

All that both signs need is an assurance that these differences won’t affect their friendship.

The most significant aspect of friendship between Gemini and Virgo is the stability and security both signs bring to their companionship, once they have settled on a solid partnership. Their friendship is bound to grow stronger with time if the communication between them keeps flowing easily.

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