Virgo and Leo: 200 shocking truths

Virgo and Leo: 200 shocking truths

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1 Personality traits- Leo
2 Personality traits- Virgo
3 Leo and Virgo Compatibility
4 Virgo Woman and Leo Man
5 Virgo Man and Leo Woman
6 Virgo and Leo friendship

Personality traits- Leo

Leo is ruled by Sun which is the most important planet of all; sun is the ruler and so is Leo. Sun represents self and symbolizes one's will and inner strength. Leo is a fire sign.

They have a feeling of being superior over others and doesn’t mind if others do not think so. They try to grab the chance to be the centre stage and take all the limelight. They need revalidation from others by way of being admired and well liked by everybody.

Leo energy is magnetic and one is bound to feel stimulated in their presence. It is difficult to ignore them since there have a strong personality and their presence is always felt in the room.

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They can be spotted in the crowd by their arrogance and daring personality.

They are truly helpful and caring people. They are loyal and trustworthy and expect the same from others.

Leo believes in being candid and straight with their words and if you are truly looking for some honest feedback and guidance, you should approach them since they will not mince their words or sugarcoat them.

Personality traits- Virgo

Whenever, you see a sweet, patient and modest person around the corner, you can quickly guess that he/she is a Virgo. These are the attributes of Virgo since it is an ‘earth’ sign. Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury.

Virgos are known for their critical thinking. They try to look from various angles to a problem and then, give solution which is best suited accordingly.

They put in efforts in every walk of life and thus, are quite ‘hardworking’ and appreciated by others for this quality of theirs.

Virgos are faithful in their relationships and to them; their relationship comes before everything else in life.

Virgos are quite reliable and thus, whatever responsibility you have entrusted with them, be sure it would be completed on time and with the best possible way.

Some say that Virgos are over thinkers and thus, tend to worry a lot.

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Leo and Virgo Compatibility

One may find it odd to see compatibility between Leo and Virgo which is indeed surprising. These two are very different personalities; however their partnership can work well once they have known and understood each other. The problem lies initially when they both might simply not be interested towards each other.

Down to earth Virgo will be unsettled in front of the dominating, magnetic and strong Leo; on the other hand Leo would find Virgo to be inconspicuous, staid and far too unexciting by nature. If however, they give the opportunity, they would find that there are other aspects of each other’s personality which would indeed attract them.

The regal Leo needs a partner who would be loyal and faithful at any cost and give them constant admiration and adoration. Virgo is not used to public display of love and affection. And, they can sense that Leo are very honest and sincere by nature.

So, whenever the Healer of the zodiac, Virgo gives compliments and flatter Leo, the Leo partner would utterly know that these are not mere words, these are the feelings which has been expressed through words and are quite genuine. Thus, Virgo gives a reality check to Leo.

The Leo will give importance to the meaningful praises given by Virgo and thus, Virgo feels needed by the Leo partner. Their compatibility is based on this mutual desire of being loved, needed and adored genuinely rather than superficially.

The partnership between Leo and Virgo is mutually beneficial and there are many things which they can learn from one another. The Leo partner would make Virgo more joyful, carefree, and active and would enjoy life more.  The wise Virgo partner would help Leo in becoming more focused towards the goal.

The sexual compatibility between Leo and Virgo is good. The Leo partner would help the shy Virgo partner in trusting and thus, helping them to open much more and together they would have a warm and sensual relationship exploring the joys of physical pleasure.

Both Virgo and Leo are fiercely faithful, sincere and honest in their relationships.

They would somehow manage to sail through social circles also creating a balance between the extrovert Leo partner and reclusive Virgo partner. As their relationship matures, the Virgo partner would become more trustful of Leo partner and their bond would grow deeper with time.

Virgo can be sometimes very critical of their Leo partner who will hurt the pride and ego of Leo partner. However, these two are truly in love with each other and they would somehow manage to tackle this.

Virgo partner will become more careful with the words and will direct criticism at a more appropriate time. Leo partner would understand the honest intentions behind the criticism and will take it in a more open way.

The Leo partner would dominate this relationship in public; however it is the thoroughly controlled and committed Virgo partner who provides the power to regal Leo and thus, subtly controlling the partnership.

Virgo Woman and Leo Man

The relationship between Leo man and Virgo woman is difficult to start in the first place since they have altogether different interests, will not have common friends and have altogether different lifestyles- so they do not get to meet each other.

By chance, if they get to meet, this couple would find each other quite fascinating and intriguing, which is the starting point for their compatibility.

The Leo man is sincere, honest and warm by nature which draws the Virgo woman. The Leo man is attracted towards the slightly mystifying and enigmatic personality and would like to explore her. He is attentive, respected towards her and their relationship would start with a traditional kind of courtship.

When they get to know each other sexually, the Leo man will discover the hidden sensuality of Virgo woman who would be absolutely delighted to be in the arms of such an ardent passionate lover. Both of them do not believe much in public display of love and affection, hence, their sexual life and passion would be confined to their home and private space.

The trouble in their relationship would start when they have formally committed to each other. The Leo man constantly desires to be flattered and adored by his lady. The Virgo woman is a no nonsense lady and would not adhere to this demand. She would praise him when genuinely there are reasons for it and would criticize him as per the situation.

Her praises and her criticisms both are directed towards the improvement of her man. However, Leo simply cannot take criticism and thus, may start resenting his Virgo woman.

Whenever this couple has rows and arguments, the Leo man in his blazing temper would yield fire upon his lady. However, Virgo woman is a strong lady and would not be hurt and succumb to pressure. She is intelligent and would rather outsmart him in the arguments which will be a further shock to the mountain size ego of Leo man.

The Leo man will get irritated with Virgo woman if she is running low on confidence. He is not the kind of person to boost the self confidence of somebody because he, himself needs revalidation from others by way of admiration.

Also, the Leo man will feel that he would rather chose a partner who is more socially at ease if the Virgo woman doesn’t matches his performance expectations in social circles.

This couple can be mutually benefitted from each other if they decide so. The Virgo woman can be the reason behind the success of Leo man providing him much required assurance, and unselfish time and support. The Leo man can encourage and motivate the Virgo woman to follow her interests.

Leo man and Vigo woman relationship is indeed quirky, but their compatibility can work out if both partners understand each other’s requirements and work towards fulfilling it.

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Virgo Man and Leo Woman

It is the desire of the Leo woman to be adored, admired and at the middle of the spotlight. The Virgo man is an honest and sincere individual who would praise and admire Leo woman with words truly felt rather than with superficial on the go words.

He is also true with his words when it comes to giving critique remarks to her. Thus, the Leo woman finds in Virgo man a partner who is sincere and honest in his remarks with her and gives her a reality check.

The Virgo man feels needed with Leo woman. She appreciates his faithfulness and helping nature towards her. He is also logical, intelligent, modest and compassionate which suits Leo woman. As their relationship matures, the Leo woman would become more dependable and reliable with her Virgo man which makes him pleased and contented in their partnership.

There would be issues in this relationship as well. The Leo woman believes in grandiose way of living with an equally active social life compared to Virgo man, who is a little bit shy, and would much rather prefer staying at home than going for social gatherings.

The Leo woman is known for her raging temper and demanding nature whereas the Virgo man believes in discussions to solve things. Initially, the Virgo man will be scathed and badly hurt by her piercing words, but soon enough he would learn to ignore them and keep his peace.  The Leo woman would find this uncomforting but she would also realize that this is the man who can see through her real inner self. Thus, both would start appreciating and valuing each other’s opinions.

There would be lot of rows between them over many issues- parenting, financial discipline, social outings etc. However, the Virgo man is wise and passively aggressive and thus, would persuade the Leo woman to agree to his commands. The decisions would finally look as though it was suggested and indeed wanted by the Leo woman rather than the Virgo man, thus satisfying her big ego.

Both these partners are faithful and loyal towards each other and they acknowledge this fact deeply. This couple can see through each other’s exterior façade and thus, their compatibility works surprisingly well. To an outsider, their relationship can be quite intriguing and unimaginable as to what it is which has brought and kept them together.

In case of Leo woman and Virgo man relationship, their compatibility works because of so different natures rather than similarity in their natures.

Virgo and Leo friendship

There is not much common between the Virgo and the Leo. But as their friendship deepens, they start understanding each other much better and a very strong bond develops between them.

In the start of their friendship, they would see more of the negative traits of each other. Leo would appear to be too dominant to Virgo; and Virgo would seem too critical to Leo. However, with the passage of time, they see the positive side of each other and thus, develop real admiration for each other’s qualities.

The Leo friend will bring more energy levels, enthusiasm, fun and adventure in the otherwise dull life of Virgo. The Virgo friend will teach Leo to develop more patience and logical in their approach. Virgo would also help Leo to become more empathetic and compassionate towards others rather than giving the demands of the self as priority.

Leo have a tendency to jump in the middle of the things and start taking the control without bothering and thinking about the consequences. The Virgo friend is rational and logical in approach and would look at a situation from every angle possible before giving any conclusion. Both these friends might not agree to each other’s way of solving problems, but if they give chance, they would complement each other very well in this aspect.

Leo are born leaders, grab the spotlight and always want to be at the centre of attraction. Virgo like to remain behind the limelight and work silently towards the goal. Thus, there would never be disagreements between them as to who will dominate in their friendship.

The most notable aspect of friendship between Leo and Virgo is the reality that they make such an amazing team if work jointly. Leo get adoration, admiration and respect from others by their incredible leadership skills, sociable nature, and skill in dealing with problems and situations. Virgo are quieter and prefer to work in the background, scheming and balancing everything.

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