Virgo compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Virgo compatibility: 200 shocking truths

Table of contents

Sl. No. Topic
1 Personality traits- Virgo
2 Virgo and Aries Compatibility
3 Virgo and Taurus Compatibility
4 Virgo  and Gemini Compatibility
5 Virgo and Cancer Compatibility
6 Virgo and Leo Compatibility
7 Virgo and Libra Compatibility
8 Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility
9 Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility
10 Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility
11 Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility
12 Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Personality traits- Virgo

Whenever, you see a sweet, patient and modest person around the corner, you can quickly guess that he/she is a Virgo. These are the attributes of Virgo since it is an ‘earth’ sign. Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury.

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Virgos are known for their critical thinking. They try to look from various angles to a problem and then, give solution which is best suited accordingly.

They put in efforts in every walk of life and thus, are quite ‘hardworking’ and appreciated by others for this quality of theirs. They also tend to remember everything which is both a source of centre of attraction for them because people are quite amazed with it; and at the same time this quality becomes a reason of anxiety for them.

Virgos are faithful in their relationships and to them; their relationship comes before everything else in life.

Virgos are quite reliable and thus, whatever responsibility you have entrusted with them, be sure it would be completed on time and with the best possible way.

Some say that Virgos are over thinkers and thus, tend to worry a lot.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility

On the surface, there doesn't seem to be much in common between Aries and Virgo which can call for a strong compatibility between them. However, it is this uncommonness because of which one has a lot to offer to other and thus, they can beautify each other’s personalities. 

Since, both do not share the same interests, they would find the other person quite intriguing. It is quite possible that the relationship might take time to blossom because of their opposite nature.

Virgo is a sweet, simple, modest and patient kind of person and Aries is fast loving, full of life and energy with a ‘me’ approach towards life. It is this opposite nature of Virgo which may melt the heart of Aries and thus, the Aries will leave no stone unturned in wooing Virgo and Virgo would eventually have to say ‘yes” for the relationship.

Virgo can provide the stability, humility and critical thinking which is lacking in an otherwise fast loving, often straightforward, and instant decision taking Aries. And, Aries would add fun, party, events and adventure in the life of Virgo partner.

Virgo is slightly timid and can be easily intimidated which softens the Aries partner and brings out ‘here comes the savior’ nature of Aries. Virgo being the caregiver would take care of the Aries partner.

Aries like to lead and the Virgo partner will not hesitate in allowing him to do so, when done with respect. Aries has a rough and a brash attitude and may break at the times of difficulty; here the Virgo partner will soothe his/her nerves. The Virgo partner will subtly and modestly encourage the Aries partner at roadblocks in life. Thus, both partners will enjoy this ‘sweet and loving’ relationship.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

Both Taurus and Virgo being earth signs, there is instant attraction and understanding for each other and thus, their compatibility is also quite strong. Both are grounded to the earth and full of common sense, hence their relationship is quite warm and practical. They understand the duties and responsibilities one needs to perform in a relationship.

The compatibility between Taurus and Virgo establishes as friends first where the couple develops genuine liking for each other.

The relationship between this couple will always be based on friendship first and will have the comfort to lean on each other whenever the stresses of life is overbearing.

There is quite a strong possibility of the Taurus- Virgo couple sharing a sexually exciting life.

Both Taurus and Virgo are hardworking, determined and devoted to their work, hence, both would do well in their careers and will be supportive of each other’s career goals.

Since both genuinely like each other and honest are in their relationship, communication will openly free between them, issues between them will be sorted out softly and patiently and there would not be much of shouts, screams and emotional tantrums.

For their compatibility level to be the best, there need to be some laugh, merriness and jokes in the relationship between them; otherwise they would take life and each other very much seriously.  

Taurus are stubborn by nature and Virgo are critical thinkers. Sometimes, their critical thinking becomes too much and then they keep on critiquing themselves and their partner. The more Virgo becomes of complaining nature, the more Taurus is likely to stick to the position.

Here, the Virgo should become flexible and need to keep talking to their Taurus partner to resolve the situation. Virgo likes to look at a problem from various angles and Taurus believes in zeroing down to the solution and sticking to it. Some amount of mental flexibility from Taurus will further help in making their relationship a bigger success.

Their relationship will not be marked with much of highs and lows and the mutual respect, admiration and enduring love for each other will help in solving minor issues.

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Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury and thus, there is no strong attraction between them like that of opposites; also they are not similar in a way which will keep them together. The compatibility between Gemini and Virgo has to be worked out and will require efforts from both the parties concerned.

There is basic difference between the attitude of Gemini and Virgo towards life. Gemini is carefree, spontaneous and believes in freedom. On the other hand, Virgo loves sticking to routine, being responsible and dedicated towards work assigned.

Thus, there is constant tussle between them and the compatibility between them can be derived if they are willing to come to some middle ground.

Once they have committed themselves to the relationship; both can bring freshness and stability in each other's life. The Gemini partner can induce spontaneity and relaxation in Virgo's life making them enjoy more. The Virgo partner can help in grounding the airy fairy ideas of Gemini partner and show them the importance of stability in life.

The bedroom life between this couple would comprise both of fun, frivolity and restraints. The Virgo partner is earthy sign and thus, quite sensual; but takes time and need to be comforted by the Gemini partner before they can reach the level of playfulness. The Gemini partner need to understand this for letting the passion between this couple to reach the level of ecstasy.

The compatibility between Gemini and Virgo is marked with both partners at equal levels and neither being dominated by the other partner.

Since, both these zodiacs are ruled by Mercury, it works in favor of their relationship. If this couple is truly in love with each other, any hurdles between them would be sorted out by communicating with each other again and again in a way not to be hurting the partner's feelings.

However, this compatibility may not stand the test of the time if the couple is not madly in love with each other since there are too many areas where middle ground has to be met and there would always be silent fight between the Gemini's desire for freedom and Virgo's love for stability.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

When Cancer and Virgo come together, there are high chances of this being a lifelong relationship; their compatibility being strong since both share the same outlook on life- the methods and approaches may be different but those are rather complementary to each other.

Both these zodiacs tend to worry a lot, stemming from the common desire for security and stability in life.

Cancer takes decisions based on their hunch and mood; Virgo takes their decisions based on rationality and intellect. These differences are rather healthy for them since they would influence each other; Virgo will start paying attention to their sixth sense and Cancer will give way to more practical approach towards life.

The relationship between the Healer and the Homemaker of the zodiac is based on commonsense, determination for hard work and love for each other.

Both being family oriented would want to have a loving and caring family and will work wholeheartedly. Their world revolved around their loved ones and would like to spend as much time with them as possible rather than going for social outings.

The strong compatibility between Cancer and Virgo is also due to their common nature of planning and well defined goals. They will have a clear cut idea of how to work on their goals, and will focus on achieving them sincerely.

The partnership between Virgo and Cancer is rather equal with both sides contributing equally to the relationship. There might be minor niggles; however they both would be able to overcome it smoothly.

There is lot which both these mates can learn from each other. The Cancer partner appreciates the intellect and practicality of Virgo partner and would happily add them in his or her ideas for their marital life. The Virgo can use the Cancer emotional instinct and hunch to better him/ her. 

They are quite comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company and would live a carefully planned life without much of spontaneity in it.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility

One may find it odd to see compatibility between Leo and Virgo which is indeed surprising. These two are very different personalities; however their partnership can work well once they have known and understood each other. The problem lies initially when they both might simply not be interested towards each other.

Down to earth Virgo will be unsettled in front of the dominating, magnetic and strong Leo; on the other hand Leo would find Virgo to be inconspicuous, staid and far too unexciting by nature. If however, they give the opportunity, they would find that there are other aspects of each other’s personality which would indeed attract them.

The regal Leo needs a partner who would be loyal and faithful at any cost and give them constant admiration and adoration. Virgo is not used to public display of love and affection. And, they can sense that Leo are very honest and sincere by nature.

So, whenever the Healer of the zodiac, Virgo gives compliments and flatter Leo, the Leo partner would utterly know that these are not mere words, these are the feelings which has been expressed through words and are quite genuine. Thus, Virgo gives a reality check to Leo.

The Leo will give importance to the meaningful praises given by Virgo and thus, Virgo feels needed by the Leo partner. Their compatibility is based on this mutual desire of being loved, needed and adored genuinely rather than superficially.

The sexual compatibility between Leo and Virgo is good. The Leo partner would help the shy Virgo partner in trusting and thus, helping them to open much more and together they would have a warm and sensual relationship exploring the joys of physical pleasure.

Both Virgo and Leo are fiercely faithful, sincere and honest in their relationships.

They would somehow manage to sail through social circles also creating a balance between the extrovert Leo partner and reclusive Virgo partner. As their relationship matures, the Virgo partner would become more trustful of Leo partner and their bond would grow deeper with time.

The Leo partner would dominate this relationship in public; however it is the thoroughly controlled and committed Virgo partner who provides the power to regal Leo and thus, subtly controlling the partnership.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility

Virgo and Libra are neighboring signs in the zodiac and their compatibility can run deep as friends. However, relationships romantic in nature can be quite complex between them with both of them trying to change each other and implicitly trying to control the partnership.

In situations where they meet in an academic environment, they would have lot of discussions and debates in order to bring out new ideas. Both are peaceful, calm, compassionate and gentle by nature.

Libra being romantic, can bring out the romantic side of Virgo and Virgo can give some practical advice and make them more grounded. Thus, both may develop a liking for each other and the relationship will start.

There are hurdles in their relationship when it comes to their social life. Libra are graceful, charming and want to live a socially happy life compared to Virgo who prefer staying at home and are more grim in their outlook towards future.

Virgo tends to worry a lot and are on edge many a times. This would irritate the indecisive Libra who wants balance and peace in their life.

When things are going well in their relationship, they have a calm, dignified and serene partnership with deep trust between both the partners who also share taste for good standard of living.

There is a lot which this couple can learn from one another. Being an earth sign, Virgo can help the Libra partner in becoming much more grounded and make them decisive. Being an air sign, the Libra partner can influence the Virgo partner to become free from their anxieties and be little relaxed in life.

Libra and Virgo brings hard work and playfulness together ensuring that the couple have a balanced professional and personal life.

This couple might not be so intimate with each other physically. Their bedroom time would be mostly spent in intellectual discussions and debates.

The Libra partner will usually take the initiative and control this partnership; however the Virgo partner being unassuming will pull the strings very subtly and manipulate situations without being a part of them.

Ultimately, the compatibility between Virgo and Libra can be long term only when both the partners decide to look after their self improvement rather than their partner!

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Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

At the first glance, a relationship between Scorpio and Virgo seems quite unlikely. Their compatibility lies in the fact that both Virgo and Scorpio are mysterious human beings and have a certain around of magic around themselves. Yes, they do make quite an unusual couple but once they come together, they form an unbeatable pair.

It will take time for Virgo and Scorpio to get to know each other since they both take time in understanding the people in whom they become interested. They sense a mystic connection between them right from the start and feel happy being together.

Once they start dating, the overtly sexual Scorpio would have to be slow in coming physically close to the Virgo since they are quite shy to begin with. Once the Virgo partner has developed trust and comfort with the Scorpio partner, he/she would unveil the earthly sensuality and the couple would explore the joys of physical intimacy in the bedroom.

Their compatibility is a mix of opposite natures, which can be very beneficial to their relationship provided they give it a chance.

Both these partners are loyal, trustworthy and not very social, so they would prefer to stay at home with each other rather than attending social gatherings and outings.

The Scorpio partner is fiercely protective of the Virgo partner and would try to shield him/her from all the troubles of life.

The Scorpio partner inherently seeks power and the Virgo partner needs orders. Thus, their compatibility works since both partners get their requirements in this partnership.

When things are going well in their companionship, they would communicate easily since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, planet of messenger. They may enter into heated arguments but would seek a solution making their discussions fruitful.

In some cases, it might happen that an unscrupulous Scorpio partner would overpower the Virgo partner who needs order. Of all the zodiac pairings of Virgo, Scorpio-Virgo compatibility can be one of the dominant/submissive relationship, and may even by harmful to the unassumed Virgo partner.

The compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio is tricky and unexplained to an outsider. Even both the partners do not understand why their compatibility is working; they are simply happy with the fact that their compatibility is working without much hinges.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius are very different personalities but surprisingly they form a very strong and loving companionship which has huge potential to last life time. This can be mostly attributed to the fact that both these zodiac signs are mutable signs and thus, are flexible to adapt as per the situations.

Virgo loves a routine, planned and orderly life whereas Sagittarius is always on the go mode, loves impulsive actions and risk and change in life. However, both partners are rational and have intellectual approach towards life and thus, debates and discussions would be a norm in their partnership.

This mutual love of mental stimulation and discussions go a long way in defining compatibility between Virgo and Sagittarius.

When things are going well in this relationship, the Virgo partner would keep the home secure and comfortable so that the Sagittarius partner can feel safe while coming back from the expeditions. At the same time, Sagittarius partner is appreciative of Virgo ideas and has respect for the partner which genuinely pleases the Virgo partner.

Troubles in their partnership may brew because of the nature of the Sagittarius partner to stray a little. However, the Sagittarius partner knows deep inside their heart that the Virgo partner doesn't deserve this and will stop himself/herself before things get out of control. The Sagittarius partner will always try to maintain honesty and fidelity in their relationship which will keep going stronger with time.

The Sagittarius partner is cool, doesn't takes things too seriously and knows that whatever the Virgo partner does or say is because of their concerned and caring nature. Thus, the well meaning criticisms of Virgo are taken lightly by Sagittarius partner and doesn't bother them much.

Similarly, the Sagittarius partner can be sometimes, dramatic but the Virgo partner knows well enough that this has happened earlier also and everything will be okay when the Sagittarius partner cools down, hence remains calm.

There is huge mutual understanding and admiration between this couple which keeps their relationship going. They discuss their issues, doesn't try to take advantage of each other, is not in competition  with one another and thus, makes a unique healthy compatibility.

Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

Both Virgo and Capricorn need stability and security in a relationship; hence when they come together; they form a solid and firm compatibility. Their approach towards life is same and hence, this couple can form a successful partnership. They would try to stick to each other through thick and thin and thus, would be quite supportive of each other.

However, their compatibility may suffer since both Virgo and Capricorn are very practical and goal oriented and may lack the deep emotional bond which one shares with his/her partner. They are hard working people and quite devoted and dedicated in achieving their goals.

Thus, both partners may sometimes forget that why they have come together in the first place and get consumed in the everyday affairs of life.

To combat this, both these partners should put an effort to spend some quality time with each other and keep excitement and fun a part of their relationship.

There is inner hidden sensuality between Virgo and Capricorn since both are earth signs.  Both Capricorn and Virgo can be extremely passionate though belied by their cool exterior. Both are capable of putting each other at ease and thus, would share strong sexual chemistry.

Whenever this couple would stuck up in any issue, the Capricorn partner would take the lead and suggest ways in which they can move ahead. The Virgo partner being flexible and has no such strong desire to be the leader; would happily fit in the ideas and suggestions of the Capricorn partner. They can together form an enduring relationship given some efforts by both the partners.

Though this couple knows deep inside that they are loved and cared by their individual partner, they are not that great in expressing what they feel about each other. It would be sometimes good for them to demonstrate their affection and care physically and also through words.

If this couple is able to communicate their love effectively to each other; Capricorn and Virgo would form one of the best zodiac couples.

Virgo and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo are similar in many ways yet they are dissimilar in many ways also. The compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius can be best described as the case of a near miss, they have the potential to make great couple yet the lack of ardor between them puts a stop to it.

Both Aquarius and Virgo are intelligent human beings and they have their own ideas and concepts which they like to share with each other. However, both these zodiacs are somewhat emotionally detached creatures and when two such zodiacs come together, there is lack of fire and passion between the partners. Thus, they may form great friendships but the sexual chemistry between them would not be so strong to make up for other areas.

Aquarius is rebellious and questions every rule and procedure laid by the society and the Virgo partner would be horrified to see this aspect in his/her Aquarius partner.

On the other hand, the Aquarius partner would be distressed to see that the Virgo partner is happy with the status quo and believes in following the authority.

This couple would take time in deciding which lifestyle to follow since Virgo loves routine in life and Aquarius like the freedom to decide as per what his/her heart and mind want at that particular moment. This may cause constant friction in daily life between the two as their approaches are entirely different.

In cases where this compatibility works; the couple would have lot of intellectual discussions which keeps them united. The couple would also learn a lot from one another. The Virgo partner would learn to see the greater good of the society rather than being absorbed in details of everyday mundane life.

The Aquarius partner would become more grounded and let their ideas flow in a direction which can turn into reality. Both these zodiacs are gentle, loving and caring people and would take utmost care not to hurt each other intentionally.

However, after some time in the relationship both partners would realise that they would be happy with some other partner with whom they can create a more passionate and romantic life. They do connect with each other on intellectual levels however it is not enough to sustain their partnership over a long term.

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Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces are the opposite signs in the zodiac and hence, both the partners provide each other the qualities lacking in other. Their compatibility is the match of the dreamer and the healer of the zodiac and together, they can form a blissful, magical and deeply romantic relationship.

Both the partners have a lot to learn from each other which also forms the basis for such strong compatibility between them. The Pisces is dreamer and follows intuitions rather than planning for making decisions in life compared to the Virgo partner who is meticulous in planning.

Their compatibility runs very deep and the couple would be highly mutually appreciative of each other's qualities.

Thus, when they meet at middle grounds, the Virgo partner can make Pisces understand that planning is important in life to reach higher goals and objectives and Pisces partner can help realise Virgo partner that it is perfectly fine if life doesn't go sometimes the way it was planned.

Virgo and Pisces have opposite ways of living which actually complements each other quite well. They make friends naturally since Virgo is an earth sign and Pisces is a water sign.

This couple would make loving and doting parents allowing their children to dream yet keeping their feet on the ground. They would help each other in sharing the parenting work and will enjoy that phase of life.

There are some niggles in this partnership as well like others. The constant tendency of nagging by Virgo can be unnerving to the dreamer Pisces who is afraid of facing reality and wants to live in the fantasy world.

Their compatibility would be tested when it will come to the mundane everyday chores and worries of the life.

However, the saving grace in their companionship is due to the fact that both these signs are flexible and can adjust according to their partner's requirements. The Virgo partner would try to restrain the habit of niggling about minor stuffs and the Pisces partner would give his/her best efforts to see and face the realities of life.

When the Virgo and the Pisces form a couple, they improve and better each other as well as the world surrounding them. Communication is the key aspect in their partnership as both the partners would have to be honest about expressing their ideas and feelings. Their compatibility is a delicate balance but it is worth giving the effort.

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