What are some healing crystals for Wegener's disease?

What are some healing crystals for Wegener's disease?

What are some healing crystals for Wegener's disease?

Prior to the result conducted in the 1970s, half of all patients with this illness died within 5 months of diagnosis. But Today, more than 80% of treated patients are alive at least eight years later.


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What is wegener disease?

GPA- Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis formerly called Wegener’s is a rare disease of uncertain cause that can affect people of all ages. It is as a result of inflammation in various tissues, including blood vessels (vasculitis), but primarily parts of the respiratory tract and the kidneys.

The inflammation caused within the tissues is called granulomatous inflammation and blood vessel inflammation ("vasculitis"). 

Vasculitis refers to inflammation of the blood vessels that when inflamed, the blood vessel may become weakened and so thin that it ruptures resulting in bleeding into the tissue.

which can damage organ systems. The areas most commonly affected by GPA often include the sinuses, lungs, and kidneys, but any site can be affected

The symptoms vary in patients however the general signs of the disease may include; Loss of appetite, Weight loss, Fever, Fatigue and so on. Wegener disease has symptoms similar to a number of other disorders, which may make it difficult to diagnose. However, for the most effective and successful treatment, early diagnosis is critical.

Wegener disease is a very serious one and its treatment carries significant risks. However, the treatment can be life-saving when the diagnosis is made in a timely fashion and appropriate treatment is initiated.Once the diagnosis of the disease is suspected, a biopsy of an affected area is often conducted to try to confirm the presence of vasculitis. 

The Biopsies are only recommended for organ sites in which there are abnormal findings present by examination, laboratory tests, or imaging. Hence the combination of symptoms, results of physical examinations, laboratory tests, X-rays, and a biopsy of affected tissue altogether proves the accurate diagnosis of the presence of the wegener disease in the body.

Even though the cause of GPA is unknown. It is not contagious, and it is not hereditary. You should take note that GPA can occur in people of all ages and the peak age groups affected are from 40-60 years. Hence, It appears to affect men and women equally.

Because of how crucial and life-threatening the disease is, it is treated with a variety of powerful drugs that suppress the immune system and form the foundation of treatment. 

However in addition to medical methods, an alternative means rapidly came into light which is the use of healing crystals. They have been in existence for centuries but over the past few use its usage by celebrities like Adele and so on has confirmed its beneficial properties.

Although there is no scientific evidence that shows if crystals in fact have healing properties or if it’s just the placebo effect in place. Here are some healing crystals that can help provide beneficial effects during medical treatment for those with Wegener disease.


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  • Black Tourmaline
  • The Black Tourmaline is a talisman of protection, which has a psychic shield for deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. The black tourmaline has some Grounding and electrical in nature, which guard its user from radiation and airwave pollutants.


    In ancient times, bloodstone was worn as an amulet to help purify the blood and give courage to warriors before battle. When the blood flows freely in the body, we experience vitality and longevity, increasing our energy and giving us the courage we need to overcome lethargy, fear and self-doubt.

    When faced with a trial of illness like wegener, it begins to create doubt, pain and fear in a person’s life. However with the use of bloodstone such self doubt, fear and pain can be removed. This would also aid a faster and effective treatment.

  • Smoky quartz 
  • Smoky quartz is also known for its ability to remove negative energy. Especially when you’re stressed or tense this is the best stone to help create a calming and positive effect for your body.

    Which is what you might need to help you through this process. A healing stone that can help you let go of negativity and surrender to the power of positivity and strength to face the uncertainty of the future.

  • Malachite
  • If you are going through something big like a wegener disease, malachite can be the perfect crystal to aid your healing process.

    Malachite offers healing from pain, protection from harm and unblocks the flow of strained energy.


    A disease is like a trial- A trial in life that one could overcome with the right technique and skills and the wegener disease is no exception.

    Although, There is no certainty evidence that using this stone will cure wegener disease. It can help provide the strength, positivity and hope you have been looking for to help you overcome this trial.

    Every crystal has its own beneficial effects and finding the right one whether for strength, to help with pain, or for comfort can aid your medical treatment.

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