When should u not use your healing stones?

When should u not use your healing stones?

Healing crystals

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine which has gained immense popularity up till now. Healing crystals are more than just a beautiful home décor There are various types of crystals which are used to draw out negative energy and unblock the positive flow of energy in the body. Each crystal has its own unique properties that are applied on specific areas on the body and when used incorrectly can have a negative impact in your life.


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However, there are important facts you should note on when not to use your healing stones

When should you not use your healing stones?

  • When you have not gotten an expert view: consultation on products is very important as it enables you to have an idea and make the best choice possible and healing crystals are no exception. Using a crystal without any knowledge about what type it is and what it does can have an adverse negative effect on the body.

 Hence it is important to get a healer recommendation or first make research about it. Just as you go to a doctor for suggestions on drugs to use, you should reach out to experts to help pick the best choice of crystal. 

  • Immediately usage of your healing stones without proper cleansing: after purchasing your healing stones and before using it at all, you need to properly clean it to remove any negative energy it might have. Firstly, you can bathe it in salt water for a while then place it after in the sun or moonlight to absorb energy. Depending on the size of the crystal and purpose it is best to clean your crystals once or twice a month.

Tip: once you form a connection with the crystal, you would be able to sense when it needs to be cleansed. 

  • Life threatening illness: healing crystals is indeed an alternative medicine used in this modern time but it is also a procedure that lacks scientific evidence. Crystals have been known to remove negative effects and bring relief to one’s body and mind. But there is no scientific evidence that shows that crystals have cured diseases like cancer.

You should not take Healing crystals as your first solution to medical and life-threatening problems, rather they should come as a second smoothening alternative after proper application of medical procedures.

Time and place: some crystals might require you being in a quiet environment before using it. Crystals connect you to your inner spirituality. That is why it is best to study yourself and know what works best for you. For instance, some make use of their crystals during meditation or yoga. The right place and time matter and serves as a major determinant factor in the effectiveness of the crystal


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Healing stones have been in existence for centuries. It has been used as a source of fashion, religion, magic stones and alternative medicine. Healing stones also known as healing crystals have one major determinant factor which is belief. It is good to develop trust (belief) in what you use or do. Likewise in your usage of the healing crystal but healing crystals have no magical power and according to science act as a placebo effect. A placebo is a psychological treatment that seems to be a real medical treatment but is not.

Take for instance a lecturer once made a study case using both fake and real crystals and distributed it to his students to study the effect. The result showed that half of those holding the fake crystals experienced the same effect as those holding the real crystals. The study shows that the mind plays a crucial role in the healing process of the body.


According to heather Askinosie, crystals are not magical stones that will instantly change your life. Crystals are tools to help you go to reach that inner layer within yourself, to bring out the best version of yourself. You can start today by instinctively choosing a crystal that will help bring out your positive energy. See what attracts you and go with it. Crystals that attract you at first glance are usually what you need to face whatever is going on in your life.

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