Where can beginners like me purchase healing crystals for beginners?

Where can beginners like me purchase healing crystals for beginners?

Where can beginners like me purchase healing crystals for beginners?

The country you live in determines the type of currency you will spend. The same applies to crystals, there are different types of crystals and they all perform different functions. During the purchase of my first set of crystals, l had no knowledge on how to go about the whole process and ended up wasting money, time and energy but l want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake like l did. 

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Hence, before purchasing any crystals as a beginner you need to follow these three requirements:

  • Follow your intuition 
  • Science believes the placebo effect is one of the fastest means towards positive effect especially when using healing crystals. Your intuition plays a major factor and the best way to test it out is by going to a local crystal shop and looking at each crystal carefully, you might feel a connection with one. Another method is by closing your eyes and placing your hand over each one whichever one draws you in is the right one for you.

  • Carry out your research 
  • Due to the various types of crystals out there, as a beginner it is best to research about the qualities of each crystal and compare it to what you are looking for. For instance, without research most people end up picking wrong crystals thinking it might be what they need. It is important to take your time going through details of every crystal to figure out what you actually need 

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  • Cleanse your crystal
  • Before using your crystal after purchasing it, you have to cleanse it. There are several ways that one could use in purifying crystals. The first one is by soaking it in salty water and placing it in the sun to absorb energy to activate the crystal.

     Type of crystals and where to purchase them

    There are several types of crystals that we use for various aspects of life like love crystal, pain crystal, confidence crystal etc. it is not as if we lack this feature but we need help to bring them out this is where healing crystals come in. It provides a balance in the body and helps in directing the flow of energy in the body.  Listed below are the various types of crystals and where you as a beginner can easily purchase them. 

  • Malachite
  •  It can be found worldwide but it is mostly in Russia. This is the type of crystal for those looking for to transform their fear to strength and courage. Sometimes the only thing stopping us from achieving our full potential is our fear of failure but with this stone we can overcome the self-doubt and achieve full height of potential. If you want to purchase it then you can get any size or shape of malachite crystal on amazon.  

  • Clear quartz
  • This type of crystal is used to find balance between the body and mind. It guides the owner by clearing the mind of doubt and a variety of scenarios and redirects the balance of the body’s energy. The crystal is used by holding the quartz in the left hand and stating one’s desire. Also it can be purchased both online and local shops.

  • Rose quartz
  • Who does not need love? Everyone at a certain point desires a partner that they will communicate and express feelings with. But if you have been having a little bit of difficulties finding the one then this crystal is perfect for you. This crystal is everyone’s favorite when it comes to the best way to use it is by placing the crystal over your heart, taking six deep breaths and uttering all that you want to happen. As a beginner you can purchase it on amazon 

  • Moonstone
  • This crystal is known for balancing emotions, spirituality and enhancing diving feminine connection. It unlocks that positive energy, allows you to experience freedom and gives you the will to follow your passions. To use the moonstone crystal, you have to hold a piece over your root chakra for a few seconds while taking deep breaths and visualizing a change in the color of the stone. You can either purchase your moonstone crystal online or at a nearby local shop.


    Crystal healers often say you don’t choose the crystal the crystals choose you. But for that to happen you need to know where to purchase the right one to use. Because No matter the amount of crystal out there, what you need there to know is there is definitely a crystal out just for you out there. 

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