Where should I place my healing crystals if I'm pregnant in my home?

Where should I place my healing crystals if I'm pregnant in my home?

Healing crystals: where should I place my healing crystal if l’m pregnant in my home

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Crystals have been known to create a positive impact to the mind and protect the body during illness and even pregnant women can benefit from using the crystals. During pregnancy many women are known to experience heightened sense of emotions and spirituality due to their newfound connection with carrying a new life.

One of the major transformations for a woman is the journey to motherhood. Every woman has different experiences during pregnancy. Some might experience glowing changes, others might experience extreme mood swings and negative impact on their physical and mental body.

But no matter the type of experience you are going through there are some crystals that can help improve your mood and make you feel a whole lot better.

What are healing crystals?

Healing crystal is a new alternative form of therapy that involves using crystals to create a stable and positive flow of energy in an individual life.

Just as our body is filled with energy, crystals are filled with energy and form a connection when placed in contact with the body. Hence, the usage of crystal can provide protection, peace and strength needed to help make the pregnancy stage easier.

However, for a pregnant woman it is best to pick a crystal that draws and instantly connects with you. But to make it easier for you, here are some of the best crystals to use during pregnancy.

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Type of crystals for pregnant women and where to place it in your home

  1. Moonstone

This type of crystal should be your first choice during pregnancy because you get to experience hormones which create heightened senses and emotion. Hence, wearing of the moonstone crystal can keep you focused and balanced throughout and allow you to focus on the positive aspects only.

It is also known to bring good-luck and harmony which is needed to build a peaceful family. The moonstone has many benefits which include elimination of toxins, improves fertility and helps during childbirth.

Where to place the crystal: You can place the moonstone egg on your nightstand before going to bed.

  1. Rose Quartz

This crystal is specifically used to strengthen your connection and love with your unborn child. Hence creating a unique and unbreakable bond. It is also known to reduce swelling and risk of hypertension.

When using the crystal, you should do it while lying down then place the crystal directly on your heart and on the heart of your unborn child (which is your belly)

Where to place the crystal: it is recommendable to place this type of crystal in your bedroom

  1. Lepidolite

This type of crystal is a mood soother especially for pregnant women who are stressed out as they approach motherhood. It improves the mood of expecting mothers to a happy state to fully welcome the incoming transformation without fear.

If you are looking for the crystal to help remove self-doubt from your mind and make you openly accept the role ahead? Then you should go for lepidolite crystal

Where to place the crystal: you should keep the crystal close by and place it anywhere accessible in your home.

  1. Fluorite

The journey through motherhood can be filled with uncertainty and marred with self-doubt. If you are experiencing this then the fluorite crystal is the best to get.

This crystal helps absorb negative energy and release positive energy. It also provides essential nutrients needed for the growth of you and the baby.

Where to place the crystal: it is advisable to place this crystal in a place you mostly use in your home for relaxation and focus.

  1. Chrysocolla

This crystal connects with the heart chakra and when placed on the body to omits a peaceful and calming sensation for the mother.

This is the best type of crystal for pregnant women who want to feel empowered and strong during this period. It helps build their level of confidence and help with labor pain to provide soothing relief during pregnancy.

Where to place the crystal: you can place it on your nightstand in the bedroom


The journey of pregnancy is a beautiful and delicate experience in every woman’s life but it can also be a draining moment. Fortunately, healing crystals have been the best aid during this period. They are more than just a beautiful house decoration item.

Every type of crystal possesses unique beneficial properties like – protection crystal, healing crystal, love crystal, fertility crystal, and pregnancy crystal. Hence, it is advisable to purchase the one that fits your symptoms and budget.

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