Which is best to have luck charm or money charm?

Which is best to have luck charm or money charm?

Which is best to have luck charm or money charm?

A good luck charm is an amulet that is believed to bring good luck. Having good luck charms can affect your attitude — and simply be fun. When you have fun and feel more positive, that attitude makes you luckier, too.

Every good luck charm comes with a deep-rooted history explaining its origin and potential benefits. Whether you happen to be superstitious or not, a lucky charm can be a lot of fun and a great way to keep you feeling positive. And at times, good luck is all about having the right attitude.

Many business owners are fond of displaying figurines related to prosperity. We often spot these lucky charms in stores—placed on a shelf or hanging by the entrance to invite good sales.

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Every culture varies and most people collect powerful good luck charms from a variety of cultures. Listed below are powerful lucky charms that can bring money, success, love, and good health.


  • Lucky Horseshoe Charms
  • Horseshoe is one of the oldest lucky superstitions, with various legends attributing powers to them.

    A legend says that horseshoes are lucky because they were traditionally made of iron. Mischievous fairies couldn't stand the touch of iron, so they shied away from houses adorned with it.

    Another legend attributes lucky horseshoes to Saint Dunstan, a historical figure who died in 988 AD. According to the legend, the devil commanded the blacksmith Dunstan to shoe his horse. 

    Instead, Dunstan nailed a horseshoe to the devil's foot. He only agreed to remove it and ease the devil's pain when he received a guarantee that the devil would stay away from any house with a horseshoe on the door. Thus, any house with a horseshoe was guaranteed to be lucky.

    Whatever the legend's background, horseshoes make a fun, lucky symbol to hang on the door of your home or computer room .


  • The ox is a loved sign of the Chinese zodiac which symbolizes faithfulness,  honesty, responsibility, and profound loyalty. It’s also the first of the zodiac signs set to win the cycle next year. 

    The Lucky Ox is generous to humans, has a deep sense of justice, and is reliable, which is why it will give you the necessary strength to overcome obstacles and ensure the loyalty of those around you. By placing an image of the Ox sitting on a bed of coins in the north side section of your business space. It can help boost your business and promote a smooth transition.

  • Hand-Carved Natural Obsidian Scrub ‘Soaring’ Pendant
  • When it comes to elegance and ornate detailing, no other charm comes close to this one. Featuring the mythical Pegasus, a winged stallion, this charm is one of the most powerful good luck charms.

    The use of obsidian makes the pendant particularly captivating, with a beautiful gloss to enhance the workmanship. To complete the effect, the necklace sports black onyx beads, another timeless classic.


  • Money Tree is another famous ornament that’s believed to bring business and financial luck and it is available in various sizes.

    For the upcoming year, add multicolored stones including amethysts to the tree to attract good energies of prosperity, happiness, and luck. 

    An Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Money Tree is especially good for your work place as it balances energies between the coworkers and boss. 

    You can place it near the cash register, or at the south corner of your office.

    Money charm.

    Looking for a means of making money? Look no further. Having money opens doors to new opportunities and here is a perfect way to make one.


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    Type of money charm

  • If you happen to have an actual gold coin, great! 

    But a gold-colored coin or even a chocolate coin will also do. On a Thursday or Sunday when the moon is waxing, hold it in both hands in bright sunlight. 


    Imagine it sparkling with golden sunlight and sense yourself becoming an irresistible magnet for wealth. Keep this gleaming money charm in your wallet or if it’s made of chocolate, simply unwrap and eat after.

  • Citrine quartz is one of the only crystals that holds such a stubbornly positive vibration, it never needs to be cleansed. 

    This makes it especially suited for those who have, in the past, had stubborn abundance issues or longstanding limiting beliefs about money and wealth. Bless your citrine money charm by running it under cold water, and keep it with you to magnetize money.


    Both charms are actually good to have but a luck charm might be better. Money can’t fall out of a tree. To have money you need to work hard and hard work pays. A lucky charm might be all you need to aid your hard work into something wonderful.

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