Who does not believe in healing crystals?

Who does not believe in healing crystals?

Who does not believe in healing crystals

Katy Perry claims her rose quartz helps her attract men, and Adele swears crystals decrease her anxiety onstage. Statements from known celebrities make one doubt if healing crystals are real or not...

For centuries crystals have been known to contain a certain amount of the earth’s energy concentration. During the ancient period, the Egyptians carved crystal sarcophagi to protect dead bodies from evil spirits on their way to the afterlife.

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The word crystal is from the Greek word krystallos meaning ice. Crystals work by interacting with the body’s energy field which helps remove negative energy and improve concentration of positive energy in the body.

By holding or placing crystals on certain parts of your body it ought to strengthen your physical, emotional and mental healing. 

Despite the claim by most people including celebrities. Science begs to differ. Science does not support the claim that crystals have healing properties. Below are Some scientists point of view on crystal healing:

A mineral science professor at Pennsylvania state university known as Peter Heaney stated in an email “Such a theory would frankly never survive peer review, because there is not any theoretical evidence that proves crystals have healing powers.”

Mineralogist Jeff Post, the Smithsonian Institution’s curator-in-charge of gems and minerals, stated in an email: “The simple fact is that there is no scientific basis for any kind of crystal healing. No doubt, beautiful crystals can bring joy and some happiness just by looking at them, like looking at beautiful art or beautiful flowers, but I think that is the extent of their power.”

A behavioral scientist known as Stuart Vyse and author of ,“Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition,” said “there is no scientific evidence that crystals could heal that can be understood by science. In other words it doesn’t make logical sense from a scientific viewpoint.” He attributes the claim by some people in the power of crystals to a mere desire to believe that crystals indeed have some power.


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In 2001 researchers conducted a few conventional studies on crystals which proved the power of crystals is just a placebo effect.

80 people were asked to fill out a questionnaire designed to grade their level of belief in paranormal activities. After which the questionnaires were collected by the study team and crystals were passed out (some of which were fake while others were real). They were told to meditate while holding the crystals.

After 5 minutes the participants were told to answer questions about the sensation they felt while meditating with the crystals. Results showed a similar sensation among some of the people that held both real and fake crystals.

Christopher French, a professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, university of london during his study noticed a lot of people who claimed they could feel certain sensations from the crystals was due to the fact they were told in advance of the possibility of its occurrence. Hence, the effects were not as a result of the power they felt from the crystals but as a power of suggestion.

Furthermore, according to French, most research on crystal healing points towards placebo effect in play. In other words, People’s belief in a particular thing automatically creates a feeling of hope, assurance and positivity. Like the case of healing crystals.

For instance most people wear an amethyst crystal necklace that is believed to create a sense of peace and decrease anxiety. 70% might experience that feeling not because of the possibility of the crystal endowed with healing powers but because of their belief — psychological effect at hand.


Life is a difficult phase. A lot of people experience feelings of insecurities, fear, and trauma and try to look for means to find solace. Some move towards spirituality while others move towards susceptible and unexplained things like crystals.

Even though science does not believe in the healing power of crystals. It does not make it irrelevant. Just because it can’t be explained does not mean it does not hold some truth.

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