Why should you avoid dark magic?

Why should you avoid dark magic?

Why should you avoid dark magic

Is black magic real or just a superstitious  claim to create fear and panic – For centuries this has been an unanswered question that has been associated with the word “dark Magic” 

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 What is dark magic?

 Dark  magic, also called witchcraft, is the process of using unexplainable supernatural power for selfish and evil purposes aimed at destroying and impacting pain in someone’s physical, financial, mental and social life. dark magic is mostly carried out by using the victims personal things like hair, clothes, or pictures to carry out the effect faster.

Dark magic is just like an energy channeled into an event. Energy is just energy, it is neither good nor bad. But what our actions and what we make of it determines its outcome. Just like there is good magic – which is the usage of supernatural power for the benefit of others, there is also dark magic.

 What draws people into dark magic

Dark magic has been in existence for generations. However, There are many factors that draw people towards the dark side of life. They could include; Revenge, jealousy, hatred, or pain. 

However most events that draw people towards dark magic tend to be psychological. We tend to react to what we see and how we feel without considering all factors. 

For instance imagine stepping out early in the morning to see a blooded skull struck with an ax at your front door. Naturally this creates fear and negativity in one’s mind which further create a basis for assumption of dark magic. Even though no black magic might have been done.

Certain symbols and words indicate the event of dark magic occurring like a curse being directed at you would create an effect of fear and doubt of the possibility of it happening. The possibility of dark magic coming into play could be 20% but the psychological aspect holds an 80% larger number.

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    Effect of dark magic on the doer and victim
    Destruction of life and properties 

    The effect of the magic depends on the type of dark magic casted. Dark magic would create a negative effect in the life of the victim. Some could lead to loss of life others could lead to loss of properties. 

    There are some actions which we can’t reverse and it becomes like a stain for life. Carrying out those actions could also affect the doer who becomes stuck with the stain and guilt of destruction of another. No matter how much we would like to cause other pain for the pain they cause us, It is best to let it go.


    Using dark magic can never get rid of the trauma you faced and would only make it worse. Trauma is like a psychological effect on the human body which with enough therapy and medical attention could get better with time. But if left untreated could lead to negative thought and negative events.

    Dark magic would only give the trauma more leverage to linger on. Then there is no way you would actually heal if all you can think about is hurting the one who hurt you.


    Emptiness gives off the feeling of unfulfillment and lack of direction and no one would like to feel that way because you can not actually derive joy from causing others pain. Causing others pain would only create a feeling of emptiness and fulfillment in an individual’s life. Then why of what essence is the use of dark magic? If its outcome is infliction of further pain. 


    Doing something evil has never led to a positive outcome for both sides. No one is actually evil, however the situation could lead to unpleasant outcomes. Magic is just like energy. What we do with the energy determines the outcome, you should know there is more joy in doing good than evil.

     No one is perfect and we are flawed in many ways but if you have the power to make someone’s life better, you should do that rather than doing evil. Believing is magic is a personal opinion. Just because we can’t see it does not make it real just like magic. 


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