How to wear the Bracelet / Pendant /Pyramids ?
  • Remove it before going to bed . Do not place it in your bedroom
  • Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand, 
  • Try to keep it hidden from others  
  • You may remove it from time to time and it doesn't require 
  • Touch it daily, to let it know that you’re the owner, build a connection, and keep it working instead of falling asleep. 
  • You, as the owner, should be the only one touching it. If another person comes into contact with it, rinse the bracelet with water. If dirt or dust touches it, wash it off with water.
  • When cleansing, using water from natural sources is advisable, such as rain or wells. Allow it to dry in the open air, under the light of the sun or moon, or other natural methods.
  • Keep the bracelet away from chemicals that may damage it.
  • Wear it for long periods of time to establish the bond but remove it before sex.  
  • Pyramid can be kept anywhere in the home 
Chantings & Activations
All products are chanted by priests . Normally separate hymns & mantras are recited for good luck & wealth bracelets . Every bracelet has to complete 5 sessions of chantings to get activated .Without chantings & activations , the Obsidian Jewelery has no healing value 
It takes minimum of 3 months for the results to appear and can take upto 6 months 

Shipping & Returns 

It takes 5-7 days to receive the products  across US . For other countries , it takes roughly 10-12 days
Damaged Product / Returns / Refunds / Cancellation
If you can notify us within 10 days of receiving a damaged product , we'll replace it for free .  Once approved, Paypal refunds are posted in 1-2 business days while credit cards will take 5-10 business days.
If you wish to cancel the product , contact us within 24 hours upon placing your order if you plan on making changes to it. If your order is already processed, we are sorry but we can no longer make any changes to it. We prioritize shipping your orders as quickly as possible and have the understanding that you want the same.
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