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Good Luck Pyramid - Tree of Life Obsidian Orgone Crystal Energy

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🔥 106 in 1 🔥

The only Crystal you'll ever need . Obsidian + 84 healing crystals chanted by Priests . Personal chantings & activations post purchase

No Side Effects | Wear with Confidence

Pyramid Crystals don't require any astrological , gemological , sun sign etc considerations to keep at home. Anyone can have them & they are 100% safe with no side or adverse effects

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Product Specification


Item Weight-90g

Jewelry Findings Type-Pendant Base

Item Height / Width/Lenth-5cm/5cm/5cm

Product Features-Orgonite Pyramid

Material- 106+ Crystals with Orgone Base

Crystal Types & Uses

Tree of Life Symbol-growth, deep grounding, fertility.

Chakra Symbol-creativity, wisdom, strength.

Clear Quartz-clarity, manifestation, focus.

Amethyst Crystal-calming energy, stress relief, health.

Citrine Crystal-happiness, positive energy, imagination.

Carnelian Crystal-creativity, confidence, passion.

Sodalite Crystal-communication, harmony, trust.

Aventurine Crystal-abundance. prosperity, good luck.

Aquamarine Crystal-tranquility, fluidity, soothing.

Obsidian -Money & Love spells

Hand wrapped Copper Wire.-Opportunities

Agate Base-balance, grounding, harmony, stability.


Coating : Dust of Onyx, Tourmaline, Shungite , Agate , Amethyst, citrine, aventurine ,moldavite etc . Total 106 healing crystals

Real Certified 100% natural crystals ( Certificate below)

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The Science Behind

20 different studies by team of scientists between 1979-2018 determined the electro magnetic radiation emitted by black obsidian matter & crsytals found in Tibet and its effect on life events of persons wearing it . The electromagentic frequency emitted by the matter increased significantly after the chantings .The reasons are yet unknown & study, still in progress

How to Wear Crystals

 How to wear the it?

1. Remove it before going to bed

2. Do not place it on your bed.

3. Wear the bracelet on your dominant hand

4. You, as the owner, should be the only one touching it. If another person comes into contact with it, rinse the bracelet with water. If dirt or dust touches it, wash it off with water.

5. When cleansing, using water from natural sources is advisable, such as rain or wells.

6. Allow it to dry in the open air, under the light of the sun or moon, or other natural methods.

7. Keep the bracelet away from chemicals that may damage it.

8. Wear it for long periods of time to establish the bond but remove it before sex.  

9. Pyramids can be kept at your workplace as they cleanse the negative energy & create opportunities

Do I need to wear it daily ?

You don't need to wear it regularly . Just keep it at a safe place and try to touch it once a day. It is as good as wearing it . Try to touch it daily, to let it know that you’re the owner, build a connection, and keep it working instead of falling asleep. 

When will i see results ?

It takes minimum of 15 days for the results to appear and can take upto 6-12 months . It is important to keep the faith according to the principles of law of attraction as faith is the most important ingredient of crystal therapy

What are chanted crystals ?

Obsidian is a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava from volcanoes

✅  Obsidians found in Tibet are the ' blackest of the black' substance found on earth .

✅  They are said to possess mystical properties after chantings. Real Obsidians are considered as the most powerful substance in the world .

✅  They are 100x more powerful than gemstones & crystals & hailed as 'King of Stones'

✅  No side effects

Crystal Benefits

Other Benefits

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